Avoid the tourists' clock in. It's around taikooli. Local young people love der!

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Every year before the big holiday , It's the peak season for friends to ask for strategies , As the most convenient transportation in Chengdu, Chunxi Road and taiguli business district , It is also the first choice for everyone to settle down , Well, in addition to wall climbing giant pandas and street photography , Is there really nowhere to go ?

Active in Swire for several years , Experienced the turnover of shops , The ups and downs of scenic spots , This area , There are still many good places worth visiting .

Flowers 1 God , Go and see what the locals like , There may be a different kind of Chengdu CBD!

pat ·Polaberry

【 Address : Qunzhong Road 69 No. with 3 Silk and bamboo road 】

Yes ! This is a Amsterdam's net red chocolate , Drive to Chengdu !

After Beijing , As Cheng mastdan , It must be to have this family that can satisfy everyone ins The shop where the wind takes pictures .
Polaberry The famous Western dessert is chocolate wrapped with fresh fruit , Don't look at a small bridge, you can have 20 block , When you bite open , When a mouthful is full of fresh and plump strawberries , to one's heart's content ~
Strawberry series is the most popular , I didn't buy it in Amsterdam , I didn't expect to punch in Chengdu ! What's more, every corner of the store seems to be designed to punch in for beautiful girls , Any shot is a landscape !
Eating chocolate alone will make you tired , It is recommended to match it with a bottle of bubble water , Great !

eat · Zhang taipo's mother's hoof flower of Sichuan cuisine

【 Hongshizhu cross street 27 Downstairs of xinwanli Hotel ( Gengjia Lane 46 Number )】

This is my foreign friends coming to Chengdu , When you go back to Chengdu with your friends, you will come to Sichuan restaurant with the qualification to punch in , The hoof flower made by the signboard is also my life. I like food , What diet taboos , Can't catch up with the soft touch of melting at the entrance of hoof flower .
Please read the following carefully , Or you'll miss a big meal !

Must be : Mother's hoof flower 、 Spicy hoof flowers 、 Cold crucian carp 、 Stir fried scallop !

Mother's hoof flower soup head is snow-white , The hoof flower is delicate, tender and smooth , A chopstick can't be picked up , You have to get a spoon , The entrance is full of collagen , Even a little sticky . The soup is amazing , Stewed hoof flowers with kidney beans is a traditional practice , Stew long enough , To have this mellow taste , After kidney beans melted a little , The soup is mixed with rusty beans , One soup is definitely not enough ! Ask the boss to add !
Spicy hoof flower is very different from mother's hoof flower ! Dry pot practice , The hoof flower was cut into a lump , There is a thin layer of burnt pork skin outside , A bite , It's soft inside QQ Hoof meat , I really want to know how the cook grasps the heat …… And there's little twist in it. ! It's crispy , Stir fry in an oil pan , Giant sweet ! One of the best drinks and dishes ……
Another wine and dish is cold crucian carp , One for each person , Or you'll rob .
I deliberately asked , The crucian carp is steamed and dried , Preserve the taste of the fish itself , Soak in an exclusive mix before serving , The taste is absorbed by the fish , Delicate fish and delicious soup are eaten together , Crucian carp has a lot of thorns , Don't worry , Take your time ……
Stir fried scallop is a must-have item for night beer , The flower armor of this season is just fat , And the cook fried it very well , Stir fry green pepper and pepper , The flower armor has no fishy smell at all , The whole gives off a tantalizing aroma . The boss is also very honest , The flower armor has been selected , No shell , Even if you see empty , The meat must be right below .
In addition, there are hot and sour hoof flowers 、 Cold hoof flower 、 Fish flavored hoof flower , It's very worth trying ! After all, in a shop specializing in hoof flowers , It's hard to step on thunder ~~

I think the name of sour and spicy hoof flower can be changed to golden soup jacquard , The whole color is bright and golden , It is similar to the practice of fat cattle in sour soup , Vermicelli and shredded lettuce for priming , A miannuo , A crisp , Give your mouth a bit of a tingling touch . Because with acid , You won't get tired of every bite , Instead, there is enough grease , More delicious ~
It turns out that hoof flower is more suitable for making sour soup than fat cow .

In contrast, cold hoof flower is suitable for sisters who don't like fat and waxy taste , The taste is firm , Not so much fat , Every mouthful is good for Ollie .
Another existence like colored eggs is the fish flavored hoof flower , Never in my wildest dreams , Hoof flower didn't tempt me , I can't stop the noodles with the bottom ,
It's the kind of noodles for cold noodles , So it won't lump away , Suck up the oil of hoof flower and the taste of soup bottom under hoof flower , Unexpectedly delicious !
In addition to hoof flowers, Mrs. Zhang's family , Other Sichuan dishes are also very good , A restaurant that makes Sichuan cuisine seriously , Isn't it worth staying more than the online red shop with good photos ?

Stroll · Dingtai customized

【 Address : Dongshuncheng South Street 36 No. Keyuan 303 room 】

Suit lovers should never miss this shop !
The manager has a high aesthetic , Although the shop is hidden behind Taikoo lane, it is not prosperous , But it was carefully cleaned and dressed up , It reveals a very delicate smell . And before Chengdu , It has opened stores in Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou , Just a few years , So many stores , Visible quality .
If you meet the boss, you might as well talk more , Talkative and friendly , Whether it's Xiaobai who came for the first time or a veteran lover , Can talk happily , You can also choose the right clothes .
Especially the sisters who like suits , Non customized brand outside ,especially FMCG Brand , There is no possibility of fitting the waist at all , But suits really need to be tailored , Not to mention the cutting of hundreds of fabrics and personal characteristics .
Of course , There are also many ready-made clothes in the store , The upper body effect is surprisingly good ~~~

Appreciation ·339 Nightscape

If you came to Chengdu last year , You can see a grand occasion , Chengdu people in the southeast and northwest flock to mengzhui Bay , Just to see 339 Fireworks show .

339 Although not the most magnificent , But in the eyes of Chengdu people , It is an important landmark of the city , Whether it's a revolving restaurant or just going up to see the scenery , You have to feel it once .

A night full of food and drink , Go up along the Jinjiang River , Walk from Jiuyanqiao to mengzhui Bay , It is the way from prosperity to daily life in Chengdu , And board 339 Our sightseeing desk , You can overlook the prosperous trunk roads of Chengdu .
Another fascinating thing is 339 The bar area at the foot , The most famous space and DC It's all around here , Only you can't think of , There's nothing they can't play .

I don't like the hot and dry atmosphere of Disco , The surrounding Qingba is also worth drinking , You can even order a crayfish upstairs , Send it to the river , A few drinks , The whole Chengdu is yours .
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