Zaganadiebu - Introduction to self driving travel

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️ travel , Is to let people know the diversity of life forms , There are endless possibilities in life . The value of life , It lies in its diversity , Is that it has endless possibilities .
Good , It's bad , Familiar with , It's strange , Have understanding , Puzzling . anyplace , Both have their beauty and ugliness ; Just like anyone , They all have their loveliness and shortcomings .

Believe in , Few people are at the foot of the magnificent snow mountain , Will not feel the greatness of nature 、 The smallness of life ; And very few people , Broaden your horizons , After a strong mind , And haggle over everything 、 seek revenge for the smallest grievance .


That life , Turn the mountain, turn the water, turn the pagoda , Not for the cultivation of the afterlife , Just to meet you on the way , Here, time seems to be upside down , Dreams still come true , Choose a life of your own , Shouwang I tenderness , Go into zagana , The hustle and bustle of the world is fading away , Take you to find the deepest memory of your soul — Zagna .

gannan . Zagna

2009 In, zagana was selected 《 China national geographic 》 Selected China “ Ten non famous peaks ”.
《 China national geographic 》 The comments on zhagana mountain's entry into the list are :“ Zana mountain , The mountain is very steep 、 The scenery is beautiful , Like a stone palace on a grand scale , Although this paradise was praised by Locke as the birthplace of Adam and Eve hundreds of years ago , But it is still a virgin land .” I haven't seen such a beautiful scenery in my life , If 《 Genesis 》 The author has seen a beautiful view of jae , The birthplace of Adam and eve will be placed here . Diebu shocked me , The vast forest is a museum of Botany , Absolutely a virgin land . It will be a resort for people who love nature and all tourists .
Stroll down the country road , A panoramic view of the surrounding scenery . Stone Forest 、 The forest 、 The grass 、 hot spring 、 The waterfall 、 The stream 、 The river 、 The buddhist temple 、 Tibetan building 、 Simple folk customs , The dress of zhaga is particularly charming . The blue sky 、 The white cloud 、 The mountain 、 The village , In the sunshine , Presenting a dreamy color , It's a beautiful landscape oil painting .

Eastern Switzerland . Langmu Temple

Langmusi includes Langmusi town under the jurisdiction of Luqu County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Langmusi village under the jurisdiction of Hongxing Village, Ruoergai County, Sichuan Province . Langmu temple is also the abbreviation of Dachang Langmu geldi temple, a Gelug temple in Sichuan . There are two temples across the river in Langmu Temple ditch : One is the Dagang langmugerdi temple in Sichuan , The other is saichi temple in Gansu . The birthplace of Langmusi is Langmusi Grand Canyon in Sichuan , There is Langmu cave in the Canyon 、 Tiger's Den 、 And the source of the Bailong River . You must go to Langmusi Grand Canyon to visit Langmusi ! Otherwise you won't see Lang mu , The temple stands quietly surrounded by mountains , The fluttering prayer flags convey a strong religious flavor , Devout believers come here to turn scriptures with their long heads . The rotating Sutra turns away the suffering of this life , The happiness of the afterlife . The dead are waiting on the celestial burial platform behind saichi temple for the eagle to take their souls to heaven . Unique geographical environment , Beautiful mountains and rivers and folk customs constitute everything in Langmu temple .


Ruoergai prairie is a vast expanse of blue , The dreamy Ruoergai Flower Lake is boundless . Ruoergai Flower Lake plank road , Watch the gulls flying and cranes dancing , Ren Yunjuan Yunshu . The grassland in the west of Ruoergai is vast , spread , Flocks and herds , Known as the “ Oasis in the plateau of Northwest Sichuan ” Known as the .
   Simple , quiet , But it makes people burn , This is Huahu , The enchanting Flower Lake . Ruoergai is like a magnificent emerald inlaid on the northwest border of Sichuan , It is one of the three wetlands in China . In the largest grassland in Sichuan —— In the middle of Gere dam grassland , Gerba grassland is the second largest grassland in China , Next to Hulunbuir prairie , At an altitude of 3468 rice . Haoyuan, Woye , Vast and boundless , It is the flattest wetland grassland in China . The fields are green , Clusters of wild flowers , rainbow , Cows and sheep are like pearls scattered on the grassland .
Ruoergai prairie is clear and crisp , Sunrise and dawn , Tent spot , Smoke from the cooking , Cattle and sheep are everywhere , The pastoral is long , It's fascinating . Ruoergai Flower Lake has unique and charming natural scenery , The simple and colorful ethnic customs complement each other .


