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Hoshino photography has always played an extremely important role in the subject matter of landscape photography,But compared to other themes,有一定的技术门槛,This is also the reason why many friends feel that the subject of Hoshino photography is unattainable.在旅途中,The starry sky has become one of the important reasons to attract me to travel,In this article, I will write about my experience in Hoshino photography during my travels.,I believe this article can teach you how to shoot a starry sky blockbuster on the go.


Landscape photography has always been a subject with relatively high equipment requirements in the photography category,Hoshino Photography is even more so.Although many mobile phones can also take pictures of the stars nowadays,But if you have a certain pursuit of image quality,There are still some equipment that can be recommended.

1.1 机身

Star category now a lot of equipment can be taken,Even many mobile phone can also be finished making.However, due to the high sensitivity required for starry sky photography,Usually parameters will be reachedISO1600-12800,为了保证画质,A full frame camera is recommended.当然APS-CThe frame and even the mobile phone can also shoot the starry sky,After noise reduction,It can also take ideal starry sky works.The following recommended models are suitable for shooting Hoshino-themed equipment,Recommended by brand as follows:

1.1.1 Canon body


Canon cameras have always been relatively weak in the field of landscape photography,Tolerance and high sensitivity have always been the shortcomings of Canon cameras.Although my camera has always been Canon,But the actual measurement is indeed compared to the Nikon Sony,These two shortcomings of Canon are indeed magnified in the starry sky theme.But that doesn't mean Canon can't shoot starry subjects,In addition, Canon's new micro-single has been very good to improve this problem.
Micro one-sided,Canon's new modelR6及R5都是绝佳的选择,SLR is recommended for high sense responsibility6D2,旗舰级的5D4The height is slightly worse,但也基本够用.

1.1.2 Sony body


Sony cameras may be the first choice of many landscape photographers today,Thanks to the strong performance support of Sony's micro-single in recent years.Star side,The most recommended is of course his flagshipA1,It is also worth noting that compared toA7R4,More recommend his predecessorA7R3.由于R4的高像素,lead to poor performanceR3.

1.1.3 Nikon body


Nikon has always been a scenery photography patrons,The subject of starry sky photography has always been its strength.Whether it is SLRD850、D750甚至D610Still tinyZ7和Z6都是很好的选择.

1.2 镜头

For equipment with the starry sky theme,To some extent the lens will be more important than the fuselage.Many strategies are simple and rude to suggest that the larger the aperture of the star lens, the better,The wider the angle, the better.The former does,A larger aperture means a lowerisoand shorter exposure times.The latter is not absolute,The focal length needs to be considered comprehensively with the landscape and other factors,Is not as widely as possible.It is recommended that the aperture should not be smaller thanF2.8,Commonly used focal lengths14、20、24、35.

1.2.1 Canon lens

镜头:16-35 F2.8、35 F1.4
Canon does not have a lens that is particularly suitable for the starry sky theme,Especially large aperture fixed focus,Can only rely on the Sigma of the subsidiary factory、腾龙.

1.2.2 尼康镜头

镜头:14-24 F2.8、20 F1.8 、24 F1.4
尼康的变焦14-24Basic covers the stars of the most commonly used focal length,Also fixed focus 20和24Focal length is also very useful.

1.2.3 Sony lens

镜头:12-24 F2.8、16-35 F2.8、14 F1.8
Sony's starry sky should be the strongest original starry sky lens group,either the widest12-24还是14 F1.8All performed extremely powerful

1.2.4 Sigma lens

镜头:14-24 F2.8、14 F1.8、20 F1.4、24 F1.4、35F1.4
Sigma is especially recommended in the star field,Whether it is zoom or fixed focus, there are the best quality options,And can be adapted to the original bayonet.

1.2.5 Tamron lens

镜头:16-35 F2.8、17-35 F2.8-4 、35F1.4
Tamron compared to Sigma,It is relatively weak in the field of star lens.,But it is worth noting that his17-35 F2.8-4this lens,Provides a good cheap starry sky lens solution,This is a lens that I highly recommend,性价比极高.

