Play Club Med in winter, don't miss these points!

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自2010年Club MedSince the first resort to enter the Chinese,All the understanding of the parent-child holiday group from France more and more,关于ClubMedIntroduction and play a lot of,That for the winter toClubMed应该怎么选,What can play,To resort to pay attention to what?Then this article strategy,The little snail show you how to play the winterClubMed!

一、CLubMedWhat are the resort can choose?

ClubMed在全球26个国家拥有近70Home one all-inclusive price of French resort,All resorts can be divided into the sunshine resort、Ice and snow resort、Nature resort andJoyviewDelicate surrounding swim series.Popular in China are the following in the asia-pacific region and the Indian Ocean region near20家度假村.
Ice and snow resort:中国·北大壶、中国·亚布力、日本·北海道TOMAMU、日本·Hokkaido with reel
Explore natural resort:中国·桂林
JoyviewDelicate swam around:北京延庆、安吉、北戴河黄金海岸

二、2020年Club MedWhat are the winter activity?

每年Club MedIn different periods according to the time of launch different theme activities,The winter this yearClubMed活动有:

(一)Amazing FamilyIce and snow version

特点:Emphasis on the interaction between children and parents,And only provide children's activitiesClubMedKids club is different,AmazingFamilyIs designed for parent-child activities.
活动介绍:Amazing FamilyIce and snow version into game together、一起庆祝、一起寻找、Care four themes together.According to different themes will set different activities and competitions.
一起游戏:With home games as the core,Invite parents and children together a team,To participate in sport.Family skiing、Mini hockey game such as,Families can also get to winAmazingFamilyMEDALS oh!
一起庆祝:A winter garden party,Can experience with your kids games, or quiet painting, etc
一起寻找:Search the game in the story background of global warming,Let the baby know the continents common climate change
Love together:Including to make environmental crafts、Experience the family yoga、Learning to recycle etc
Amazing FamilyNot only in the ski village have,自18年启用以来,At present in domestic all resorts have open,In addition to this winter ski village is a new open,All the other resort has become a routine activity.Other village with ice and snow version of the theme of the subject is a little different,Every village specific activities and also according to the local characteristics of adjust measures to local conditions to design.


特点:This is a new experience of playing learning vacation!Club Med Hand in hand to the Disney movie《变身特工》,Will be fully upgrade to kids club.Into the film agent element,Fully exercise the child's skills
活动介绍:以《变身特工》The film as the background,Agent in collegeG.OProvide all kinds of sports for the children、游戏、表演、Arts and crafts, etc,In activities into the plot,增添乐趣,Fully exercise the child body and mind,Let children gain courage、自信、创新、Wisdom and so on many ability.

(三)The Spring Festival special events

每年春节,ClubMedWill design many activities related to the Spring Festival,Let tourists on vacation at the same time feel strong festival atmosphere.今年也不例外,玩出“新年味”,2020Resort in the New Year Spring Festival activities including but not limited to:New Year wishing tree、Special New Year's eve party、Make dumplings game、Calligraphy couplets on the Spring Festival、The god of wealth to send gift、New Year's night market garden party、Many New Year significance activities such as lion dance dragon dance.
*Each resort activities is not the same,Specific reference to resort to arrange,Attached to the sanya resort hogmanay schedule

三、冬季Club MedResort to recommend

(一)Ice and snow holiday

The winter's two big fun,Skiing and ruined!享受滑雪的乐趣,在ClubMedYou not only provides the high quality of skiing、Runs a cable car, etc,Also we not prepared for all level students free skiing course,The children's ski course adopts European standard ski!Of course you also can choose one to one personal training sessions.Here are more cool you can acceptESFProfessional coaches training!
①ESFIs short for French ski school,该学校拥有74年教学经验,在全球有近250Home ski school,超17000A professional ski instructor.所有的ESFSki instructor after at least7年,不少于15Part of the big test,Countless small test,By the French national instructor exam,To mount guard coaching.Impeccably on experience and skill!
②冬天在Club MedSki resorts in addition,You can also enjoySPA、泡汤、游泳、雪地徒步、雪地徒步、Characteristics of party、Rich variety of activities such as evening entertainment!