First of all, our route this time is ; Chengdu — Omutang — Hongyuan - Langmu Temple - Zagna - Ruoergai - Chengdu , This is a regular self driving route , The road is in good condition ,  Cars can go to , It is worth noting that everyone must pay attention to safety when driving in the aisle , Don't overspeed , Because it is easy for some cows and sheep to emerge from the surrounding villages , Some information about local motorcycles , Pay attention .

The first day ; Chengdu — Wenchuan — Omutang — Hongyuan , Today will probably take : Drive around 380 km , The driving 6 Hours , At an altitude of : The altitude is about 3500 Rice or so , Let's start from Chengdu along the road , With the change of altitude, you can slowly adapt . From chengdu , After thousands of years of ancient weir —— dujiangyan 、 Wenchuan ; At noon, you can have Chinese food in Wenchuan or gurgou , Watch out! , Wen Ma expressway is open , Let's take a break after lunch , Then go through the partridge mountain tunnel in miyaro , Enter Hongyuan county and cross the street , Jingshujingsi town , Go to omutang grassland in Tukou Township --【 The flowers 】 Transfer to the scenic spot sightseeing bus 78 element / people , The vast sea of flowers is located on the provincial highway  209  Deep in the line , Square circle  3000  More than mu of grassland is a sea of flowers . The scale of the flower sea , High density , They are rare in plateau grassland area , Every year,  6  Since the middle of August, it has been called by tourists “ The most beautiful sea of grassland flowers ”. Flowers of various colors in the scenic spot , Yellow , purple , Off-white , Red …… all over the mountains and plains , vast . Blue sky , The snowy peaks rising into the clouds , Open grassland , The vast sea of flowers , Shine on each other 、 inosculate as a whole …… Feel the blue sky and white clouds here , Green grass and flowers , Tent smoke , Cattle, sheep and horses , Circling eagle , picturesque , Meteorological ten thousand . You can participate in the segmented rafting, horse riding and other grassland projects at your own expense . By the way, for accommodation, you can refer to Hongyuan county or Huahai camping ( Tent Hotel / County Standard Room )

the second day ; Hongyuan — Ruoergai Flower Lake — Langmu Temple , Today will probably take : Drive about 5 Hours , morning 7 fire , After eating too early , Take a bus through the Ruoergai prairie , You can play on the prairie, take photos or ride a horse , Then continue to take the bus to Huahu ( tickets 90 Self-care ), Under the blue sky , The flower lake reflects white clouds , boundless , Hundreds of acres of water grassland around Huahu lake is the plateau wetland biodiversity Nature Reserve . Simple , quiet , But it makes people burn , This is Huahu , The enchanting Flower Lake . Ruoergai is like a magnificent emerald inlaid on the northwest border of Sichuan , It is one of the three wetlands in China , Drive two hours to Langmu temple in the afternoon , Feel the peaceful atmosphere of the coexistence of three ethnic groups in one town , Quietly waiting for the sunset to shine on the town .

On the third day ; Langmu Temple — Zagna --- Ruoergai , Today is about ; Time consuming : On foot 3 Hour or so , Drive about 4 Hours , Today's highlight is our zagana , morning 7 fire , After breakfast, continue to take the bus to zagana , It is expected that at noon 10 Arrive at zhagana around , You can walk to the viewing platform of zagana under the leadership of the team leader , Under the projection of the sun beam , Feel the mountains of zagana 、 stone 、 Lin 、 field 、 Ancient Shanzhai is like a beautifully designed landscape . The changes and light and shadow of this beautiful scenery in the mountains 24 At that time, there was an amazing and fantastic image . Afternoon 3 Starting from the point of departure and returning all the way through the Ruoergai prairie , Feel the sky under the sunset, Ruoergai . It's like being in heaven and not on earth , Make people open-minded and daydream Limited .

