Hangzhou fruit store gross margin calculation formula form, fruit store Maori how to calculate

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This is the sharing circle of fruit shop owners, the 535th update and sharing, and continue to share to help newbies get started.

1. Fruit profit often changes

If it is ordinary fruits, such as apples, pears, etc., the gross profit margin is about 40%, and the net profit after deducting losses is about 25%.If it is high-end, or even out-of-season fruits, such as longan and lychees, the net profit can generally reach more than 50%. The key to profit is the control of fresh-keeping loss.The profit level of fruit stores is also different due to the influence of factors such as purchasing channels, geographical location, consumption level, and passenger flow.

Generally speaking, places with large passenger flow and shipments have fierce competition, small profits but quick turnover, and low gross profit.On the contrary, it will make up for the lack of shipments with high gross profit and maintain a normal level of profitability.Join the fruit shop owner's peer sharing circle, search the function under the circle of friends, and search the fruit shop circle.

2. Calculate gross profit when pricing

The pricing depends on the price of the product. The price of the product is not low, and then when the price is increased based on the price of the product, the customer's spending power must be considered. If the customer's spending power cannot keep up, it will definitely sell.Do not move.For example, if you take the price of ten yuan, the cost price of the net fruit may be 12 yuan, so when setting the price, it is set at 17 yuan, after deducting the loss, so the gross profit is about 25%, and then evenly spread out eachItem cost, net profit also reached about 15%-20%.To share more experience in opening a fruit store, search the function under the circle of friends and search the fruit store circle.

3. High loss and less profit

The loss must be controlled well. Less loss is your own profit. Even if you sell the fruit at a fair price, it is better than throwing it away. The price of the fruit should be set according to the price of the fruit store around you and the consumption level of your customers..Some people come in and some people quit the fruit business, but fruit is indispensable in people's life and in demand.

If you want to open a fruit store, you need to choose the address, control the quality of fruit purchases, and set reasonable sales prices.

If you are doing wholesale fruit in the market, you need to choose which kind of fruit can sell in the market and keep the customer well.

4, making money mainly depends on net profit

The gross profit of fruits in fruit shops is generally 30% to 50%, and even 70% to 100%, but the loss is large, and the net profit is not much.How can you buy cheap? The first is that every time you buy a large amount of goods, the seller will naturally give you a bargain. You are equivalent to a big family, and you can help them run the volume.

Secondly, the amount of your purchases may be average each time, but you always get the goods from the same store, and they will also give you a cheap price from a large family. You are an old customer of them.

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