Tell you about Xishuangbanna tourism strategy

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Xishuangbanna tourism strategy !

Xishuangbanna dai autonomous prefecture , Located at the southernmost tip of Yunnan Province .  xishuangbanna  , Ancient dai language for “ monbaranasi ”, Meaning for “ An ideal and magical paradise ”, As the only oasis on the Tropic of cancer , Lush tropical rain forest 、 Tropical fruits all over the street 、 All kinds of folk architecture , It makes people immerse themselves in the exotic customs of Southeast Asia in a second .
This is also a super fantasy parent-child Textbook , The famous Green Peacock 、 Wild elephants 、 There are countless rare plants , The forest coverage is as high as 80.8%! Unique festivals “ the Water-Sprinkling Festival of the Dai and some other minority nationalities ” In a year 4 Held in mid month , It has attracted many tourists at home and abroad .
Xishuangbanna has a tropical rain forest climate , The annual average temperature is 18~22℃ Between , Sub drought 、 Two seasons of rain .
Dry season :11-5 month , For the peak tourist season ,“ the Water-Sprinkling Festival of the Dai and some other minority nationalities ” In a year 4 Held in mid month .
rainy season :6-10 month , For the rainy season in Banna , June and July is the hottest month in Xishuangbanna .
The scenic spots that Xishuangbanna often plays are divided into five categories as follows :
natural landscape :
Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences ( Meng lun botanical garden )、 Tropical rain forest valley 、 Parashorea cathayensis 、 Virgin forest park 、 Tropical flower garden 、 Trees alone make a forest .
ethnic flavor :
JiNuoShan village 、 Dai garden 、 Mengxi great Buddhist temple 、 Hani Cultural Park 、 Mengjing comes to .
Animal wonders :
Wild elephant valley 、 Mengyuan Wonderland 、 Virgin forest park 、 Man listen to park .
The party venue :
Bonfire party 、 Night tour of Lancang River 、 Mengbaranasi 、 Wanda Dai show 、 Multi song water .
Theme features :
Lancang River rafting 、 Wanda theme park 、 Nanne hot spring , Daluo port .
Hot spots : West double view of juzhuang 、 Man listen to park 、 Total buddhist temple 、 Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences ( Meng lun botanical garden )、 Parashorea cathayensis 、 JiNuoShan village 、 Wild elephant valley 、 Virgin forest park 、 Bonfire party 、 Dai garden, etc . Each scenic spot has its own characteristics , What suits you is fun .
  West double view of juzhuang + Starlight night market + Shwedagon Pagoda
Speaking of Xishuangbanna , Everyone's inherent impression is that it has a wide variety of tropical fruits and its magical natural landscape of tropical rain forest , The west double view of Gaozhuang is the other side of Xishuangbanna , It is a newly developed artificial scenic spot , Imitation Southeast Asian style , Next to the Lancang River ( It flows to Southeast Asia and is called Mekong River ).
The Western double scenery of Gaozhuang is in Dai language , Chinese means “ Nine towers and twelve strongholds ”, It aims to reproduce the ancient scene of Jinghong , Create a prosperous “ City in Jinghong City ”. Xishuangbanna is quiet during the day , In the evening , At night, the double scenery of Gaozhuang West will open the carnival mode .
Jinghong pagoda
, Tower height 66.6 rice , It means that one river connects six countries ( China 、 Laos 、 Myanmar 、 Thailand 、 Cambodia and Vietnam ),
More brilliant and dazzling at night , Can't help but make people linger , It's like being in Thailand .
Behind the quiet golden pagoda , It's a noisy
Starlight night market
, It is the largest in the golden triangle 、 The most distinctive night market , It contains all art 、 Culture and dreams
, There are small surprises in every corner waiting for you to find , Countless Dai delicacies , There are a wide range of handicrafts , It was accompanied by bursts of singing by street artists .
Man listen to park  
Dai King's imperial garden Manting Park , Experience the oldest Park in Xishuangbanna . Although the park is not big , But the scenery is pleasant , It reflects the situation of tropical rain forest everywhere . There was a faint fragrance of flowers in the air , Intoxicating .