1.2.6 Old frog lens

镜头:15 F2(索尼)、12 F2.8
The domestic light Laowa also has a lot of lenses in the ultra-wide-angle large light setting,But the disadvantage is that the full manual lens except for starry sky shooting,The rest of the subjects had a greater influence on the experiential,In addition, it is said that the anti-glare ability of Laowa lens is weak.

1.3 the rest of the accessories

Star photography in addition to the body and lens,Some accessories are also required:
1、三脚架(必须):Because star photography requires long exposures,To ensure the stability of the fuselage,A sturdy tripod is essential.Under normal circumstances, you can use the star's 3D gimbal,If you want to connect carefully,May need to use 3D gear head,The price of this tripod is higher also.
2、快门线(非必须):To prevent camera shake caused by pressing the shutter,It is recommended to configure the shutter cable.Of course, many models now have an interval shooting function.,You don't have to use the shutter release
3、赤道仪(非必须):Equatorial mounts are devices that track the movement of stars.Because the stars are moving slowly,Therefore, the exposure time of the camera cannot be infinitely long.,一般不会超过25s,The equatorial mount can avoid this problem.In short, the equatorial mount can allow the camera to get longer exposures and better image quality of the starry sky..But the equatorial mount is for non-professional sky photographers and sky photography enthusiasts,并不是必须的,The price is not cheap,Second, it is not convenient to carry,Higher requirements for later.
4、Astronomical change machine(非必须):Astronomical machine refers to the removal of the fuselagecmosfront red cut filter,Thus become a specially designed for star photography of the fuselage,This allows you to photograph red nebulae that cannot be photographed by normal cameras.Of course, the price is that the white balance will be abnormal during normal photography..Same as equatorial mount,For non-professional sky photographers and sky photography enthusiasts,Personally, I don't think it is necessary to change.
6、defogging belt(建议配置):In fact, the warm baby can also have the same effect,亲测可用., of course, extreme environment or mist is more reliable.

1.4 推荐组合

Affordable combination:
佳能:6D+腾龙17-35 F2.8-4
尼康:D610+腾龙17-35 F2.8-4

佳能:R5+佳能15-35 F2.8 +适马 14 F1.8 + 适马20 F1.4 + 佳能 35 F1.4
尼康:D850+尼康14-24 F2.8 + 适马 14 F1.8 + 适马20 F1.4 + 尼康 35 F1.4
索尼:A1+索尼12-24 F2.8 + 索尼 14 F1.8 + 适马 20 F1.4 + 索尼 35 F1.4


The subject matter of Hoshino photography is very dependent on the previous plan,The dark sky level of the shooting location、光污染、Galaxy Azimuth、地景、Weather conditions at the time of shooting,These factors all determine the success and quality of star photography,So it can be said that the planning stage largely determines the final result,even more important than the shooting stage.

2.1 前期软件

Pre-recommended software:PlanitSmart Camera Professional Edition、Windy、莉景天气
There are many auxiliary software for star photography,But there is one software that stands out the most,fully capable of staying at home,Will be able to do the perfect star plans,This software isPlanitSmart Camera Professional Edition.There are detailed video tutorials on the Internet for specific applications,Here is a comparison picture of the plan I made at home before I set off for Zhutan in Xiandu and the actual shooting,the power of the software.
The left is the real shot interface,On the right is the Qiaoshe plan simulation interface

