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located in central Japan、Between Tokyo and Osaka, Nagoya,,Is Japan's third metropolis.It is not only the manufacturing industry developed city,Is also the area where the gathered numerous commercial and tourist resources,Japan's popular tourist destinations.
Such as the landmarks of Nagoya“名古屋城”,In this can feel the characteristics of traditional Japanese architecture and leisurely stroll in the courtyard of fun,运气好的话,Still perhaps can see by the warrior costumes“武士”Perform martial arts performances.

Another popular attraction“热田神宫”,Is Japan has high authority and status、超过1900years old shrine,In this can feel the atmosphere of solemn mystery in the shrine,And many important attractions worth visiting,Also will go to Nagoya attractions.

至于交通方面,Nagoya international airport is the central region of central and Nagoya metropolitan circle, the main foreign portal,北京、Many domestic and foreign cities such as Shanghai and guangzhou to Nagoya route.Airport in traditional Japanese ninja design theme,Shows many ninja model and decoration,as a gateway to external traffic,It can let people feel well Japanese characteristic culture.
这次,we eat from、住、Line all aspects take you swim Nagoya,Feel the atmosphere of the central region and culture.


As Japan's five Nagoya international airport in the middle of one of the national center for airport,Whether it's hardware facilities at the airport、商业设施、Or all kinds of restaurants and shopping service is very perfect.
Here can not only taste the unique Nagoya“Nagoya meshi”料理,还有拉面、味增猪排、Miso Udon、凉面……You will be able to fully enjoy all kinds of dishes and Nagoya peculiar delicious.

此外,In the airport and is equipped with rare“Bathing facilities”,Let you can in the hustle and bustle of the journey to relieve the feeling of fatigue.
地址:〒479 -8701爱知县常滑市セントレア一丁目1号

交通: Nagoya from Nagoya station on rail,最快28分钟
营业时间: 根据设施不同


Thermal field palace is one of the most famous shrine and places of interest in Japan,Not only for the Japanese and overseas people are a popular attraction.
From Nagoya station subway to“神宫前”Station and then walk from the station to approx3分钟即可到达,The convenience of transportation allows“热田神宫”more popular、更受欢迎.
Thermal field into the wooded jingu,这里有40Multiple shrines,Walk on the road can feel more temples and shrines of sacred atmosphere.
It is a popular place for Japanese wedding here,运气好的话,Maybe can see the bride wore a traditional Japanese pure white dress,See Japan's wedding scene.
Came to the famous hot field jingu,In addition to will go to visit the shrine of I,Also recommend by the way, visit the palace in the“下知我麻神社”,It is said that this is dedicated to the shrine of god, the god of travel,You might as well to pray travel security,How about asking for peace?
地址:〒456 -8585Nagoya urban thermal field jingu1丁目1号1号

交通:From the airport to the railway Nagoya palace before get off to walk3分钟(Will pass from the airport“神宫前”站,Can plan, led by destinations)

※Cost has the possibility of change,Specific please confirmed on the official website

电话:052-671-4151(Atsuta Shrine Hall)

营业时间:宝物馆9:00 ~ 16:30(最后入馆时间16:10)

法定休息日:The last Wednesday and the next day and treasure house a month12/25 ~ 12/31


Nagoya's most popular construction,相信就是“名古屋城”了.1615年,Built by Japan's leading star ieyasu Nagoya city.Golden killer whale,Japan's largest big day keep cabinet,This pill royal house of gorgeous luxury,Plus iron wall strong castle stronghold function,Is specified as the first national city.
Nagoya city was destroyed in the war,于1959年重建.As Japan's leading castle,Has been designated as one of the best historical sites in Japan,Inside this pill royal house of recovery has been vividly shows the city of Nagoya style.
There is a team on the field“名古屋Omotenashisamurai team”,Dress in Japanese samurai,Enthusiasm for ladies in wonderful show!
另外,You can also rent a have Chinese interpretation of speech listening,There are free English tour guide.
地址:爱知县名古屋市中区本丸1 - 1

交通:从机场乘坐“名古屋铁道”,在“名古屋站”下车.From Nagoya station by subway“樱通线”在“Hisaya Odori Station”下车,Then transfer to the famous city line“市役所”站下车,从7号出口步行约5分钟



※There may be changes if any temporary special events
〇Free sightseeing guide(仅限英语)
Nagoya city tourism English tour guide volunteers
集合地点(出发地点):正门、东门(In front of the tour guide sign)
※In case of special circumstances may have suspended tour guide service
电子邮箱:[email protected]

〇Chinese phonetic explanation equipment rental
共20Explanation,Everywhere is explained2 ~ 5分钟.
使用方法:“The mouth of the Honmaru Palace”Apply at the front desk

名古屋Omotenashisamurai team (仅限英语)
演出时间:Usually every Saturday·周日·Japanese holiday11:15 
(※May be because of the weather or attend the other activities and suspension)

As one of Japan's three metropolis circle,Nagoya accommodation choice is multifarious.Since it came to Japan,Believe that everyone is to be check in the hotel is full of amorous feelings of Japan's first choice!