1、Asia's four big ski resort contrast basic information table

2、Recommend resort a:Club Med北大壶度假村

* 19A professional ski slopes,With domestic vertical drop largest ski slopes,Suitable for all kinds of junior high school senior skiers
* 曾荣获TripAdvisor2018卓越奖,The 6th Asian force location,Powder quality
* 全球知名的ESFCooperation resort,Provide professional ski
* Ice and snow versionAmzing FamilyThe global first landing,Gout family Olympics、Winter swimming may enhance parent-child family fun
* Limit the festival atmosphere activity,From New Year's eve to New Year at the beginning,From the family reunion dinner to the lion dance,Hit a holiday to celebrate the best New Year
①ClubMedPeking University pot address:Jilin city of jilin province north pot resort
②Resort to provide paid study lease,Visitors can prepare,也可以现场租赁.(仅供参考,The actual will be subject to resort fee)
* Adult normal equipment suit:320元/次/天(Including ski pole、雪鞋、雪板(单板或双板))
* Regular study suit children:230元/次/天(Including ski pole、雪鞋、雪板(单板或双板))
* Skiing wear ski pants:150元/天、80元/半天,头盔:80元/天50元/半天,雪镜:50元/天,手套:20元/天
③Other ski buying reference price:
* 护脸:Resort boutique selling price:95/150元不等;Hall equipment sale price:150/200元不等 
* 滑雪袜:20-150元不等
Chinese private teach 2小时:1对1:600元、1对2:800元; 4小时:1对1:1000元、1对2:1400元;
Foreign private teach(ESF) 2小时:1对1:1400元、1对2:1600元;1对3或4:2000元
⑤Ski village of indoor air conditioning(暖气)Is enough,Can take one or two pieces of thin clothes indoors.

3、Recommend resort two:Club Med北海道-Tomamu度假村

* Web celebrity ski resorts,Parent-child ski resorts, word of mouth of choice
* 29条雪道,The terrain challenge,Snow mountain pass experience of uninhibited
* 超过145Ha powder snow+The rich snow sports
* 玩法多、Has Japan's largest indoor swimming pool——微笑海滩,And there's Alice city、Forest of soup and so on the many kinds of play!
①入住ClubMedFriends can card into the beach,Beach card during the period of stay in infinite time use
②Forest of soup hot spring in the evening10PM can enter

4、Recommend resort three:Club Med Joyview 延庆度假村

* Starting from downtown Beijing drive only1.5小时,Around Beijing tour a good place for
* 三面环山一面临水,冬无严寒,夏无酷暑,空气质量一级棒
* 地处北纬40°,Is a grape planting base,Product exclusive high quality red wine
* Including indoor and outdoor natural hot spring,A warm place for winter
* The resort's kids club facilities are very rich,And career playing all sorts of amusement facilities such as
* Vanke Shi Jinglong around yanqing hasClub Med和ESF联手打造的Ski Academy(滑雪学院)
①Ski Academy是由Club MedGuide the French ski school and skiingEcole du Ski Francais(ESF)联合创办,秉持“安全、卓越、乐趣”The three teaching principle,By China's consumersESFThe teaching system and advanced facilities,For all ages and all levels of other skiers to provide professional training.
Whether you are a zero basis for beginners or professional players,Whether you want to try double plate or snowboarding,Skiing in college you can experience the teaching environment and methods of the similar to France.
②Vanke Shi Jinglong distance ski resort is only20分钟车程,每天9:00-17:00开放,雪场设有1条高级雪道,4条中级雪道,4The primary trail and a barrier-free trail.
③Yanqing resort has a very rich indoor natural hot springs bubble pool:High temperature foam pool、天然温泉、Wake up pool etc;At the same time also provide dry evaporate、湿蒸、火龙浴、Indoor rest chairs and other facilities.
* 天然温泉:37℃~39℃,Relieve neuralgia、风湿痛,Contact waist sour backache、To promote the effect of human body balance;
* Wake up pool:25℃~27℃,提神醒脑、舒筋活血、Good poison、清凉冰爽;
* 高温池:42℃~44℃,祛风散寒、促进血液循环,Improve muscle、Ligament blood supply, etc;
* Physical therapy pool:33℃~35℃,Down by the water pressure acting on the body and the different ways,To simulate the hammer、拍、推、Pressure massage, such as the effect of process gas to relax the body muscle group.

(二)Warm winter vacation

Don't want to in shivering in the cold winter,Then fly to the warm island vacation!要说ClubMed,Is the industry's location pro,Global scenic destination almost can see the figure of it.

1、Recommend resort a:Club Med三亚度假村

* 东方夏威夷,Domestic cities have direct flight to,交通便利
* 距机场15分钟车程,Say goodbye to eastlands and waste time
* The pass-through enjoy private beach,Room to beach walk only3分钟
* Children's pool is equipped with artificial beach,Security is not bask in
* Spring Festival activities andClubMedExclusive planningAmazingFamilyActivities to improve parent-child relationship
* 2019In the cat way eagle(TripAdvisor)“旅行者之选”Chinese family hotel list first
①度假村地址:Sanya sanya bay236号
② Club MedSanya resort free sign programs, respectively:空中飞人、射箭、风帆、皮划艇、站立式滑板
③Resort maritime project need to pay for:浮潜、Offshore deep、摩托艇、Banana boat and beach balanced car

2、Recommend resort two:Club Med普吉岛度假村

* Holiday destination resources,Barrier-free travel in Chinese
* Direct and convenient,航程短,Voyage rich
* Qatar beach resort is located in the island of phuket,Can enjoy the beautiful sunset
* Taste the Thai food,For Thai production course,You can also learn muay Thai oh
* 11月-4On the best travel season in Thailand

四、More resort to recommend

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