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Southwest airlines in the United States a low-cost airline,Passengers in the United States in the word of mouth is very good,不光是因为 机票便宜,But also because of the company's attendant and empty it less All are hand jokes,Let take a look at these jokes genius hand classic sayings~


There are four security exits the flight....
If every time a plane,Broadcast tones in the unity tone and anodyne introduction to let you sleep?
But in the United States southwest airlines(Southwest Airlines),You will hear the introduction:
你可能有50Method to escape your lover..但是你只有5Ways to flee the Boeing737飞机(飞机的5个舱门)......
Welcome the opportunity to
We know that many airlines for you to choose,And we are glad that you can't afford to buy their ticket.
Encountered turbulence
请大家不要惊慌.Just now the quack but you Luggage be kicked out of the plane发出的声音.
We haven't seatbelt light go out
Please make sure to put good oxygen mask first,Again next to help those who need help.Unless you are sitting is Your ex,那就算了.
See you haven't sat down
大家好,We need someone Help to brush the toilet,Please stand up.
We will dim the cabin lights,This is mainly in order to make our flight attendants looks 更美一点.
Apologize for late
After taking off for a while,We will take the plane fast like us 刚偷来的一样.
About the meal
There are two kinds of you for lunch today:Chicken rice or pasta;If it's your turn to only one,那也不用担心,In fact they all taste like.
It is said that the company's flight attendant are specially trained to tell jokes,Because it saves money on entertainment equipment.Sometimes the flight attendants are boring,Also during the flight to a fashion show.Southwest has become“以人为本”的企业.
Above, southwest's empty less singing

About southwest airlines

Southwest airlines is in1971年6月18日,By rolling·Gold and herb·Kelleher create.Southwest airlines in the United States the most navigable city.根据以美国民航业2005年的统计数据,In terms of carrying on,是美国第二大航空公司.In carrying on, 它是世界第3大航空公司,In the United States its most navigable city.Compared with other domestic competitors, it is“ Discount airline”而闻名,从1973Years began its profit every year.

Southwest's advantage

1. 免费行李

The southwest can be called is a five-star cheap air,不仅 Can free checked two pieces of luggage,Can also take two pieces of carry-on baggage on board.(Their company can check in two pieces of luggage free、Check in two pieces per piece not more than23kg的行李.Other airlines,Including united mainstream companies such as,Will charge the first20-30美元,第二件20-50美元的费用.)At present the southwest is the last persistence of checked baggage free of charge cheap air,Even than many traditional airline baggage policy looser.

Some European although low-cost airline ticket prices cheaper,But some of the hidden payment terms knife knife fierce,Such as online check-in after forget to print boarding pass,To the boarding gate for playing a few euros this sort of thing.

2. Flexible change back sign system

Southwest airlines in addition to common price,服务周到,They change back sign is also very convenient save worry.Regret medicine really sell!Southwest of upgrade policy is very flexible, Any class ticket can cancel or change(补差价)And don't charge any fees.要注意的是,This is not the same as any time free unconditional refund.Southwest of the so-called cancellation is, in fact, the value of the ticket back to a valid for one year journey of payment has been proved that(Travel Certificate)Can be used to change or deduction next time to buy ticket,而 Is not the money back to the original directly to the card.Due to not charge,Policy is still the most conscience.
提示:Of course, part of"Can be a full refund ticket(Fully-Refundable)"除外.

Southwest airlines still need to abide by the provisions of the ministry of communications to provide24Hours cancel,That is the ticket24Hours can cancel and refund to the original card(Can also choose to retreat into southwestCredit).The southwest provides not only the airport check-in counter,Passengers are encouraged to select online check-in.Online check-in in the project,Passengers in advance24Hours deal with check-in business,Passengers do not need to pay extra.Before boarding passengers,Of course have the opportunity to prioritize carry-on baggage.

3. Unique check-in process

The southwest by encouraging passengers choose check-in online,Greatly reduce the on-site check-in passengers.在此种情况下,The southwest does not need to check-in staff more.This may be the southwest in Auckland airport flights a day on average more than90个、In transport passengers more than652Under the condition of people,Only a dozen business in Auckland airport check-in counter a reason.

Southwest airlines at the time of booking a flight and no designated seats,而是在你check in的时候在Boarding Pass(登机牌)Give you a set of number on,This group of Numbers by aABC的Boarding groupAnd a set of NumbersBoarding position组成,Mean you areABCWhich one of the arrangement in which number.登机的时候,就 按照ABC的梯次,And in the same phase as Number order queue boarding.
如上图,意思是A组第56A passenger boarding the plane
In the departure area,You will see there is such a near a pillar.The counter will open radio call out waiting to board.A组第一,然后B这样,Then you arrange out darling,等待登机.

4. 不固定座位

And southwest is the special,就是他们 No arrangement seat,像 8排B 20排D 这样.
Because practice is in the southwest of the first computer,「First choose seat」,Want to sit in front of the、后面、靠窗、An aisle,只要有空位,Just as you choose.They let you do choose seat,You sit casually.像上图的A56这样, Is the order you boarding.And their seat space is as big as, Not like other airlines the front rows is larger space.(Need big seat space tourists don't consider the...)


Southwest airlines flight in Other web sites are search less than的,Remember to their personal website to buy oh.
Southwest airlines in the website are not regularly launch low-priced tickets sales promotion,For example some routes 单程只要$49,多条航线 Less than back and forth$100!
In the special holiday southwest mysterious beverage will provide you with free oh.Holiday include:元旦, 情人节,圣帕特里克节,父亲节,独立日,万圣节,感恩节等.


Southwest airlines in line with the budget airlines brand,What do the humanist,Is economic travel first choice.To sum up the airline is very suitable for like”Optimal Jane ok“的旅客.Voyage and ports are more,Convenient collocation a variety of the United States and in the inland trip.
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