Don't dive all over the world, complete your diving wish list 1/3 at once

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Here is the Fiji

有着“The first ray of sunshine”的温暖,
Touted as the world's happiest country,
And ten honeymoon resorts in the world,
Or Madonna chief possession island,
This is lost in the south Pacific island nation,
The right to let a person infatuation,
At the age of warm water、Clear like glass,
越往深处,The blue more make people drunk,
Every divers places.
图:斐济 By:The old bad


图:斐济Mamanuka群岛 By:The old bad

潜水胜地 软珊瑚之都

The Gospel of diving enthusiasts is,
No matter what level,
In the world's top dive resort to see all the secrets of the undersea.
Fiji at the same time also has the world's second largest coral reefs in the extending continuously,
After Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
(PS:Most of the Great Barrier Reef has bleaching ,Fiji, the world's second Great Barrier Reef is one of good choice,Early ah!)
图:Fiji soft corals By:小哪吒


图:斐济Top3Dive site map By:Explore Fiji

一、Big astrolabe reef

The world's fourth Great Barrier Reef,Colorful hard and soft corals interwoven distribution,All kinds of wonderful undersea tunnel、Caves and valleys,The devil rays and reef sharks cluster together here,能见度通常在15M-70M.
1.The devil fish reef dive site,Have the opportunity to can see groups of devil rays along the reef cruises;             
2.黄墙,Arch form yellow soft coral reefs;          
3.鹰岩,On a big rock full of hard corals,Surrounded by groups of ocean fish;
4.断石,Underwater world charm,With labyrinth channel、Caves and tunnels;
5.The Pacific voyager,61MTanker long crash“The Pacific voyager”.
图:Big astrolabe reef By:Ace Wu
Where visibility has never been a disappointment,
15M起 70M止,隧道、洞穴、峡谷、Hard and soft corals、
A vessel wrecked the Pacific voyager、


1.BeqaRing reef shark dive site,The big bull shark/虎鲨/护士鲨/柠檬鲨/Reef sharks, etc.
2.关于安全,Has the small make up to in this code word oh!The beginning of a project so far,0事故发生.
图:鲨鱼潜 By:Ace Wu
About sharks,
For many divers,穷尽一生,
Also can't see so many kinds and number of sharks;
There is no bound iron cage,
With the sharks only separated by distance27Degree of the water of the sea;
Make you feel in this adrenaline surge shark environment,
Whether the types of sharks、数量、大小...


1.Rainbow reef in the Great Wall(Great White Wall)潜点:  The vertical diving area densely white soft corals,Diving is like place oneself in the world of snow here;
2.Rainbow reef in purple wall(Purple Wall)潜点:Purple soft corals、Gorgonian sea fan and sea whip,迷幻、迷幻、迷幻;
3.Na mei that mysterious reef Marine park(Mystery);
4.Na mei that Alice wonderland of Ocean Park(Alice In Wonderland);
5.Na mei that Ocean Park's dream house(Dream House)/龙与地下城(Dungeons and Dragonns)/Na Sonia chang channel.
图:大白墙 By:Ace Wu
Not no longer the Great Wall
Is wonderful cliff dive site and discharge dive sites,
The white coral density amazing,Such as snow covered ski slopes ,
But in fact they are pale lavender.
There is still a great photography point.
仔细观察,To see life of residents of of all kinds of,
Including naked gills suborder animals、The Christmas tree worm、The sea lilies and the clown fish, etc.
图:大白墙 By:Ace Wu
Like Alice in wonderland,
The Great Wall is the miracle of nature,Shock born of the bottom of my heart,
Fiji's return from soft coral.
Small make up to write not bottom go to
Fry the chicken want to start at once!


