China Yangufang and Green and Low-Carbon Walk||Invited to attend the opening ceremony of the 2022 Service Trade Fair and give a speech

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From September 4th to 5th, the 2022 CIFTIS will focus on the two key points of "green" and "dual carbon", and hold the "Opening Ceremony of the Global Green Development and Carbon Neutrality Conference" at the Beijing National Convention Center.The conference was led by the International Green Economy Association, hosted by Yangufang Group, and co-hosted by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and China-Asia Economic Development.Hundreds of outstanding companies from the fields of agriculture, finance, energy and electrification came to the scene.Mr. He Junguo, founder, chairman and CEO of Yangufang Group, attended the event and delivered keynote speeches on green and low-carbon development.

In the opening ceremony, former UN Deputy Secretary-General Sha Zukang served as the chairman of the conference and delivered an opening speech.

At the meeting, Liu Naiming, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Forestry Products Group, and Fang Juntao, CEO of Nestlé Greater China Group Affairs and Sustainable Development, made relevant reports respectively.The founder, chairman and CEO of Yangufang Group made the theme report "Whole Grain Food Technology Escorts Low-Carbon Green Development" on social hot topics such as green and double carbon.

As a key leading enterprise of national agricultural industrialization, Yangufang Group actively implements the mission of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality".Focusing on "low-carbon agriculture, organic agriculture, green agriculture", the entire industry chain will reduce carbon.Promote "breeding technology innovation, green organic cultivation technology promotion, and oat sand control from the upstream of the industry. The oat planting area of ​​Yangufang Group is 500,000 mu, which promotes the further promotion of large-scale land greening actions and accelerates the coordinated realization of carbon emission reduction;Under the guidance of technology and technology, the middle reaches of the industry have further developed the whole grain processing chain of oats, without wasting any oats, reducing food loss from fertile fields to dining tables, cultivating "invisible fertile fields" together, and using digital and intelligent technologies to build whole grain processing production lines, improve the utilization efficiency of production resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions; promote the downstream industry to carefully create healthy and delicious green food, obtain national green food certification, promote green consumption, and develop green economy.

Yangufang adheres to the corporate mission of first-hand farmers and first-hand citizens, and bravely acts as the vanguard of rural revitalization.Fully promote the "Wuchuan Model" model to comprehensively promote the development of low-carbon green agriculture.Under the scientific research and development, the value of agricultural products is recreated, the integration of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries is accelerated, and the industrial digital economy platform is built to help the development of Wuchuan's green circular economy; the industry has been cultivated for more than ten years, and the "oat +" model has been created, and the use of whole grains is advocated.Technology to improve the quality and efficiency of small grains, with a focus on food safety, and the potential for reduced food production from increased carbon emissions.

To achieve low-carbon and green development of the entire industry, it is necessary to fully cooperate with partners.Yangufang and the oat whole grain brand jointly launched the "Oriental Wheat Valley" to promote the rise of the national industry and promote the national brand to go overseas, shouldering the mission of global green development and carbon neutrality!

Emission reduction is not to reduce productivity or emissions, but to take the path of ecological priority, green and low-carbon development, promote green transformation in economic development, and achieve greater development in green transformation.Yangufang Group insists on exploring and practicing the low-carbon and green agricultural development model, accelerates innovation, walks with green and low-carbon, and devotes its greatest strength to the realization of "green and low-carbon China".

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