Fiji Travel Guide: welcome the first sunshine in the world and live in paradise on earth

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When we talk about summer , What can soothe our hot and dry soul ?
about in Sister said , Than comfortable air-conditioned rooms , Cool ice cola , What is more suitable for the holiday is to go to the island to play in the water to relieve the summer heat .
Instead of staying in an air-conditioned room and brushing microblogs , Why don't you make an appointment with three or five friends 、 Or a family trip , Enjoy the water .
Compared with Southeast Asian islands with a strong commercial atmosphere , This journey in I will go with you “ The purest heaven in the world ”—— Fiji ,
Say goodbye to the city in midsummer , Throw yourself into the cool embrace of the sea !
This is the place in the world where the first ray of sunshine comes , Maybe it's just such sunshine , The local people will look at everyone with smiling faces and shout Bula. You can't imagine how enthusiastic and passionate they are , It is even rated as the country with the highest happiness index in the world .
Fiji Island is rich in water activities . Whether you want to relax with your family , Or you want to pursue excitement with your friends 、 Challenge the limit , You can find your favorite project on the island of Fiji . These five must not be missed experiences , Unlock and other islands' unique playing methods !

Thrill , Adrenaline is soaring

If you love trying new things , Challenge your limits , Then you must not miss the shark diving and water rafting in Fiji . Under the condition that you are absolutely safe , You can also fully experience the fun of adventure and challenge .

Shark diving

This time you can break through the cage or the glass , Close contact with sharks , The game of the brave , How dare you ?
If you love trying new things , Challenge your limits , Then you must not miss the shark diving and water rafting in Fiji .
Under the condition that you are absolutely safe , You can also fully experience the fun of adventure and challenge .
Fiji's shark diving is known as the best in the world , Over the years, it has been enthusiastically pursued by diving enthusiasts and underwater photographers . Why it's different , Because shark diving in Fiji is The world's only experience point of cage free shark feeding .
Fiji is rich in water resources , There are many underwater species . As long as you are brave enough , You can not only experience these in the natural habitat of sharks “ Ocean predators ” Close contact , While snorkeling, you can also enjoy the charming coral and colorful tropical fish .
Don't worry that sharks may bring you danger , Fiji's professional staff ensure your absolute safety . As the most superior shark diving Resort , Fiji's sharks are specially fed ; There is no need to worry about the safety of sharks , Fiji has set up a shark reserve , Set up a special shark protection project , Regularly investigate the condition of sharks .

Sea fishing

If you think shark diving is too exciting , Fiji's sea fishing is the best adventure you can't miss . No need to dive , Standing on a ship, you can contact a variety of marine life .
And reservoir 、 Fishing in rivers is different , Fiji's sea fishing can not only let you catch different fish with a pole , Harvest surprises from time to time , You need to have enough courage , Swing the pole and take up the line on the wavy sea .
Go to sea with the ship , Stop at sea and swing the pole . How to observe whether the fish bite when it is difficult to stand still 、 How to take up the line to catch sea fish that are several times heavier than river fish , Why don't you try it yourself ?

Keep fit , Sweat and gain happiness

Not going to the gym , Can also exercise . In Fiji , You can consider exercising yourself on the water . Rafting and surfing require you to have enough energy and a strong physique .


Fiji rafting is not limited to valley torrents , It can make you wander in the blue sea . Whether it's drifting Xiaobai , Or an expert , You can find the most suitable drifting place in Fiji .
The sea surface of Benga is smooth , As the first experience of drifting, it is the most appropriate ; The upper reaches of the nawwa River are turbulent , The waterfall gradually , Rafting lovers might as well try .
While experiencing drifting , You can also enjoy the appearance of remote hilly villages and dense tropical rain forests along the way . The water valve is rowed to the sea , Put down the oars and sit for a while , Enjoy the peace of mind brought by the boundless ocean .

Upright single paddle surfing

What is more physical than rafting is upright single paddle surfing . Whether you are a child or an adult , Upright single paddle surfing is a good sport for young and old .
Fiji sea is calm and gentle , Very suitable for beginners to try . After learning the basic skills , You can row to the sea and ride the wind and waves .
Different from ordinary surfing , The paddle board for upright single paddle surfing is larger than the surfboard , More stable . Surfing requires every muscle in your body , While enjoying the sea water, you can also get exercise .

Relax , Empty your mind on the pure sea

In Fiji , I found that one of their favorite words is “It's Fiji time”, The moral is “ take it easy , take your time , This is not world time , It's Fiji time ”. Fijian people are very slow , Living in them is for enjoyment .
Of course , The most important thing for a holiday is to get away from the daily chores , Relax completely . Speaking of relaxation , Where is more suitable for you than the island of Fiji “ Half a day's leisure ” Well ?

Cloud 9 Floating platform

What could be more enjoyable than lying on the clear sea and enjoying delicious food ? Surrounded by boundless and amazing sea views , No noise , No crowds ,Cloud 9 It can satisfy all your imagination of pleasure . Go to sea by boat , You can come to the sea Cloud 9, Enjoy the natural scenery, wine and food .
this “ floating ” Deck chairs are provided on the platform above the sea 、 Hammock , Order a cocktail , You can enjoy sunbathing all day ; Jump into the jelly like sea water for snorkeling , Or ride a water bike , Visit the uninhabited island ; Try parasailing at sea , Overlooking the clear water from the air . stay Cloud 9 On , The sea and the blue sky belong to you .
As one of the top ten honeymoon resorts in the world , Fiji is so romantic that you can't imagine .
You can stand on the meridian to welcome the first ray of sunshine in the world ,
You can dive into the mysterious underwater world after sunset , Watch the carnival of the late night elves ,
You can take a helicopter , See the most flexible sea and the most abundant blue in the world from high altitude ,
You can jump into the sea with abandon , Enjoy the wonderful holiday this sea area brings you .
Fiji Island has no trace of over development , Full of simple and original beauty . Men and women on the island love flowers , They all wear skirts , On those unknown Islands , Dark skinned islanders can be seen everywhere , His face is covered with colorful paint , Sing and dance freely on the guitar . natural 、 pure 、 Touching Fijian smiles can be seen everywhere .

What heaven looks like , That's all !

Practical information

Best travel time

Fiji is an ideal tropical climate in the South Pacific , The annual average temperature is about 20 Many degrees , Travel all year round .


at present , Fiji implements visa exemption for Chinese citizens . There is no direct flight from mainland China to Fiji , Choose Hong Kong, China 、 Seoul, South Kerean 、 Japan and Singapore transfer to Fiji .

time difference

Fiji is earlier than Beijing time  5  Hours .


The locals can speak English , Basically speaking English, there is no problem in communication , You can also make simple communication with the help of translation software .
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