Aba Congratulations!Aba Prefecture adds a new business card for health tourism!

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New business card for wellness tourism

A Ba Zhou

Recently, the Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism jointly identified 10 projects including the Jiuzhai Manor Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Tourism Resort as "2022 Sichuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Tourism Demonstration Base".

Jiuzhai Manor Tourist Resort, located in Shuanghe Town, Jiuzhaigou County, is a camp integrating outdoor sports, camp education, sightseeing, leisure and health care, and vacation residence.The camp is 60 kilometers away from Jiuzhaigou Natural Scenic Area.The regional supporting facilities are complete, the regional transportation is convenient, and the air is pleasant. The camp brings together RV tours, wine cellars, folk performances, boutique hotels, special catering, wine restaurants, fishing, camping, horse riding, skiing, grass skiing, off-road racing, hiking adventures, bonfiresParty and other cultural tourism projects.

Jiuzhai Manor Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Tourism Resort was selected as a demonstration base of traditional Chinese medicine health tourism in Sichuan Province in 2022, and Aba Prefecture added a new business card for health tourism.

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