Bonfire party of Lancang Mekong River night in mansing Park
“ Lancang River • Mekong night ” Song and dance party , It was launched by jinghongmanding park , To show Xishuangbanna and Lancang River • National songs and dances of countries in the Mekong River Basin 、 Amorous feelings 、 A party with strong characteristics dominated by costume art .
Total buddhist temple  
Zongfo temple near manding Park , It is the center for Buddhist believers in Xishuangbanna to worship Buddha , It is also the highest ranking Buddhist temple in Xishuangbanna . Grand general Buddha Temple , The beams and columns are exquisitely carved , glittering , Believers pray here .
Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences ( Meng lun botanical garden )
The most suitable scenic spot for families with children is Menglun botanical garden , The largest botanical garden in China , It is also the only in Xishuangbanna 5A Scenic areas , Menglun botanical garden is located in Menglun Town, Mengla County , Covers an area of 900 ha , It is cultivated with Chinese and foreign tropical plants 3000 Kind of .
  Parashorea cathayensis  
I believe most people have seen avatar , One of them is the scene shot here . Wangtianshu scenic spot is the only one in China that can get water 、 lu 、 An empty place to experience the tropical rain forest , There are dense trees growing here , It's a giant in the rainforest , It is also the most representative tree species of Southeast Asian rainforest .
The towering trunk of the Wangtian tree can reach 70-100 rice ,
The most attractive air corridor in the scenic spot , With the help of the trunks of dozens of giant trees , Make a 34 Meter high suspension bridge ,
Winding for hundreds of meters , can
Overlooking the whole tropical rain forest from the air .
In addition, you can have close contact with tropical rain forests , Watch the five wonders of the rainforest : Plate root 、 Strangulation 、 Parasitic epiphytic 、 Dripping leaf tip 、 Old stem Huaichun .
  Dai garden  
Dai garden , Located in Xishuangbanna olive dam , There are five best preserved Dai natural villages in China , Enriched the essence of Dai culture. , It shows a typical tropical pastoral scenery .
Millennium ancient Buddha Temple 、 Ancient village community 、 National Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition 、 Experience simple folk customs . Watch a big song and dance show 、 Auspicious elephant opening 、 A hundred people attended “ Celebrate the water sprinkling festival every day ”.
  JiNuoShan village  
Jino means :“ Uncle's offspring ”, It is the only comprehensive and centralized display of Jino culture in Xishuangbanna 、 Original eco-tourism Attractions Based on natural villages . yes 56 The last established minority of a nation . The population of Jino nationality is about 20000 .  This nation is a nation that has directly transitioned from primitive socialism , Also known as “ A nation coming from primitive society ”, Therefore, many primitive living customs and national customs have been preserved .
Virgin forest park  
Friends who prefer animals can see many lovely wild animals here , Xishuangbanna is one of the largest comprehensive eco-tourism attractions , The park has the best preserved tropical Valley rainforest south of the Tropic of cancer . The unique tropical Valley rainforest spans the whole park . In addition to the natural landscape , The folk customs and festival activities of Aini mountain stronghold will also make people linger .
  Wild elephant valley  
Yexiang Valley is located in Sancha River Valley in Mengyang Nature Reserve to the north of Jinghong , From Jinghong 47 km , The total area is about 370 ha , Because this is the most concentrated wild elephant activity in legend 、 Frequent places , Coupled with convenient transportation and unique tropical forest landscape , It has become a tourist hotspot in Xishuangbanna , But now wild elephants are rare .
  Mohan port  
Mohan border trade zone is located at the southernmost tip of Yunnan Province , It borders on moding port in Laos , It is the only national land port from China to Laos and the most convenient land channel to Southeast Asia . After leaving Mohan , About... To the capital of Nanta Province, Laos 62km, To Luang Prabang yo, the ancient capital of Laos 285km.
  Mengjing comes to   The first stronghold in Myanmar and China  
Mengjinglai was once a religious and cultural center on the border between China and Myanmar , The village flows through the west side of the village , Formed a natural border line , Across the river is neighboring Myanmar . Tallinn at the entrance of mengjinglai village 、 Sacred tree 、 Shenquan has a long history , When it comes to festivals , Many believers will come here to pray for Buddhist scriptures , Yes ” The first stronghold in Myanmar and China “ The beauty of .
