These cafes with invincible sea views in Qingdao are not enough to sit all day

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Qingdao is close to the mountains and the sea,Unique mountain and sea scenery,It also brings unique and special scenery to Qingdao..But speaking of Qingdao,Many friends still think of Tsingtao Beer,栈桥,蛤蜊,Qingdao beer taste seafood is really make people left a deep impression.But next I want to introduce Qingdao,It is the coastal line full of warm and romantic coffee aroma.I don't know if you will like Qingdao like this?
There are some coffee shops facing the sea
Stand a long coastline
It is the place where the hearts of literary and artistic Qingdao people live.  
Sitting in a cafe in the surface of the sea
not enough for the whole day.

青岛海边,There is a lonely art gallery

Long Art Museum
地址:Donghai Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao88The ginza mansion of the territorial sea
Langyi's space design is simple
Push the small door into the long and narrow passage
Instantly expand the space
Surprised to breathe
Again, the large floor-to-ceiling windows reveal
seaside light
毫无遮挡 The original and frankly
jumping into sight is
Stunning coastline scenery
瞬间 一切语言
All in two words 哇偶
How far is the distance between art and life
Long Art Museum
Use four building blocks
try to make the best interpretation
want to see
Discovered to the present
The witness to read
观照 is an aesthetic term
Observe carefully
The meaning of scrutiny and comparison
from Buddhist philosophy
Refers to contemplating the world and seeing things with wisdom

艺术 哲学 设计 人文
Book selection directions for the four themes
Collection of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Europe and the United States
Thousands of quality books and design magazines
Available for everyone to choose from

Open seat design
Let each reading
You can calmly watch the sea
Enjoy the good time of reading and daze
Break the concept of regular drinks
Combining drinks and visual aesthetics
打破界限  Mixed Chinese and Western
Redefine with unusual ideas【饮】
以手传心 Carry the road with heart
Take pictures for the heart of the craftsman
Tribute to the Watchers of Tradition
Open the prelude to the current folk art revival
footprints overlap   Will be extended to road
Trace items  simple luxury
Let our life be a little more creative surprises
It's even breathing here
Long Yi, who feels so beautiful
Still standing by the sea
lonely and warm

枕海入眠,Wake up with light,Cafe in the seaside homestay

in the land of poetry
The light and the sea distance
is hope and strength
The first time I came to Qilan Haiju
Suddenly feel like a happy person
Can be the blue sky and sea breeze with arms wide open
Breathe in the sweet air of Laoshan
When is outsidePM2.5Excessive smog days
Baiyun stretches
quiet white
As if a girl in gauze sat quietly by the sea
White buildings stretch along the coast
white spray from ocean waves
It's the lace edge of the white dress
Make the sea and reefs here look extra soft
Everything here is simplified
Using too many words to describe it seems vulgar and vain
Why don't you come here and see for yourself
be an idle poet

Maybe you will be like me
眼里的光、海、food comes alive
As if everything were injected with life
They decided to set up a place at the end of the sea
Shui Tian Guang Yun is sensitive and close
This is their rings in the sea

Qingdao's most wave cafe

地址:青岛市东海东路60No. Polar Sea World Bar Street3号
there is such a coffee shop,Its name is sea、The environment is very rough、The food is horrendous、The manager is very rude、but not in's called wave coffee.
Such a seaside building,Opened in Qingdao for several years,不长也不短,The surrounding stores have changed and changed,Various cafes open and close,And Lang coffee has always maintained the real me,Quiet but not mediocre.The principal who insists on product quality and never speaks,Using the best ingredients and freshest quality,Treat every guest like a friend.
Original seaside cafe,can do so thought it was perfect、amazing enough,等等!还远远不够,They're ready to go to the sky!而你需要做的,just come here,and enjoy the feeling of this wave.

Glass Room Coffee Dock on the Pier

Marinacoffee dock
地址:Donghai Middle Road, Shinan District, Qingdao30号银海大世界内
Is located in the elevation of water zero within the scenic areaMarinacoffee dock,It consists of three wooden houses on the sea,Except for the wooden roof,Surrounded by large floor-to-ceiling windows,Every floor-to-ceiling window can see the sea…
Invincible sea view in the true sense!This is also a famous cafe in Qingdao,whether it's from meals、the quality of the drink,Still the service is praised.
This was also Zhao Wei、Yuan Quan and many other celebrity-infested cafes.In winter, the store will light up the fireplace,Just imagining a fireplace at sea is romantic and poetic enough!

The beautiful and fresh coffee forest by the sea

DOOMOO CAFE(Domu Coffee)
地址:Laoshan district in the east China sea east road polar ocean world bar street06number wood design(DOOMOO CAFE)
DOOMOOIt is a spiritual residence for quality life and unwilling to be vulgarized in an impetuous society..
创始人Janetwhy is it calledDOOMOOspace without direct shoutingCAFE呢?
Because the first floor is for drinks、甜品&艺术空间,The second floor is the designer's studio.
This is the principalJanetCo-created with more than ten designers in the team“世外净土”呀,as big as a tree,Even a leaf has a soul.
Every drink and dessert here is also beautiful,Where is the most beautiful coffee space in Qingdao??DOOMOOAbsolutely top.

On the cliff of the cafe

地址:Zhanshan 5th Road, Shinan District, Qingdao3号
This is a cafe that will take you some time to find,if you find it,From the small house on the cliff, you can see the whole third beach bay view.
Natural style of interior decoration with logs and herbal makeup more,It has the feeling of a small French garden.
The boss and the wife of shop-owner very taste,Fairy couple who can also play,Often do some unexpected foreign activities.
sometimes emotional,Duya coffee is my lifelong dream.~

Qingdao's highest coffee space

地址:青岛市市南区东海西路17Hisense Building26楼
This cafe is located on the roof of the Hisense Building,Well-lit cafe,When the sun goes down,感觉非常的舒服.
摄影师:Eyes of a Flying Knife
摄影师:Eyes of a Flying Knife
The position by the window can see the invincible sea view along the coast of May Fourth Square,And the top view,感觉酷酷的.
The consumption here is more friendly to the people,The quality of coffee and desserts are very good,The price is relatively high~
I saw so many cafes hidden all over the sea,which one do you like best?next time you come to Qingdao,Why not take a trip to collect the sea view cafe,Let these pretty little places warm up your itinerary!最后,Welcome to Qingdao~比心!
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