Ganzhou Huier hearing bridge head of Ji'an bridge -- what about tinnitus?

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A good way for the elderly to treat tinnitus

Old people often have tinnitus , Here are a few simple actions to help alleviate symptoms .

Tympanic membrane massage

Block the left and right ears with both palms , Squeeze and leave quickly , Do it a few more times . This can promote blood circulation in the ear , It is good for relieving tinnitus and brain fatigue .

Ear massage

When washing your face , Gently massage and rub the ears and earlobes , Or press the palms of both hands on the ears , Put your thumb behind your head , Four fingers on the back of the head . This can stimulate the blood by stimulating nerve endings 、 Lymphatic circulation and tissue metabolism , Relieve tinnitus .

Open your mouth and shut up

Every morning when I get up , Open your mouth as wide as you can , Take a breath out , Then take a hard breath , Close it again . Open and close , Several times in a row . This can not only make the facial muscles move rhythmically , It can also keep the eustachian tube unobstructed , Balance the pressure inside and outside the ear .

Breath holding method

Sit still , clench one's teeth , Pinch your nostrils with two fingers , Open your eyes angrily , Let air enter the ear canal , Until I feel the roar . This can increase the pressure of various blood vessels in the ear , Make more blood concentrated here , It is good for relieving tinnitus .

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