Hong Kong Hong Kong's six must-buy souvenirs recommended!It is said that only the locals know

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近年因为疫情影响,Hong Kong and the Mainland are close2Year has not been cleared,但相信在不久的将来,It will be cleared soon.

Hong Kong as a shopping capital,美食天地,When you go to Hong Kong, you must bring some souvenirs to relatives and friends,So which souvenirs are worth recommending??The following are must-buy souvenirs recommended by Hong Kong locals,可别错过啦!

第一间;古天乐代言—Hong Kong emperor he


Huang Yue, whose popularity has soared rapidly in Hong Kong in recent years,Has now stores all over Hong Kong,Gu Tianle was appointed as the spokesperson this year,Fame and word of mouth are rising.

The editor also tasted its mooncakes and honeycomb egg rolls,very good indeed,值得一试.据悉,Huangyue has two Hong Kong pastry masters sitting in charge,One is Master Ye Yonghua, the father of custard mooncakes,One is his close disciple Michelin two-star chef Li Yongguan.Needless to say,During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the mooncakes at Huangyue's family are sold out quickly,除此之外,Honeycomb Egg Roll、蝴蝶酥、Cookies and other snacks are also popular in Hong Kong,There are also diet food rice cakes,wedding cake and more.

The brand has inherited exquisite craftsmanship and the pursuit of quality at all costs,When you travel to Hong Kong, you must visit Huangyue's shop.,Mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival must not be missed!

2.蔡澜推荐-Yongji Street Lemon King

地址:Wing Kat Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island22号

Wing Kat Street is a pedestrian passage in the Central and Western District of Hong Kong Island,There are many fixed stalls of hawkers on the road,As famous as Liyuan East Street.Among them, the most frequented by Hong Kong people is the small wooden cart stall Lemon King..The best seller is Licorice Lemon,一包230g,30港币,All Natural Made,Dried lemons sprinkled with licorice powder,Good sweet entrance,Has the effect of reducing phlegm and relieving cough.

In addition to the licorice lemon,The wooden cart is also filled with all kinds of snacks.Very popular with Hong Kong people,Hong Kong star Shen Dianxia of the older generation,苏施黄,Lin Jianming and others grew up from snacks to adults,Many old Hong Kong immigrants who immigrated overseas did not hesitate to fly back to buy.As the saying goes, people are afraid of being famous, pigs are afraid of being fat,After the Lemon King became famous,Fake Lemon Kings appear on the streets of Hong Kong,Everyone must look for this one on Yongji Street!



观塘店:Millennium City Phase 5 BasementL103C铺

吃着吃着,Slowly taste the tenderness behind、踏实、坚持,这年头,Cook food with a conscience,an ancient virtue that is nearly extinct”—节录自《明报周刊》evaluate it

Chen Yizhai was founded in1927年,It is an old store with a century of precipitation.Almond cake store、燕窝糕、薏米饼、Shrimp hooves are the treasure of the town shop,亦是各款糕饼小吃的销量冠军.

Chen Yizhai's signature bird's nest cake,It turned out that Boss Chen felt that the snacks for the children were not healthy at that time.,Concentrate on making healthy and delicious snacks,Then bird's nest cake came into being.不仅美味,Also has the effect of beauty,It is the favorite of the famous gourmet Chua Lam and the movie star Chow Yun-fat,It is a good choice to buy a few boxes for travel.

4.Three generations of business-Liao Ma Kee Sauce

地址:Min Street, Kwun Chung, Jordan, Kowloon1号地下

Liao Ma Kee began1905年,Founded by twins surnamed Liao,Hence the name Liao Ma Kee.Their fermented bean curd has been polished into a top sauce over the years.Stone-ground soybean-made tofu,Soymilk cooked in cast iron pot,pickled in salt wine180天,A piece of fermented bean curd contains the spirit of a century-old craftsman,Fermented bean curd is the same as career,All need to grow slowly with the passage of time.

Want to try other sauces besides fermented bean curd,也有很多选择,such as shrimp paste、豆瓣酱、lamb brisket sauce、Burn sauce, etc.

5.Ancient method-What Phoenix话梅王

地址:Foo Ming Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island3号

开业60A long-established traditional preserved fruit brand,To find the most expensive、The best quality cold fruit,Hong Kong people must be phoenix.0/Liang's signature story Plum King,Arguably the most expensive plum in the world,an average of one20元,Although it is so expensive,“What Phoenix”In Hong Kong, there will never be no shortage of loyal fans.据说,A group of dignitaries including Anson Chan and Donald Tsang,都是“What Phoenix”的常客.

In addition to talking about Mei Wang,There are hundreds of other preserved fruit snacks,Chuanbei snake gall tangerine peel、Aged ginger winter、柠檬、Dried longan is also worth a try.

6.独家限量-Mandarin Rose Strawberry Jam

地址:中环干诺道中5No. The mandarin Oriental hotel in Hong KongM楼

Legend has it that the Rose Strawberry Jam at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is the best jam in the world,Freshly made daily,数量不定,手快有手慢无!The fine and smooth texture of the jam has a strong rose flavor,And the scent of strawberries and lots of strawberry seeds.Can make jam so elegant and noble,unique.

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