Huanglong hole is known as China's most beautiful tourist cave, enjoys a fame as the rare spectacle

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黄龙洞以立体的洞穴结构,宽阔的龙宫厅及数以万计的石笋,高大的洞穴瀑布,水陆兼备的游览线等优势构成了国内外颇有特色的游览洞穴.黄龙洞洞中有洞,洞中有河,由石灰质溶液凝结而成的石钟乳、石笋、石柱、石花、石幔、石枝、石管、石珍珠、石珊瑚等各种洞穴景观遍布其中,无奇不有,仿佛一座地下“魔宫”.黄龙洞拥有高阔的洞天、幽深的暗河、悬空的瀑布、密集的石笋等特级旅游资源,Have a high ornamental value and scientific value.
Huanglong hole is a central Asian tropical mountain prototype monsoon humid climate,光热充足,雨量充沛,无霜期长,严寒期短,四季分明,冬无严寒,夏无酷暑,年平均气温16.6℃左右,Huanglong hole of the four seasons are suitable for tour,Best best time to visit is from year to year3月-11月,Spring, summer, autumn three seasons for the best,由于黄龙洞内的气温比外面要低一点,Not recommended in very cold season to.
在2005When was voted“中国最美的旅游溶洞”
2009In huanglong hole was voted“中国最美的旅游奇洞”
Huanglong hole total area as10万平方米,属于AAAA级景区,门票价格为80元人
Huanglong hole, a famous scenic spot:天仙水,响水河,天柱街,龙宫,定海神针等
At the entrance of the huanglong hole has an ecological square, huanglong hole,By Peking University, dean of the school of architecture and landscape design、Harvard University professor kongjian yu as design.
Hallelujah hall is located in huanglong hole ecological square at the entrance to,建筑面积达4970平方米,Famous painting master huang yongyu to inscribe at the concert hall hall name.
Concert hall is adjacent to huanglong hole phase,Back against the vegetation cover of huanglong mountain,绿化面积达3000平方米,Is China's largest single slope greening roofs,Is the world's only a ecological theater.
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