2.2 关于天气

Forecast about the weather,Starry sky photography requires clear, cloudless weather,It is recommended not to exceed the cloud cover when shooting10%.Otherwise, it is easy for the clouds to block the silver center,lead to a huge discount.
About Weather Prediction Software,The most recommended software isWindy.The advantage is that the software containsG图及EThe figure is the two most accurate prediction models currently mainstream,And the predicted content index is very complete,The downside is that there are no direct predictions about photography,Judging entirely based on individual exhibitor data.Another weather software, Lijing Weather, is a weather software specially developed for photography.,The advantage is that it provides the results predicted by the software,Prediction accuracy has certain reference results,The disadvantage is that the accuracy needs to be improved,In addition, advanced features require a monthly subscription fee.
My usual method isPlanit+windy的组合,Take advantage of the clever cloud distance function,Can calculate the distance obscuring the galactic center,在windyCheck cloud conditions,Can determine the basic,Then use the results of Lijing Weather as a reference to get the results..
The left is the function interface of Qiaoshe cloud layer distance,右为WINDYCloud cover interface

2.3 About star level

Shooting the starry sky has certain requirements for the dark sky level of the shooting location,Usually we can refer to the Botel dark space classification for the dark space level of the sky,分为1-9级,1level refers to complete darkness,数字越大,越亮.通常情况下1-4A high-level dark sky environment is a reasonable range for shooting starry subjects.,The smaller number to the more details of the Milky Way.The dark space level can also be queried through the dark space brightness function of Smart Camera.
On the left is the national dark sky level,On the right is the dark sky level of the specific shooting location
It can be clearly seen that the dark sky environment in the northwest and southwest of China is more suitable for shooting stars,But that doesn't mean other regions can't photograph the stars.
There is another point to pay special attention to,The theoretical dark space level cannot be directly equated with light pollution,Since the dark sky level refers to the dark environment of a region,Is not completely equal to the location of light pollution.举一个例子,Two works of starry sky I took in Anhui,One is in Hongcun,One in the branch of Huangshan,Both locations have a Dark Sky rating of2级,But you can clearly feel the difference in the details of the galaxy.
This is because the light pollution brought by the Hongcun B&B far exceeds that of the Huangshan branch.,So the dark space level is just a reference value,The specific light pollution situation cannot just refer to the dark space level,否则很容易翻车.

2.4 About the landscape

So is there an ideal spot in the dark space?,It satisfies all the subjects of Hoshino photography.?答案当然是否定的.even if complete1Level dark,It is true that the starry sky captured is very bright,But strictly speaking, this is not an excellent Hoshino work..I personally think the starry sky is very bright,But all over the galaxy(Remove the differences in both hemispheres)均相同,If just shooting stars,Inevitably the same as before,缺乏深度.The essence of star field subject matter is“野”字,That is the landscape,Different scenery is the decisive factor in expressing Hoshino's theme.
In my personal photos, for example,Mention the domestic starry sky theme,Most people's first reaction is:大西北、西藏、Inner Mongolia and other regions,There are so many photos like this,A strong sense of repetition is inevitable.I was born in East China,I came up with the idea of ​​shooting a group of Hoshino works representing the landscape in East China.,Although the light pollution in East China is much stronger than that in the west,But so far, there are still a lot of satisfactory works.:徽派建筑群、土楼、油菜花梯田、Xiapu Fishing Row、蓝眼泪等等.Innovation and continuous exploration are the constant truth of photography.

2.5 拍摄日期

Hoshino subject also needs to pay attention to the date of shooting.The principle of this can be explained by an idiom of the ancients:月明星稀.Since the moon is in the night sky,The light emitted is too strong,cause the star's light to be obscured,At this time, the starry sky will be much lighter..But it doesn't mean that you can't shoot starry subjects at this time.,But for the early and late technology have higher requirements,It is recommended that newcomers Xiaobai not try it for the time being,很容易翻车.

Many online strategies may be generally summarized as avoiding each month before and after the full moon10来天时间,但其实并不准确.The specific monthly moon and Milky Way rise and fall times can be inquired in Qiaoshe,As long as you choose the time period when the moon sets and the Milky Way rises, you can shoot.
Screenshot of the calendar function
the two dates above,It can be seen that the date on the left is the day when the starry sky can be photographed.The date on the right does not work,Moon from night7It rose in no time,And it won't fall until the next morning.


