Enshi Travel Guide is super detailed | Accurately collect beautiful and delicious food without stepping on the pit

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Enshi Travel Guide

Enshi Super Detailed Travel Guide/Enshi Attractions Collection/Enshi Food Recommendations/Enshi Transportation/Itinerary Recommendations
If you want super comprehensive Enshi strategy, just read this ️
————[Enshi Attractions]————
1. Enshi Grand Canyon has magnificent scenery, high mountains and deep valleys, boating in Bitan, and clouds and mists in the deep valleys.
2. Tenglong Cave: After seeing the colorful stalactites, the roughness here is refreshing
3. Si Shi Tusi City: Large-scale, well-preserved, with a sense of history
4. Tujia Daughter City: A must-see when you come to Enshi, watch performances, taste delicious food, and feel the style of Tujia
5·Suobuya Stone Forest: From the seabed to the stone forest, the carving of the vicissitudes of life for hundreds of millions of years
6. Shennong Creek: The scenery is pleasant, suitable for the whole family to go out together, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the strait from the boat
7. Cliff Plank Road: Looking at the long-term view along the plank road, it is still very good
8.-Incense sticks: Continue from a stick of incense sticks, all the way is the beauty of the cliffs and peaks
9. Qingjiang Scenic Tourist Area: full of green mountains and green water, surrounded by clouds and mists
10·Wind and Rain Bridge: There are many wind and rain bridges, and there is a tea room on the second floor.A good place to drink tea and appreciate Qingjiang
11. Yumuzhai: The smoke curls from the cooking, there is no hustle and bustle in the world, enjoy quietly
12. Rongmei Tusi City Ruins: Hefeng Pingshan Grand Canyon, must go!!!
13. Lianzhu Pagoda: The commanding heights of Enshi, the scenery and location are very good
14. Mozigou: Be sure to wear a pair of comfortable shoes, some parts of the scenic spot are particularly narrow
15·Xianxiantian: Be careful with your feet, look up at the sky, it's really beautiful!
16. Twin Towers: The two peaks are more like two huge bamboo shoots emerging from the ground
17. Banqiao Daughter Lake: The original ecological scenery is not polluted at all, it is definitely a good place
18. Qingjiang Butterfly Cliff Scenic Area: Like a giant butterfly, fluttering its wings
————【Enshi Food】————
Tujia Flavor: Tujia Camellia Soup, Mixed Slag, Shaoguang Pepper, Kang Potato, Enshi Doupi
Enshi Snacks: Shefan, Enshi Bean Curd, Gege, God Tofu, Grain Porridge, Dumpling Cake
Special food: water chestnut, Shennongxi Diaozi fish, Wei Cai roasted bacon
Enshi Specialties: Enshi Dried Tofu, Xilankapu, Enshi Yulu, Baihe Jade, Laifeng Yangmei
——【Enshi Traffic】————
Aircraft ️: Xujiaping Airport is 4.5 kilometers away from the urban area of ​​Enshi. There are flights from Guangzhou, Wuhan, Beijing, Haikou, Shanghai and other places to Enshi, but you need to transfer in Wuhan on the way.
Train: The railway station is about 7 kilometers away from the city center. It is the largest intermediate station at the prefecture level of the Yi-Wan Railway. The train has been opened. Currently, it only takes more than 1 hour to travel from Yichang to Enshi.
——【Recommended itinerary】————
It is recommended to play for 4-5 days. The specific itinerary strategy needs to be recommended according to the time and budget. If you are interested, you can comment by private message or see the introduction on my homepage and contact the recommended place to pick up!#Enshi Chaoquan Travel Guide#Enshi Free Travel Travel Guide
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