本次我们选择了3Home in Nagoya Japanese ancient hotel,Let us give you one more reference!

【Recommended hotel1:简保之宿 Chitamihama】

A good hotel,Either by the mountains,Either by the water.And I was even more like alongside water environment,So first to recommend a hot springs hotel by the sea“简保之宿 Chitamihama”.

“简保之宿”Owned all over Japan30multiple accommodation facilities“Japan Post Co., Ltd”管理经营,Can be at ease at ease at!
Hotel has a variety of humanized facilities,From standard rooms to senior room,And the special care needs of the guests is also suitable for guests.
You can choose suitable room according to his be fond of,如:You will enjoy the luxury and YangShi room viewing bath、Tranquil Japanese style room、Bright and soft environment YangShi room、And can choose according to the Japanese characteristics and bed room comfort, etc. 
Japan's hot spring hotels are different with general business hotel in,Hot spring hotels usually are“1泊2食”appointment form,以“Enjoy bath and food in the hotel”为主题.
Confirm good type of room at the hotel booking and taste what grades of gourmet meals.
Seldom come to experience the authentic Japanese hot spring hotel,Recommend you choose to adopt the local ingredients to make food cooking meals.

和室8Tatami room(带卫生间)

在8Stick the size of a Japanese tatami room enjoy comfortable halcyon ise bay,Talking with family or friends happy.


With double bed、Room with private bathroom,Suitable for two small couples or friends,Belongs to a leisure2People leisure space.

Western-style standard double room(带卫生间)

This is a western standard double room,Is also suitable for the couple or friends live simple and quiet space.

Western-style double room(沙发床、卫生间)

This is with a sofa bed,可以同时容纳3room for guests,Space more spacious and more flexible,Suitable for family size or3stay with friends.

Family Western style room(带卫生间)

Spacious family room,Except it comes with2Beyond the bed,Also comes with extras2张沙发床.可以容纳4位客人,A family friends is the most suitable for but!

Pet room(Western room)(沙发床、卫生间)

Dogs also want to travel!Can happy to stay with the little wang space!
Love pets are the Gospel,There are also can take your dog to stay in room together,The room have adopted the special sound insulation facilities and floor design,Plus a sofa bed can hold3位客人.

New Japanese-style room(带卫生间)

Rest in a Japanese room,sleep in bed.
“简保之宿”Newly designed Japanese-style room,On the ryukyu style of couch couch rice with2Beds of modern room.
You can also on the tatami can lay on a bed,最多可容纳3位客人.

View bathroom room(Bathroom with view、卫生间)

Overlooking the ise bay senior leisure space.
Can overlook ise bay,Take a leisurely bath,并配备了2Room with a comfortable bed.
It can also be temporarily increased1张床,最多可容纳3位客人.

Japanese-style bathroom with a view(Bathroom with view、卫生间)

More advanced and more luxury space,Not only can overlook the ise bay,Take a leisurely bath,拥有2A spacious and comfortable bed,Western room with sofa,还设有6Stick the size of couch couch rice with type special room.


Feel the sea breeze gentle quiet space.
The sliding door of the room entrance specially designed for large,Easy to move around、Access for people in wheelchairs.
Barrier-free room is equipped with electric bed and care with lifting chair,Is very convenient for the disabled friends.


As in the hot spring hotel,The hotel has a natural hot spring“みはま温泉”.
Can overlook the beautiful scenery of ise bay,While feeling the sea wind listening to the sound of the sea tide,While enjoying natural open-air hot spring again,Not only can make your skin smooth,Also helps to relax!
※Add water to the source·加温,循环过滤,Chlorine series reagent injection temperature·卫生管理.
※Because of the influence of the strong wind could not enter the open-air baths.

营业时间:11:00~ 24:00,5:00~ 9:00

<Enjoy your proud of seafood dinner>

Take a relaxing soak in the hot springs,Looking forward to most is of course subject to rich dinner!
You can choose different levels of food when booking hotel packages,Meals will provide the local fresh food cooking and cooking.Such as delicious seafood、Luxury and turf, etc.
Is the Chinese and western buffet breakfast,Including Japanese specialties、小吃、Salads and various dishes,Must be able to find your favorite food.
简保之宿 Chitamihama 

地址:〒470-3233Aichi prefecture, know more than county beautiful city town Mr Tian sand39

交通:From the middle international airport to the airport line of of iron in“Otagawa Station”Transfer to Meitetsu,在“Chita Okuda Station”下车
Standing in the name of iron know how Mr Tian hotel free shuttle bus(每天3个班次)
※Free shuttle bus is reservation system,Please provide informed on number and time.

