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The day is getting colder,When you wrap your coat tightly and walk in the cold wind,There's nothing more memorable than a warm bowl of noodle soup.If you can find a good noodle restaurant,Sitting in it, I settled down and ate the noodle soup base in one go,Then when you walk out of this noodle shop,Even the monstrous winds of Greater New York can't blow away my energetic little universe~

Here are seven ideas for a bowl of hot noodle soup in New York today,愿你这个冬天,不再寒冷,充满能量~

The first bowl of noodles:Wuchang delicious beef noodles

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This cheap and good shop is not only about salted chicken,The fairy grass taro balls are well received,Beef noodles are also affordable and delicious.The beef inside is very kind,There are also many faces,If you eat slowly, the noodles will rise,I even feel that no matter how I eat noodles, it does not decrease but increases.

3 Doyers St,New York,NY 10013
157 Second Ave,New York,NY 10003
Carma East
507 E 6th St,New York,NY 10009

Second bowl of noodles:The Rice NoodleYunnan Rice Noodles

The rice noodles here are actually a bit bland,But the beef is the part of the tendon,A piece has tendons and meat on the top,Especially suitable for Chinese tastes.

190 Bleecker St,New York,NY 10012
Little Tong Noodle Soup
177 1st Ave,New York,NY 10003
Just for Fen
229 1st Ave,New York,NY 10003

The third bowl of noodles:Saigon Shackof Vietnamese noodles

The picture comes from the author's real shooting
This is probably the bestNYUStudent welcome restauranttop3了吧!Delicious indeed,The soup is smooth and sweet with rice noodles,While the soup is boiling hot, throw the bean sprouts nine-story tower into it,Then gulp down,可过瘾了.

If the carpaccio is a little thinner,The taste will be more refined,But it was full of noodles with beef balls, brisket and raw beef,给college studentThe consolation is enough!

114 Macdougal St,New York,NY 10012
Madam Vo
212 E 10th St,New York,NY 10003
Hanoi House
119 Saint Marks Pl,New York,NY 10009

Fourth bowl of noodles:Ramen-ya的拉面

The picture comes from the author's real shooting
店铺小小的,Seats are a bit crowded,But not annoying,Instead, everyone huddled together and ate noodles together,There is more excitement and peace of mind.

The soup for the ramen is simmered in a rich and rich simmer,But because of the tempering of spicy miso,It is not greasy to eat.Toppings can be char siew or chicken.The best part is the half-hearted egg,做得恰到好处.

181 W 4th St,New York,NY 10014

Ichiba Ramen
125 University Pl,New York,NY 10003
Ippudo East Village
65 4th Ave,New York,NY 10003

The fifth bowl of noodles:Tsurutontanudon noodles

The picture comes from the author's real shooting
People are like squirrels in winter,Always want to eat more to fight against the cold,这时候TsurutontanThe udon noodles are a great choice.

It is true that the bowl is bigger than the face,Even the soup spoon,It's twice as big as usual.店名“Tsurutontan”It is an onomatopoeia for people to eat ramen,The noodles here are really strong,Especially rough noodles,It tastes very satisfying,Very worthy of the store name!

21 E 16th St,New York,NY 10003
342 E 6th St,New York,NY 10003
63 Cooper Sq,New York,NY 10003

The sixth bowl of noodles:Soba-ya的荞麦面

The picture comes from the author's real shooting
Soba-yaThere are two types of soba noodles: cold noodles and hot soup noodles,Natural noodle soup is more popular in winter.Refreshing soba noodles served with a refreshing soup,It is very comfortable to eat in a bowl.

There are often some neatly dressed Japanese uncles in the store,Sitting at the bar alone and ordering a bowl of noodles,Enjoy slowly and quietly.For a moment, I felt like I was in a Japanese drama,It makes people feel that eating alone is not alone,synonymous with forthcoming,It can also be very comfortable and stressful.

229 E 9th St,New York,NY 10003
Soba Totto
211 E 43rd St,New York,NY 10017
Soba Azuma
251 W 55th St,New York,NY 10019

The seventh bowl of noodles:LovemamaLaksa(Laksa)

The seventh bowl of noodles:LovemamaLaksa(Laksa)
The picture comes from the author's real shooting
Laksa is a dish that originated in Malaysia,Add fresh clams to coconut milk,虾子,Southern ginger and more,Add noodles and seafood.
The hot sauce in this shop is good,Spicy with sweetness,Very appetizing,The thick and spicy soup makes you sweat profusely.And warmer than the food is the owner of this shop,This Malaysian uncle always likes to come and chat with you,Serve a cupthaiteaOr a side dish.

174 2nd Ave,New York,NY 10003
25 W 8th St,New York,NY 10011
199 Grand St,New York,NY 10013

The eighth bowl of noodles

Everyone has a bowl of hot noodle soup in their hearts,Maybe a bowl of Su-style noodle soup is only authentic enough to eat in one's own hometown,重庆小面,兰州拉面;Maybe it was the simple but comfortable bowl of green vegetable batter noodles that my grandmother made when she was sick;Maybe it's the unremarkable noodle shop in front of the house,It's not unique and refined,But it has comforted countless stormy nights.

你的记忆里,There is no unforgettable bowl of hot noodle soup?

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