Huizhou Self-driving 丨 Cantonese Cuisine·Dongjiang Cuisine Rural Tourism Boutique Routes are Freshly Released!

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近日,Huizhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports and Huizhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security released Cantonese cuisine•Dongjiang Food Spots and Cantonese Cuisine•Dongjiang Food Rural Tourism Boutique Route.Come and see these Cantonese dishes with Xiaobian·Where are the Dongjiang delicacies hidden quietly??

The first batch of Cantonese dishes•Dongjiang Food Spot

图:Dongjiang Photo Agency
惠城区:Qingtang Lake Fish Farm、Shengyuan Farm Stay
惠阳区:Zhoutian Farmhouse、Avignon Ecological Garden Restaurant
惠东县:“no sound”肠粉店、Tie Chung Oyster Village
博罗县:Guanghua Farm Stay、Aeon Farm
龙门县:Cooking Ban Farm、Shencao Shanzhuang Farm Stay
大亚湾区:Fengfu Hotel、Yaqian Bay Seafood Restaurant
仲恺高新区:The bald guy was great restaurants、Happy Firewood Restaurant

Dongjiang Food Rural Tourism Boutique Route


1、Parent-child interactive experience tour:
广东源茵生态园→Agile Bailu Lake Sports Tourism Town→午餐:Qingtang Lake Fish Farm→广东海纳现代农业生态园景区→返程

Agile Bailu Lake Sports Tourism Town


▲Qingtang Lake Fish Farm
▲广东海纳现代农业生态园景区 图:西子湖畔
2、Drunk Beauty Countryside Experience Tour:
Tai'an Village Fitness Ecological Park, Hengli Town→Moyuan Village, Hengli Town→午餐:Shengyuan Farm Stay→Horizontal drain town sand hole village→返程

Tai'an Village Fitness Ecological Park, Hengli Town

Moyuan Village

▲Shengyuan Farm Stay


3、You General's Hometown Food Tour:
碧滟楼→Ye Yalai Theme Culture Exhibition Hall→叶挺纪念馆→会水楼→午餐:Zhoutian Farmhouse→返程

Ye Yalai Theme Culture Exhibition Hall


▲Zhoutian Farm
4、Huiyang Countryside Food Tour:
Dongping Kiln Ceramic Culture Park→亚维浓生态园→午餐:Avignon Ecological Garden Restaurant→Liangjing New Countryside Demonstration Film→碧桂园·良井原乡→返程


Dongping Kiln Ceramic Culture Park

▲Avignon Ecological Garden Restaurant 图:Huizhou mom sent
▲Liangjing New Countryside Demonstration Film


5、Red Ancient Village Leisure Tour
Bawei Village→皇思扬古围村→午餐:“no sound”肠粉店→横江村→White lake basin ecological scenic spot→返程
▲Bawei Village


“no sound”肠粉店

▲White lake basin ecological scenic spot 图:Dongjiang Photo Agency
6、Blue Eco Experience Tour:
盐洲岛→白沙村→午餐:Tie Chung Oyster Village→Mangrove viewing platform→返程



▲Tie Chung Oyster Village
▲Mangrove viewing platform


7、Baitang Ecological Tea Garden Food Tour:
Ping'an Mountain Eco-tourism Area→Guanghua Cool Fruit Factory→午餐:Guanghua Farm Stay→Baitang Town Gulan Garden→Shigang Village Tea Garden→返程

Ping'an Mountain Eco-tourism Area

▲Guanghua Farm Stay
Guanghua Cool Fruit Factory
Baitang Town Gulan Garden
Shigang Village Tea Garden
8、Guanyin Pavilion Outdoor Sports and Leisure Tour:
Gu Shilong Leisure Resort→Guanyin Pavilion Flying Tribe Base→午餐:Aeon Farm→Camp Five→返程
Gu Shilong Leisure Resort
Guanyin Pavilion Flying Tribe Base
Camp Five
▲Aeon Niu Zhuang


9、Forest Vacation Leisure Tour:
香溪堡旅游区→午餐:Cooking Ban Farm→南昆山生态旅游区→返程
▲Cooking Ban Farm
10、Lucky country yangxin tour:
Longyan Ancient Temple→Baimangkeng Red Fourth Division repairing ground→午餐:Shencao Shanzhuang Farm Stay→Shang natural hot spring town→Chinese Peasant Painting Museum→返程

Baimangkeng Red Fourth Division repairing ground

Longyan Ancient Temple

▲Shencao Shanzhuang Farm Stay

Chinese Peasant Painting Museum

Shang natural hot spring town


11、Fishing style experience tour:
Yuanlinggang B&B Village→Chardonnay chung fish law UK folk museum→海韵广场→午餐:Fengfu Hotel→黄金海岸→乌山头绿道→返程

Yuanlinggang B&B Village

Chardonnay chung fish law UK folk museum

▲Fengfu Hotel
▲Fengfu Hotel
12、Coastal style experience tour:
Daya Bay Mangrove Urban Wetland Park→Mamiao Village→东升渔村→午餐:Yaqian Bay Seafood Restaurant→Yaqian Village→Xiaogui Green Road→Bihaiwan Tourist Resort→返程

Daya Bay Mangrove Urban Wetland Park

Mamiao Village


▲Yaqian Bay Seafood Restaurant

Xiaogui Green Road

Bihaiwan Tourist Resort


13、Wetland Water Village Ecological Tour:
Luo Village Ancient Village→Lilin Forest Park→午餐:The bald guy was great restaurants→Tonghu Wetland→Yellow House Ancient Village→返程

Luo Village Ancient Village

Lilin Forest Park

▲The bald guy was great restaurants

Yellow House Ancient Village

Tonghu Wetland

Chenjiang Jiazihe、Lower Ridge Bay Road→Huizhou Overseas Chinese Culture Exhibition Hall→午餐:Happy Firewood Restaurant→幸福村→Shexi Village→返程

Chenjiang Jiazihe、Lower Ridge Bay Road

Huizhou Overseas Chinese Culture Exhibition Hall


Happy Firewood Restaurant

Shexi Village

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