名铁“Chita Okuda Station”Shuttle time to the hotel
Japanese version of the official website:***

【Recommended hotel2:简保之宿 鸟羽】

Then introduce the hotel called“简保之宿 鸟羽”.

Toba is located2016年G7Summit of ise tzu the region.
It has the Ise pilgrimage here、鸟羽水族馆、MikimotoEach tourist attractions such as pearl island.
当然,There are high quality natural hot springs,Allows you to relax here.

The hotel geographical position is superior,Overlooking the beautiful bird feather bay,Can also taste the ise bay delicacies,For example, Ise lobster、Abalone and numerous local seafood.

这里也是由“Japan Post Co., Ltd”管理经营,Big hand business,Live comfortably and at ease!
From standard rooms to superior rooms,And for the care needs of the guests are equipped with special facilities.
Can also according to his be fond of choose to suit their own room,如:With luxury and YangShi room viewing bath、Tranquil Japanese style room、Bright and soft YangShi room、And type design and equipped with western-style bed room couch couch rice, etc.

With conventional hot springs hotel,It is also possible to make an appointment“1泊2食”accommodation package,Be sure when booking the room type and meal package.
“简保之宿 鸟羽”以合理的价格,Provide the ise bay's best food,Such as Ise lobster、鲍鱼、Various local seafood.机会难得,Strongly recommended you select choose local fresh food, cooking“1泊2食”套餐,This is a perfect Japanese hot spring hotel experience!


和室8贴 (带卫生间)

Full of tranquility,Japanese traditional atmosphere with type space.

和室10贴 (带卫生间)

面积更大,Space is more capacious room type,Allowing you to leisurely relax.

和室10贴 (带卫生间)

不仅宽敞,And more luxurious couch couch rice Japanese space.


Travel for business or travel alone friends in standard single room.


简洁而宁静,Suitable for couples or friends at standard double room.
The room is a non-smoking room,and no bathroom,The hot spring bath you use the hotel big baths.


Standard double room,Suitable for couples or friends stay together.


Even if a disabled friend,Also can enjoy in this space.
The room is equipped with by the remote control to adjust the height of the「电动床」 And installed in the ceiling mobile lift,Convenient disabled friends move from the bed to the bathroom or toilet.


Type and western-style design combined with the room,Has not only the tranquility and room,Can also take western bed comfortable,Suitable for friends of different ages.
Available in the room3张单人床+4.5Japanese style room,Multiple people can be accommodated at the same time.

Outdoor hot spring room(With outdoor hot spring、Combine with ocean、Simmons床)

Rooms adopt unique and YangShi design,Not only have halcyon atmosphere and capacious space,Even the adornment of room decoration and furniture are all selects high quality equipment.
The room is equipped with a western-style double room+Japanese style room6贴榻榻米+The true outdoor hot spring.
In private open-air bath room to enjoy a moment of leisure,晚上在SimmonsGet a good night's sleep in bed,In the morning with the feelings of pleasure to taste delicious and nutritious breakfast,Believe that allows you to put down the pressure of daily life,Indulge in relaxation and enjoyment!

<天然温泉!The best relaxation!>

The hotel has its own source of natural hot springs“Chaoxiangの湯”,The hot springs are alkaline springs,Makes skin smooth,Let the mood and the skin refreshed!
※Add water to the source·加温,循环过滤,Adding chlorine series reagent temperature·卫生管理.
※Part of the bath use real hot spring

11:00~23:00,5:00~ 9:00
※周六·The day before the hotel to rest can be used to24:00

<Luxury and rich seafood dinner>

As the hot spring hotel's signature is on the day of the rich dinner!Choose good when we remember the booking of their favorite food.
This is called eating the sea by the sea,这里靠近海边,Recommended, of course, tasting local fishing ise lobster、Composed of seafood such as abalone seafood meal.
The next day for Japanese combine western buffet breakfast,There is udon, a specialty of Ise、玉子烧、Kelp with seaweed、色拉、corn soup、水果,Rice also chose a very famous Japanese oita, the light meters and all kinds of rich food.
简保之宿 鸟羽

地址:〒517-0021Triple county bird feather city happiness island town1200-7

交通:From nearly iron Nagoya station take nearly wire“Ise Shimaライナー”在“Toba Station”下车.乘车券1710日元+特急券1320日元
从近铁“Toba Station”1Exit No. and go downstairs The front is it“Hotel hotel bus to the parking lot”,From the parking lot to the hotel has free shuttle bus(需要提前预约).

