Jinan Jinan super tourism strategy!!!

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Days :2 God Time :6 month Per capita :600 element with whom : With friends
How to play : food , shopping , independent travel , Half free , On foot , Riding , Poor travel , To save money , Weekend tour , Food forest

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First visit to Jinan , This is a super detailed introduction , Collect it quickly ~

( The temperature in Jinan is very high , Be sure to prepare articles to relieve the heat !

️ The epidemic is not over yet , Little friends must also do a good job of protection 、 Pay attention to safety ️)

🧰 Must have : masks 、 Id card 、 Health code 、 Sunshade 、 sunscreen 、 hat

Travel strategy : It is very convenient to choose buses in Jinan , It is recommended to obtain Jinan bus code in wechat applet in advance ! All scenic spots can be reached by bus ! You can walk or ride between the nearby scenic spots ~

Recommended route :

Day1: Daming Lake ️ Baotu Spring ️ Jiefang Pavilion ️ Quancheng Square ️ Grand View Garden ( On the first day, the most representative scenic spots in Jinan were all clocked in , You must not miss it when you come to Jinan )

Day2: Shandong Art Museum ️ Kuanhouli ️ Qushuiting Street ️ Hongjialou Catholic Church

( The next day, some representative scenic spots were also clocked in )

Day3: IKEA ️ Bailian outlets ️ BaiHuaZhou historical and Cultural District ( The third day is a scenic spot you can walk around , You can go shopping , Take it easy )

Recommended accommodation : Strongly recommend , Jinan blue ocean Yuhua Hotel , If for no other ! Just for service , A very warm hotel , It is twoorthree kilometers away from each scenic spot , Face to face with Jingshi Road . First time to live here , Although not so magnificent , But from reservation to check-in to check-out , It feels good , There is a special housekeeper to give a series of greetings , arrange , Arrangement , The room has also been upgraded , The service was very considerate , The arrangement was very meticulous and considerate . The location of the hotel is very good , It's easy to go anywhere , Thank you very much for your considerate service , I will come again ! recommend !

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