The fourth day ; Ruoergai — Songpan --- Chengdu , I'll probably drive today 7 Hours , morning 7 Get up at eight o'clock and have breakfast ,7 Gather and get on the bus and start the return trip , The magnificent way to the ancient city of Pan ruogai . The ancient city of Songpan is full of charm , There are many delicacies in the street, and most of the three ethnic groups are Han and Tibetan , After lunch, take a bus to Wenchuan, Maoxian county , Go to the local to buy special fruits, cherizi and loquat , Enough time to go to Yingxiu to remember 5.12 earthquake site , Expected afternoon 6 Arrive in Chengdu at , Finish the perfect trip .

Zhagana Introduction

Zagana belongs to the plateau , The altitude is 2400-3970 Between m , It's not suitable to take strenuous exercise when you're new here , Don't drink too much , Relax and avoid high reaction , But in Dieshan mountain area, the vegetation coverage is wide , With enough oxygen, just adapt slowly ;
The plateau has strong sunshine , Strong ultraviolet radiation , Please bring Sunglasses , And hats , Apply sunscreen to do a good job of sunscreen ;
There are many Tibetan music stores in the scenic area , Mainly Tibetan food and Sichuan food , And it's still building a lot , There is a Sichuan restaurant at the entrance of yeri village , It feels very affordable . There are many Tibetan wooden structures used in zangjiale in zhagana , Zagana has unique geographical features and primitive and simple Tibetan life , Make it not only a tourist attraction , And it is also an ideal paradise for people who like photography and sketching , ad locum , You can let your mind feel the unique charm of nature in the communication and dialogue with zagana .

Zagana traditional festival

Let's focus on , Zagana traditional festival , The traditional festival in zagana is ‘ Langshan Festival ’, For seven days , The four groups were divided into four groups , The first three days were for families to carry things for the festival and set up tents , The fourth day was a big tent for the whole group ( about 200 Square meters ), The next three days are drinking, eating meat, singing and dancing . Because a group of the largest , Yes 8-90 Hujin 500 Human participation , Lamas from Lassan temple also participate in a group of Langshan Festival , So the most lively , It rains a lot in summer , Watch the weather forecast before you go , Otherwise, it will rain for a few days after I go , The car can't drive up the mountain , You'll get nothing from your work . The specific schedule of Langshan Festival is :  Lunar calendar 5 month  7-13 Japan ---- Three groups of , Lunar calendar 5 month 14-20 Japan ---- Two groups ,  Lunar calendar 5 month 21-27 Japan ---- A group of , Lunar calendar 6 month 29-7 month 5 Japan ---- Four groups can learn about ,  I remember our friend took part in it when he went there , The harvest is full of , We will continue to release the later strategy , Pay close attention to .

matters needing attention

Zagana belongs to the plateau , The altitude is 2400-3970 Between m , It's not suitable to take strenuous exercise when you're new here , Don't drink too much , Relax and avoid high reaction , But in Dieshan mountain area, the vegetation coverage is wide , With enough oxygen, just adapt slowly ; The plateau has strong sunshine , Strong ultraviolet radiation , Please bring Sunglasses , And hats , Apply sunscreen to do a good job of sunscreen ; There is a big temperature difference between morning and evening in Dieshan , Pay attention to adding and subtracting clothes in time , Take a cold suit and raincoat with you ; Friends who like photography and mountaineering , You can bring more plastic bags , Cover the camera when it rains , Rain proof and dust proof , It can also protect facilities ; Everyone advocates to be a green traveler , Take care of the local environment during the tour , No litter , Don't destroy every plant and tree , Jointly guard the beauty of the plateau ; Zagana has a wide range of forest resources , Please pay attention to fire when traveling , If a spark is used , Be sure to put out the fire when you leave ; Respect the living customs and religious beliefs of local Tibetans ; In the Tibetan area, almost every household has Tibetan dogs and yaks , Please pay attention to when playing in villages or pastures ; Every Tibetan nationality here is warm and good , If you are sincere , Then you can reap the sincere friendship of Tibetan friends , I wish you a pleasant journey in zagana ; Make a fire at the door , Stick a red cloth strip , Insert branches or wooden poles in the doorway upside down , It means someone in the family is ill or a woman has a baby , Forbid others to enter .
The mountain road fluctuates up and down , Alpenstocks , Antiskid shoes are indispensable .
At an altitude of 3000 Rice or so , It's not high in the whole southern Tibet , But getting in and out of zagana still takes a while 3500 About meters above sea level . therefore , Eat Rhodiola a a week before entering Tibet , Avoid getting a cold ( A cold can cause acute high altitude pulmonary edema ), It can alleviate altitude reaction . If you have anemia, you'd better take some sugar or chocolate with you .