  Daluo port  
China Myanmar border port , Visitors need to apply for a pass .
  single tree forest  
Single tree forest is located in the development zone of Daluo town , From the China Myanmar border 218、219 Boundary posts only 1 km , therefore , The unique landscape of single tree forest has naturally become a must for tourists . This single tree in the forest , high 28 rice , The tree is about 900 many years , Covers an area of 120 Square meters , It belongs to the tropics 、 Subtropical banyan . The tree has 32 Aerial roots of different sizes descend vertically , Plunge into the soil , Form a cluster of pillar roots connected to the roots , Create a forest scene with more than one tree .
Xishuangbanna food
Eighteen monsters of yunnan , Three mosquitoes a dish ; Grasshoppers serve as food and wine , The bamboo tube is used as a hookah bag ! Yunnan has “ There are four seasons in a mountain , Ten miles on different days ” The beauty of the , Also has the “ Eat four seasons a day , Ten meals have different flavors ” Delicious food .
The residents of Xishuangbanna are mainly Dai , Dai cuisine is made of glutinous rice 、 Sour and roasted meat 、 Mainly aquatic food , Use wild cultivated plants as spices , It has a unique national flavor .
Mango Salad
Insect feast ( grasshopper 、 The scorpion

Bamboo insect 、 Bee larvae, etc )
Hand pilaf
Grilled fish with Citronella
Pineapple Rice
Bamboo baked rice
Dai barbecue
besides , And glutinous rice plantains 、 Good Nuosuo 、 Chop raw 、 Pounded chicken feet 、 Grilled fish with lemon 、 Tom Yum goong , Wrap pig brain 、 Lemon eggplant 、 Wrap roast chicken leg tendons 、 Roast tofu and fried pork skin 、 Soak cowhide and other delicacies .
  Travel Guide  
One 、 Essential items to Xishuangbanna
1、 Essential clothing : Xishuangbanna has only rainy season and sunny days all year round , It belongs to a tropical city , The temperature is about 30 Degrees or so , Just bring summer clothes .
2、 Sunscreen essential three piece set : sunscreen 、 Sun hat 、 sunglasses , And spray for mosquito bites .
3、 Prepare some medicine . Out of doors , It's hard to avoid head fever , Acclimatized situation . So prepare some medicine in advance , For a rainy day . You don't need too much medicine , But try to be as complete as possible , Like laxatives 、 Antiallergic drugs 、 anticatarrhals 、 Cold medicine needs to be prepared .
Two 、 The best travel time in Xishuangbanna
Xishuangbanna has a tropical rain forest climate ,“ heat ” It is a major feature of the climate here , The best travel time is 11 Month to year 5 month .
3、 ... and 、 Xishuangbanna transportation
The external traffic of Xishuangbanna , At present, it is still mainly highways and airports . The main passage from the mainland to Xishuangbanna is G213 National roads and G214 The national highway ,G213 It's also called kunmo expressway 、 Quinman Avenue .G214 The national highway runs from north to south in Yunnan Province , Connected to Diqing 、 Lijiang 、 Dali , The southernmost tip is Xishuangbanna , It connects the most popular tourist destinations in Yunnan , Self driving is the most suitable , The scenery and customs are different everywhere , You can feel the diversified ethnic customs and regional characteristics of Yunnan during the journey .
The airport in Xishuangbanna is called GASA International Airport , It's just 10 km . GASA airport is one of the three major airports in Yunnan , The plane between Kunming and Xishuangbanna is as convenient as a bus .
The internal transportation of Xishuangbanna is relatively convenient , The taxi 、 Drops travel 、 Public transportation is very complete , If renting a car, it is recommended to choose a regular brand ,. Xishuangbanna Prefecture is divided into one city and two counties , The state capital is Jinghong City , There are Menghai county and Mengla County . Jinghong is the center of Xishuangbanna , It is the most concentrated place in Xishuangbanna .
Four 、 What are Xishuangbanna's specialties ?
answer : Pu 'er tea 、 Tropical fruits 、 A small grain of coffee 、 National dress 、 Jade 、 Medicine 、 Wild honey 、 Industrial sugar 、 Natural rubber 、 Root carving, etc .
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