近铁“Toba Station”Before the departure time of the hotel

Kintetsu is in front of the hotel entrance“Toba Station”发车时间
Japanese version of the official website:***

从“简保之宿 Toba”出发,Nearby have ise jingu with local famous pearl factory.


Ise jingu Japanese want to visit a shrine,Japanese people since the ancient times in order to“Visit Ise”,At all over the country come from Japan,So also known as the origin of the Japanese travel here.
正因为如此,Ise jingu have very high status in the shrine in Japan,And can enjoy treatment of Japan's key shrine enjoys.

Pearl processing plant

另外,Ise chi "is famous for its pearl,Where is the world's first successful cultured pearls,Now still pearl popular areas.
You can come to visit pearl factory,Choose some of their favorite pearl!

【Recommended hotel3:简保之宿 Hui Na】

Introduces two alongside water in front of the hotel,Finally, to introduce a hotel in the mountain.
This hotel is called “简保之宿 Hui Na”,In overlooking the beautiful scenery of the gorge hills,Here can enjoy benefits that gorge wide-angle view in different seasons.
同样的,From standard rooms to advanced here,And for people in the special room without missing.
In terms of room type,Tranquil Japanese style room,Comfortable western room,Spacious space of the room and room choice.

Since it is also a hot spring hotel,当然也有“1泊2食”packages are optional,With the two different described above is,Here because of the hills,In terms of food is no flavor of mountain delicacies,还有著名的“飞弹牛”、“Huina Chicken”Cook is the hotel,The price is reasonable,Can taste the elegant and comfortable environment,这样的机会非常难得!


和式6Tatami room(带卫生间)

Can see you that gorge landscape type6Tatami room.

和室8Tatami room(带卫生间)

Space is more capacious and room8Stick the room,Can look at with the view from the window of the gorge,Side quiet easily to get through the day.


能够容纳5人的10Large room with tatami mats.
一家大小,三五知己,In the spacious japanese-style room overlooking hui the gorge,热闹非凡、Carefree easily spent a happy day.

Western-style single room(带浴室、卫生间)

Although only a single room,But inside the room also can overlook the benefits that the beautiful scenery in the gorge,The first choice for solo travel.


The gorge scenery of large French window in the room will benefit in,There are two beds in the room,Also because of tea leisure small bench space.


Designed for disabled guests,Also has a large French window in the room can see the gorge scenery of hui.
房间内拥有2张床,其中1Zhang is an electric bed,Also comes with a small bench space for you to sit down to rest well.

The hotel has its own source of natural hot springs“Chaoxiangの湯”,The spring quality is alkaline hot spring,Smooths the skin,缓解疲劳,Let your body and mind become happy.
Spa description
※Add water to the source·加温,循环过滤,Adding medicament chloride temperature·卫生管理.
※Part of the bath use real hot spring

11:00~ 23:00,5:00~ 9:00
※周六·Rest day can be used to24点.

<Looking forward to dinner Huina Chicken、飞弹牛 >

作为一名吃货,The thing I look forward to most is dinner.
Because this is a hotel is located in the valley,So highly recommend mountain gourmet taste package,还有“Huina Chicken”、“飞弹牛”Wait for all sorts of produced in the local meat meal.

至于早餐,是拥有约40Varied breakfast buffet!
Includes local specialities、Featured burritos、Eggs food and fresh salad and other delicacies,There are also free drinks、And other fruit and yogurt dessert.
简保之宿 Hui Na

地址:〒509-7201Gifu prefecture hui that the city big well at2709

交通:从JRNagoya station to the central this line fast to benefit the station(约70分钟)
Standing at the hotel has a free shuttle bus from hui※Because it is scheduled to run,请事先预约.

从“Ena Station”发车时间

Japanese version of the official website:***

Check into a hot spring hotel,Besides enjoying the hot springs and gourmet food,Of course also want to explore the nearby tourist sites.从“简保之宿 Hui Na”Hotel departure,步行约13Minutes can come to hui the gorge tour boat docks.

Can the popularity of the ship at this stop through the gifu prefecture wood Zeng Chuan“Ena Gorge”著名景点.Hui the gorge besides can fully enjoy the four seasons different landscape,Can also see a lot of strange strange rock characteristic here,It is a famous scenic spot in Japan.
游览时间约30分钟,每隔30分钟发船.Even in peak tourist season,Don't need to wait for too long can press on the boat to enjoy“Ena Gorge”的魅力.


If you are a Japanese tourist talent,Next time you visit Tokyo and Osaka Japan besides the choice regular,Consider, in central Japan Nagoya,Feel the traffic is very convenient,With advanced industrial industry,And there are many worth a visit scenic spots and tourist resources in Nagoya metropolitan circle! 
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