Camellia oleifera, the autumn flowers are not inferior to the color of pine and bamboo

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*赏花地点:Jiangyin huangshan

Before we and friends like going to climb the huangshan,Mainly jiangyin city mountain is everyone's home is not far,Travel also pretty convenient.But in recent years to less,Didn't expect this to huangshan,I saw the hills hill road,Along the hillside with rows of differential.当然,If they don't have the beautiful flowers,We notice this kind of plant is.October jiangnan flowers was rarely,Able to see in full slope green white disc hedy camellia flowers,对于我们来说,It is a pleasant surprise.Originally suddenly strong lagging of procrastination stack up,Straight to YouChaShu before.

Camellia alias tea tree、Tea oil tree,Theaceae is evergreen small trees or shrubs,Generally in one meter to five meters high,YouChaShu watching here seems planted many years,Have been to two or three meters long.Their leaves and camellia basically looks almost,Are of special dark green,带着革质的光泽,Along the midrib by micro hard hair or no hair.Leaf blade on the back of the color is a bit weak,No positive beautiful.

It also has the individual named white jasmine tea,Because camellia flower petals are white,Driving a white flower tea,The name for the flower more image.Peanuts on top of the axillary,Petals have five to seven,Apex is pour heart,But some petals pour heart not so obvious.Camellia flowers in the fall of the flowers fade,Flowering can continue in January,Even in bleak wind,Also can open the beautiful fresh small white flowers.

Camellia the scientific name is due to its seeds can be squeezed for food,The oil content in more than thirty percent.Squeeze out the oil is tea oil.This oil rich nutrition,Unsaturated fatty acid content as high as ninety percent,Far more than we often edible vegetable oil、花生油和豆油.其维生素EThe content is twice as tall as olive oil also,They also had specific physiological active substances such as camellia glucoside.根据研究,Camellia saponin and antimicrobial and antioxidant effect.Even if not to mention the nutritional value of it,Order of the oil color flavor is sweet,Is also a kind of high quality cooking oil.Camellia with oil palm、油橄榄、Coconut and said the world big four woody edible oil plants,Its economic value is high.

棕、橄榄、Coconuts are tropical plants,The temperature of the demand is not so high,Growth of mountain and hilly area of south subtropical areas in China,Is China's unique natural senior oil,主要分布在浙江、江西、河南、湖南、Guangxi and other provinces or autonomous regions.But even though these five areas,The annual output is not high.

除了食用,Tea oil can also be used as a lubricant and rust-proof oil,用于工业.Tea saponin in tea seed meal、Tea seed polysaccharide、Tea seed protein, etc,是化工、轻工、食品、Beverage industry products of raw materials,因此,Camellia in some areas is as an economic crop by large-scale plant.

Even seems to have no effect of tea seed shell,Can also be made into furfural、Activated carbon, etc.It is said that with the ashes of a tea tree shampoo,Can kill lice and their eggs,Didn't think it has the effect of deinsectization.But this function doesn't do anything now,The improvement of living convenience,The lice on our hair can't find the chances of survival can be.

Camellia wood close,硬度很高,Can make gyroscope and the slingshot,Which is also useful to make buttons,Because of the tea has a natural texture.


The autumn to find find no place,After the rain to float a pillow is cool.

Green leaves don't lose the shochiku color,Chrysanthemum flower comparable mei xiang.


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