Many people may think that the shooting stage is the most difficult part of Hoshino subject matter,其实恰恰相反,I think this is the easiest part of the Hoshino theme.Of course, the premise is that you have a perfect pre-planning,and later thinking.

3.1 About the spot

This is what I think is the first step in the filming phase,也是极其重要的一步,It is also the most easily overlooked step by photographers..Indeed there isplanitsoftware like this,It allows you to complete the pre-planned work without leaving home,But no matter how powerful the software is, it cannot guarantee that the plan and the situation on site are exactly the same..We need to verify the plan by stepping,And confirm the best camera position and composition,If there is a situation that is inconsistent with the plan, it can also make a timely response plan.

A lot of people might say go early before shooting at night,However, the biggest difference between Hoshino photography and other photography themes is that the shooting is generally in a dark environment,Then go to verify the plan,It is almost impossible to confirm the position,even for unfamiliar environments,It may be difficult to find the position of the camera in the dark.So if it is serious Hoshino photography,It is recommended to arrive half a day early,花1Hours step on the point,This will ensure that the night shooting is foolproof..

3.2 Shoot in focus

For many novice photographers,First contact with Hoshino photography,Focusing becomes the first threshold.The autofocus used in normal photography does not work at all on Hoshino subject matter,And the manual focus is not careful method can easily lead to a night of effort wasted.

There are many tutorials online that will teach you about infinity and go back a little,Such a description is not accurate,How much is the back a little and no orders of magnitude,Creates a clear picture,The big picture is horrible.Best way to open camera live view zoom,拧对焦环,When you see the star turn into a solid dot, the focus is complete.A picture to feel the difference between real and imaginary points.

3.3 相机设置

Just three points here:
1、The camera saves settings toRAW,To ensure that the maximum late space
2、White balance is not recommended to be automatic,建议设置为4000k左右,Although the white balance in the late correction,But I always think that what can be done in the early stage is recommended not to rely on the later stage
3、The camera if the noise reduction function of organic,建议关闭.when this function is turned on,Some stars may be removed as noise.

3.4 相机参数设置

In fact, the shooting parameters have always been the most meaningless of photography.,But consider the particularity of star photography,Just to mention it.

When photographing the sky,拍摄模式设置为M档(全手动档),Open the maximum aperture of the lens,Suggested that the aperture size not less thanF2.8.It is important to note the exposure time,Under the premise of not configuring an equatorial mount,The maximum exposure time varies according to the focal length of the lens.网上流传的500法则和400The rules are not entirely accurate.Smart photography can calculate the strict time of each focal length.But if not 100% Zoom Party,应用500Law basic can also apply,20mmThe following focal length exposures20s-25s即可.最后ISOCan be adjusted according to the site environment,一般ISO1600-12800.

3.5 Landscape shooting

Landscape photography ways have several to choose from:
1.High-sensitivity long-exposure shooting at night,后期降噪 (借助月光、light pollution, etc.)
2.Artificial fill light shooting 
3.Time-sharing exposure on the same camera,Post-time compositing

You can choose the appropriate method according to the site environment and expression.

3.6 拍摄思路

This section is the most important part of the shooting stage,Although written at the end,But it should have been done before shooting..It's hard to have a standard statement on this.,Because everyone's thinking is different.But before shooting must have certain ideas,This will allow you to capture enough material for post-production.


Post-production is also very important for astrophotography,通常情况下,Hoshino themes all need post-production.

4.1 后期软件

后期软件:PS、RAW+、Denoise AI、NIK

4.2 Later basic steps

Briefly list the general steps in the later stage:
1.Star Part Stack Noise Reduction(RAW+)
2.Preliminary dimming and color matching of landscape parts
3.The starry part and the landscape part have the same color tone
4.The starry sky part shrinkage star sharpening
5.The galaxy part is toned
6.Soft focus of the starry sky part(Use a soft focus lens as before,跳过此步骤)
7.Full coloring(微调)
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