Hangzhou Hot Summer Brief Tour Hangzhou

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上海~杭州  艰辛
杭州东,Get off very well
Began to endless line
Don't know where is the team at the end of,没有空调,1M spacing bullshit
The serpentine channel all of them finally,Didn't know it then there is
Finally have air conditioning here
Waited in line for an hour and a half in order to check the computer to get the paper
Finally can go out,The slogan was ironic,This row method can do a good job in epidemic prevention?
Familiar with Leonard
夜景还是不错的,Thanks to set the familiar,The traffic is convenient,Otherwise this big night crazy
Hangzhou tower overpasses or meimei
Service not good,Incredibly don't tell where is the elevator,Take you to do the room card such as self-service check-in haven't come out a flash people,For the first time to participate no direction
Breakfast is very good
This is cloudy?!Hurriedly eat hurriedly withdraw
Through the landscape river toward the bus stop forward
周末8点,There are few bus person,Words of hangzhou transportation much cheaper than Shanghai
The path of the scenic spot is so familiar and like
Qu yuan prescribed by ritual law is more,Entered the scene did not let me down
Reflection super beauty
This delicate,Is the west lake
Large lotus,喜欢
With a beat are blooming lotus
Please pay attention to the lower right corner,For aquatic plants landscape master,This work too hard,给你点赞,注意安全!
Take a look at the number of lotus!
Willow is and BanPei west lake
Narcissus beauty that is you
Come out from the west gate of the qu yuan prescribed by ritual law,Go straight along marshal to ask,Can directly to the twin peaks piercing the clouds
Marshal to mention all the way no one,But also very beautiful
And GaiJiaoTian site
Chamaecyparis pisifera book shed at the edge of the twin peaks piercing the clouds,没有人!
You can't say beauty beauty,Have the feeling of spring flowers blossom
Environment inside very good unexpectedly in the pavilion on the step on large caterpillar,Scared me a high jump three zhangs!
Mother said that brought me when he was a,It's not what impression,From winter to summer,Think over is not a day for two days
The tiger diameter,幽静,Don't feel hot
嘿嘿,Let me to disrupt the pool water,The children are playing with water
取水、People live
This big tiger is down,This year the year of the tiger to see tiger,还是很应景的
It's a pity that trip in a hurry,Or sitting under the pavilion is also nice
In order to make nobody waited for a long time,Really don't know how some people take pictures so slow,Linger and selfish know somebody is waiting for you

Lunch change trip,Stop for a scoop surface and fu,Actually at that time already tired,I don't want to go to the original do strategy that

Taste is good,Provide free cool mint tea
Lingyin temple people more than,The midday sun to withstand the all devout heart
Why so high,Because here is full of people
Have a good look at this time he
The cream hole is dripping water,凉凉的
Small water well this year,When I was a child every time they go to linyin temple to play water,Just can't find the joy of childhood again later
Yellow ceiling is lingyin formal entrance
The plaque,What do you think of the word is best
Stone carving off,Small expression and spirit and strong
At this point, exhausted,太热了
Distant hills bamboo,很美好
West lake is around a circle
时间还早,Since I'm here don't leave regret,The west lake around a circle
Grew up place,You have been very beautiful
The west lake is the most beautiful corner,Keep thinking I couldn't take the most beautiful feeling
Try again from a different Angle
West lake lotus with a beat all super beauty
This scene, blue,Next to the boat
This Angle is good oh
Is also a beautiful corner
If there were no willow west lake also what is the west lake
Broken bridge the head is full of people!
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