Anhua Tourist Wu Wenhai Damei Anhua Yuntai Mountain Tourism Documentary

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The three-day, two-night trip to Yuntai Mountain was successfully completed, and so far, there is still something to be desired.Under the arrangement of the tour guide of the travel agency of Yuntai Shancha Travel Group, there is no need to worry about food, accommodation and travel during the trip.The service attitude of the three tour guides is very good. They accompany them all the way.

Under the arrangement of my tour guide, I stayed in a four-star hotel, the Vienna Hotel.The hotel includes breakfast, so I and other tourists eat the buffet in the hotel. There are as many as 30 kinds of dishes, and people don't know what to eat.Ten dishes for lunch and dinner, complete with chicken, duck and fish, and some local specialties are really exciting.

I am satisfied with the food and lodging, and the travel arrangements are also in place.Meals are opened on time at 7:30 every morning, and we will set off at 8:10. The whole journey does not enter any shopping stores, it is just for fun.There is no trouble of getting up early, and no fear of shopping. It is a joy to play with a group!

In the three-day group tour, the attractions to be visited are very unique.For example, at the foot of Yuntai Mountain, there is a yurt with its own Tibetan style; the Longtengwan Folk Culture Village is characterized by an atmospheric, elegant and comfortable original ecological environment; overlooking the beautiful scenery of Yuntai and enjoying the ten-mile sea of ​​clouds, the cable car can accommodate more than 1,000 people to watch the circus, Yuntaishan International Circus Greenhouse for performances such as high-altitude acrobatics.

If you are tired from playing, you can go to the China Dark Tea Museum for a while.The building of the museum is a tea house imitating the classical style of the Qing Dynasty.Drink a cup of brewed black tea in the museum, and the fatigue of travel will be swept away.

The above is my general impression of the trip to Yuntai Mountain. In the future, I will continue to record the scenery I see one by one and present it to my friends.

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