About altitude response

Safety is what everyone cares about , A friend who has never traveled at high altitude , Please pay attention to . There are any bad situations , Please contact us as soon as possible , We will also contact local friends for help .
The incidence rate of mountain sickness and the speed of mountain climbing 、 Altitude 、 Living time and physical fitness are related to . In general , People who live in low altitude areas for a long time , Fast access to altitude 3000 When the plateau is over meters , There will be different levels of altitude response . In the face of altitude response , Mainly keep the mood relaxed , In general , In a few days, I will get used to the plateau , High anti symptom relief . For high blood pressure 、 heart disease 、 Hematopathy 、 Angiopathy 、 People with asthma and other maladjustment to high altitude should be careful to enter high altitude . A person in good health , Make sure you don't have a cold before you enter the plateau , Not on fire , Otherwise, it will aggravate the altitude reaction .
symptoms ( One or more of the following manifestations should be considered )
Have a headache 、 dizzy 、 Nausea and vomiting 、 Flustered and short of breath 、 Chest tightness, chest pain 、 insomnia 、 drowsiness 、 Loss of appetite 、 Abdominal distension 、 Numb hands and feet 、 Lips and fingers cyanosis , Puffiness of eyelids or face, etc .
The prevention of
If you enter the plateau for the first time , Or not in high altitude area within two years , It is recommended that before entering high altitude 15 Days or more , Take Rhodiola... As directed 、 Plateau safety, etc , A drug that resists high altitude reactions , Until the end of entering the plateau completely .
In terms of time , Mild patients , After entering the Plateau 3 Day or so ; Moderate patient , Will be in 5-7 Heaven adapts ; Severe patients are advised to see a doctor immediately , And evacuate high altitude areas . Common drugs for high altitude reaction , You can prepare some hash pain in advance ( Headache powder )、 Oxygen aspirating tablets 、 American ginseng 、 Oxygen in bags or bottles , Buy medicine , Please follow the doctor's advice !

Outdoor equipment

We must know about outdoor equipment ,
* Prevent bask in : Sun hat 、 sunscreen 、 Take sunscreen measures such as sunglasses ;
* knapsack : Backpack ( You can just put your own things );
* Clothes and trousers : Cold proof clothes in the morning and evening and gorgeous clothes for taking photos ;( Sooner or later 5 Degrees or so )
* Shoes and socks : Mountaineering shoes or waterproof sneakers , Thick socks are recommended ; Shoes should be fully worn in ;
* hat : It's better to wear a brimmed hat to keep warm and windproof , Or a headscarf ;
* other : Rain gear 、 glove 、 The scarf 、 Lip Balm 、 Charging treasure 、 Personal items .
* Particular attention : Prevent bask in , Rainproof , Cold proof ! There was a big temperature difference between morning and night , The weather is changeable , Rain, snow and sunny days may alternate ,  Even in the warmest July and August ,  Also wear thermal underwear 、 Fleece 、 Ski-wear, . Because there is a lot of rain , Shoes and clothes should be waterproof , Take two more pairs of socks , You get wet when you cross the river . If you have high reaction, please take Rhodiola one week in advance !

More self driving travel tips , traffic , The weather , Local guidelines , Welcome to pay attention to us , WeChat ;1239192994,425608707, Telephone ;13550333351.
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