Japanese seascape Resort - nengden Peninsula

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Can climb the Peninsula —— Ishikawa County

Nengden peninsula is a seascape resort extending to the sea of Japan , The hills incline to the sea , The changing coastline is very beautiful . There is a sharp contrast between the rough outer Pu and the calm inner Pu in the sea of Japan .
Although the winter will be affected by the Siberian cold air mass , But that's why , Snails 、 Crab 、 Oysters and other seafood are more delicious . On the spring day and ( It's sunny in spring ) A day of , A trip to onenden at the front of the Peninsula .
From Haneda airport ANA flight , The first flight to nengdenglishan airport took place in 2003 It was put into use in 1994 , Across lundao city and cave water 、 Can be listed in two cities , It can be boarded “ Air gate ”.
Take the nengdeng railway at Kawasaki , After getting off the bus, I paid homage to the huge longevity Buddha , After tasting the local famous cuttlefish and oyster dishes , Go to Hetang hot spring by the sea .
Hotan is a very popular hotel “ Jiahe house ” Known to all , Is a place with 1200 Hot spring with a long history of years . The surging spring water and the elegant architectural style of the bathing place are enough to immerse people in the unique interest of the hot spring .
The next day, I went to the famous lundao specialty morning market in aonengden , Fresh fish 、 Processed seafood 、 vegetables 、 Lacquer ware 、 Folk art, etc 200 There are more than kinds of commodities , It attracts countless tourists . This morning market has 1200 More than years of history , It has become one of the three major morning markets in Japan .
I found the high-level name of Zhongpu house on the morning market street “ Maroon cake ”. This dessert is stir fried in grapefruit , Then add rice cakes and steam them for many times , It is naturally dried for half a year , The fragrance is refreshing , It tastes sweet and rich .
There is also a relatively common snack called “ Steamed bread with patterns ”, This kind of dim sum is easy to make , The rice flour is kneaded and steamed with stuffing . The surface is covered with granules dyed yellow with gardenia ,Q It's refreshing , Although it is called “ Steamed bread ”, It is actually a kind of rice cake .
For the past ten years or so , The rice field has become a popular tourist destination . More than 1000 terraces form a geometric landscape on the steep slope facing the sea , There is no lack of human wisdom and hard work , There is also a strange beauty . By early March , More than 20000 colored lights will be installed on the field path , Show a dreamlike world .
Run along Waipu from Baimi Qianceng field , You can see the window rocks and waterfalls along the Zeng Zengmu coast . Take a rest at Yantian Village Station , Then I visited the seawater salt making method that has been handed down since the Edo era . This salt making method uses buckets to hold seawater , Then spread the sea water on the sand of the salt field , Use the sun and wind to dry the sand , Then cook it in a pan , To make salt . I tasted the salt I bought , A burst of sweetness spread on the tip of the tongue .
Then came the national highway 249 No. in Inada City, Zhuzhou . Instead of the calm nepura, it is like seeing the coast 、 Love the white sand beach just like the coast . Among them, the most striking one is Jianfu Island, which was first seen by master Hongfa during his tour . The towering rock wall is reminiscent of the bow of a huge warship , Therefore, it is affectionately called warship island .
It is said that in the cold and windy winter , On the Zeng Zengmu coast, the waves turned into foam “ Flower of waves ” Will fly in the air . Can climb the gentle hills and fields 、 The quiet bay and the gentle character of the people , Let me deeply feel that this is an unparalleled journey .


・ From Haneda airport to nengdenglishan airport, it takes 55 minute
・ Taking a bus from nengdenglishan airport to lundao takes 25 minute
〈 Telephone number for consultation 〉
・ Can board the Travel Information Center :0768-26-2555
・ Lundao city tourism department :0768-23-1146
・ Kawasaki town sightseeing Exchange Promotion room :0768-52-3790
・ Zhuzhou City Tourism Exchange Department :0768-82-7776
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