想说走就走,The visa, you must have .
不仅如此,Destination appearance levels were high enough!
图:斐济 By:The old bad
This piece of blue sea water also provides a beautiful scenes of the movie,
Tom Hanks'《荒岛余生》、
Brooke shields《蓝色珊瑚礁》、
Jodie foster《超时空接触》等影片,
《爸爸去哪儿第二季》One set is in this shot,
Have used a camera recorded this kind of Fiji's blue.
Compared with other ordinary blue sea,

About Fiji all you want to know

Arrived in Fiji

图:航班信息 By:The Chinese embassy in Fiji consular protection and assistance as transportation travel guide
香港往返,Don't need to deal with Hong Kong and Macao pass,Return flight to Fiji and hold in Hong Kong can travel smoothly,And can stay in Hong Kong before and after each no more than7天.


Fiji food very international,西餐、中餐、印度餐、日餐,Of course, Fiji local cuisines are popular with tourists.Fiji advantageous geographical conditions made in Fiji seafood and all kinds of fruit are indispensable food on table.Like seafood friend can be a great choice and the price is very affordable oh!如:蓝鳍金枪、椰子蟹、龙虾刺身、东星斑、香辣蟹等.
图:Fiji food finishing By:The old bad


A wonderful travel and local scenery bring out the best in each other is the most cannot leave the house,After all is a place good enough,Select place is key!
图:Fiji's part of the hotel accommodation highlights By:The old bad
Fiji for passengers provides many kinds of hotel,From small private resort to large hotel chains,To a large number of suitable for low budget backpackers beach resort,Scattered around the island,Get the favour of a lot of tourists,Especially some characteristics particularly island resort.As with Fiji water houseLIkuliku度假村/The British royal family drunk loveCastaway island/Britney spears on a honeymoonTurtle island/以及世界10Large luxury hotelLaucala island等 .
图:Fiji part highlights characteristic hotel By:The old bad


图:Fiji's children By:The old bad


1.在斐济,Touch the head of others is seen as the respect and not to offend,Don't know the real situation;
2.Don't wear a hat into the village,This is the emirates have the privilege of;
3.Don't wearing.

The Internet is

Fiji convenient Internet access,Not only have broadband network,还有无线3G、4G网络.Four-star hotels provide web services,Typically charge extra.

Common etiquette

Fijian kind、淳朴、热情好客,To meet the commonly usedBula(您好)问候,用Vinaka(谢谢)致谢.

Life Like Diving Stealth life

Has the sea,
Let you see is not the same world,
图:With luffy dives over the world By:The old bad
But for you have not been to Fiji,
Don't know how travel plan,
Want to see a lot of big goods and sea scenery again,
Don't want to miss the above mentioned a fish, coral,
If there are professionals take you dive,Private plane take you to fly,Let you avoid traffic troubles.
(PS:In Fiji finish if you want to divetop3个潜点,Even the locals will be plagued by traffic)↓↓↓
And after reading the aboveTop3A dive site photos,
You also can not help but sigh,
Also want to take a picture of such a master,
The master is his↓↓↓
Ace WU Yong-sen wu teacher
Yong-sen wu teacher,不惑之年.Born in Taiwan,Now living in ho chi minh city, Vietnam.The sea was taken lovers,Especially good at blackwater and wide-angle photography,出于好奇,Entirely self-taught photographed now,Shooting experience extremely rich.没有高深的理论,Will use the most accessible way to introduce water taken,Hope that through his photo,Let everybody feel water taken 的魅力.
Mr Wu in the eyes of Fiji:
1.  Fiji is a good place for diving,除了远,没有什么好挑剔的;
2. The concept of shark alone is too good;
3.  Love the water taken far more people are not afraid of,Fear not worth;
4.  Fiji coral is different from southeast Asia,可看性强;
5.  Rare someonepoFiji coral,Are taken shark,In fact, I love more coral;
6.  Fiji now don't shoot,以后也没有了. 
图:鲨鱼潜 By:Ace Wu
斐济——Don't have to dive through the world,One time you dive wish list1/3 .
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