The seven major exhibitions of Anhui Provincial Art Museum are full of highlights!

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Launched by Anhui Art Museum

Seven heavyweight exhibitions

Let's enjoy this art feast together!
Anhui Province's major historical theme art
近代以来,In anti-imperialist and anti-feudal、in the fight against colonialism,In the historical stage of socialist revolution and construction,Many shocking and important events have taken place in Anhui,There are many historical figures leading the trend,to the Chinese Revolution、Construction and reform have had a far-reaching impact.
for this exhibition 国画、油画、版画、雕塑and other art forms to record and reflect Anhui has a magnificent history,Paint a magnificent picture,It reflects the artist's response to the national spirit、The exquisite conception and family and country feelings echo the progress of the times.

马克·夏加尔 Seeking dreams 数字艺术展
“马克·夏加尔 Seeking dreams 数字艺术展”A method that combines art and technology is used,While showing the real work of art,The classics have been expanded with digital technology,Let the viewer be in a multi-dimensional sensory experience space.
Chagall is presented through several chapters1956年至1972created over the years75A lithograph,Delicate and comprehensive exposition of Chagall's unique form of work.
展览通过《罗密欧与朱丽叶》《Phoenix artist》《革命》《春日》《Centaur's mother》and other works weave out the dream of searching belonging to Chagall.
Han Meilin Art Exhibition
Han Meilin is a famous contemporary artist, Anhui belongs to him“第二故乡”.The Anhui Provincial Art Museum was launched Han Meilin Art Exhibition,Trying to restore Han Meilin's work and life in Anhui,讲好 Han Meilin and Anhuiart story.
本次展览以 四个单元Exhibition of Han Meilin's 绘画、书法、青铜、铁艺、陶瓷、木雕、染织
等作品,并借助 手稿、视频新媒体等形式,Show Han Meilin's vividness in an all-round way、Optimistic works image and rich、Diverse creations.

Xin'an School of Painting Special Exhibition
Xin'an School of Painting was formed during the Ming and Qing Dynasties,It is centered on the Xin'an River Basin,The subject of the painting is Mount Huangshan、Huizhou is dominated by landscapes.Its leaders were all born in the ancient Huizhou area,They specialize in painting ontology,Express the artistic realm with absurd brushstrokes and noble paintings.
This exhibition is not only there “新安画派”Pioneer Cheng Jiasui、李永昌、Li Liufang的作品,还有 “新安画派“”The leader Jian Jiang于1661年创作的 《Xiaojiang wind map》,The portrait28.5厘米,横243.5厘米,It is a classic work of Jianjiang's later years.
《Xiaojiang wind map》渐江
   More to continue Xin'an style 黄宾虹、Wang Caibaiand other modern Xin'an painters,It conveys strong Anhui characteristics and humanistic spirit with unique brush and ink language.

Anhui Modern Art Master Works Exhibition
新中国成立以来,The development of Anhui's fine arts has entered a new stage,A new representative is born,Paint a new bright picture.
黄宾虹、林散之、刘开渠、赖少其、王子云、Wu Zuoren and a large number of famous artists who are from Anhui or have deep roots in Anhui,He has made an indelible historical contribution to the development of Anhui's art career.
This exhibition is coming together50Classic works of art by other famous modern artists in Anhui,While paying tribute to all the artists,To experience their diligent pursuit in their respective artistic fields.
青春万岁:The Youth Era of New Chinese Art
A special exhibition of the collections of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum
“青春万岁:The Youth Era of New Chinese Art A special exhibition of the collections of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum”The works on display are all fine collections of the CAFA Art Museum.
此次展览中,我们可以看到27岁的 Li Xiu Shioil painting on canvas 《晨》,刚满21岁的 靳尚谊作品 《The old man with a stick, Uncle Wang》,31岁的 Sun Jiyuan在“Liu Kaiqu Sculpture Graduate Class”Graduation work 《瑞雪》, Ai ZhongxinThe works of Mr. when he was teaching at the Central Academy of Fine Arts 《Thunderstorm of the Ming Tombs 》, 王琦The works of Mr. when he was teaching at the Central Academy of Fine Arts 《晚归》……
《Thunderstorm of the Ming Tombs》Ai Zhongxin 材质:Oil on canvas  年代:1958年 尺寸:100×138cm
《瑞雪》Sun Jiyuan 材质:大理石  年代:1963年 尺寸:26×25.5×81cm
材质:Woodblock coloring  
《The old man with a stick, Uncle Wang》靳尚谊
材质:Pencil on paper   

They depict the early days of the founding of New China with delicate brushstrokes The hard labor and construction scene of the working people,These works are more than half a century old,其 The artistic glamour is still amazing!除此之外,There are many more unique works by outstanding painters,Come and be full of youth!

Anhui Contemporary Arts and Crafts Exhibition
Anhui has a diverse culture,淮河文化、皖江文化、Hui culture complements each other here,It provides a strong cultural atmosphere for the inheritance and innovation of arts and crafts.
This exhibition selected the representative masterpieces of contemporary arts and crafts in our province,观众可以看到
It has the regional color of Anhui

文房四宝、Craft engraving、艺术陶瓷、铁画、Silk painting、Pyrography and other craft works,Feel the persistence and innovation of Anhui traditional arts and crafts in the present.

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Please wear a mask during the visit
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