The first order to bid farewell to Pingsheng and the punch list of 2019 Summer Festival

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   Once the cherry blossom period is over , Summer is not far away . be familiar with Japan Cultural partners all know , Summer festival is Japan An indispensable part of festival culture . People are singing and dancing in traditional costumes , In the warm summer, I freely spread my joy .
   Summer festival is also a place to experience the local customs of different counties . Fireworks Conference 、 Dance Parade 、 Light a lamp on a moonlit night , Or the excitement , Or romantic , Or majestic , Each has its own feelings . Come on Japan Spend the summer , It will surely bring back infinite unforgettable memories .
   Last year, microenterprises introduced 47 The distinctive summer festival in dudaofu county . This year is the first summer of Linghe , tiny Japan Grand launch 2019 Introduction to summer festival !26 A summer festival with different pleasures , Don't be fussy !
 ( This year, a map will also be released for reference )


● Hokkaido · The northeast

Sapporo asl   Hokkaido
The main venue is Datong park . Festive season , Sapporo Some city streets and Datong park , Will be transformed into 1 ten thousand 3000 A huge beer park with seats , Hot summer is the best match for beer ~! The beaver path also has “ Beaver sacrifice
” host , Happy The north sea Basin dance is also a scenic spot during the festival .
Time :2019 year 7 month 19 Japan ~8 month 16 Japan ( The first 66 the )
    ( Beer Park )7 month 19 Japan ~8 month 14 Japan
     ( Hokkaido Basin dance )8 month 10 Japan ~8 month 16 Japan
place : Sapporo City   Datong park
Hongqian sleeping devil sacrifice   Aomori County
Microenterprises are highly recommended The northeast One of the four summer festivals .80 There are legends in Taiwan painting 、 The huge lanterns of mythical figures marched through the streets in the dark . Dancing and chanting are even more exciting , It's tempting to join . Non Summer Festival period , Hongqian city You can also see these lanterns in the sleeping devil hall .
Time :2019 year 8 month 2 Japan ~7 Japan
place : Aomori County Hongqian city Inside
Morioka Sansha dance   Iwate Prefecture
It came from the vassal era , The drums of Taigu have a powerful rhythm , The dance accompanied by drums is full of enthusiasm . Teams represented by schools and enterprises marched in turn , After watching the summer festival , Don't forget to challenge the steamed buckwheat noodles .
Time :8 month 1 Japan ~4 Japan
place : Morioka city Central street ( County Hall front )
Sendai Tanabata Festival   Miyagi County
The northeast One of the four great sacrifices , It originated in the era of IDA . Festive season , The streets are decorated with colorful Tanabata , Sendai The city is colorful . Don't forget to go to the auspicious wind hall next to Songdao to have a look at the lighting at night , It is the beauty of mystery and silence .
Time :8 month 6 Japan ~8 Japan
place : Sendai City   Central store street , The whole city
Autumn field pole lamp Festival   Akita County
Summer scenery poems of Akita County, the hometown of rice production , yes The northeast A typical summer festival .280 The pole weighs 50 Kg pole lamp is like golden ears of wheat , Light up the summer night sky . The craftsmen used their foreheads , Palm , The waist and other parts hold up the pole lamp to parade , Very spectacular .
Time :8 month 3 Japan ~6 Japan
     Night pole lamp :18:50~20:50
place : Akita Pole lamp Avenue
Mountain shaped Flower Hat Festival   Yamagata County
The procession shouted “YASHO MAKASHO” The slogan of the , Holding a red flower in one hand ( Yamagata specialty ) The straw hat danced along . Tourists can also participate in the dance team and enjoy the festive atmosphere .
Time :8 month 5 Japan ~7 Japan
place : Yamagata Shiri town ~ Cho Cho seven days Cho Avenue ~ Wenxiang Museum
Fukushima straw shoe Festival   Fukushima Prefecture
yes Fukushima city A typical summer celebration . Every year, 8 Held in early June , It is a custom that originated in the Edo era . People carry a long contract 12 Meters weigh 2t The straw sandals March , Finally, it is dedicated to Fukushima city Yuhei shrine in shinfu mountain .
Date :8 month 2 Japan ~3 Japan
place : Fukushima Prefecture Fukushima city Schiff Avenue

● Guandong area

Hometown palace sacrifice   Tochigi county
With JR Yudugong Zhanqian street is the center , exceed 80 Many Shenyu marched forward with the sound of the trumpet . osu 、 dance 、 Local art can also be staged in turn .
Time :8 month 3 Japan ~4 Japan
place : Utsunomiya   City street
Takasaki Summer Festival   Qunma County
There will be 75 Ten thousand people went out , In addition to the traditional gods “ Push and squeeze ”( The two cars met , Push and squeeze 、 Collisions create a lively atmosphere ) Outside , On the first night, I went to Wuchuan Hotan There is also a fireworks Conference on the river beach on the bridge .
Time :8 month 3 Japan ~4 Japan ( expect  8 The first Saturday and Sunday of the month )
place : Qunma County Takasaki   Center ,MOTENASHI Square, etc
Xiaguan only garden Summer Festival   ibaraki county
It's building West Africa Often large-scale summer festival , It was held near the Yuhei shrine in machi , Every year, Japan The three most important gods , They will march together with the small gods distributed throughout the old Xiaguan city , Meiji Shenyu will also be carried into the rivers in the city , Very interesting .
Time :7 month 25 Japan ~28 Japan
place : ibaraki county Zhuxi city   Xiaguan Zhanqian street and its surroundings
Bear Valley fan Festival   Saitama County
host 3 God , The next day there will be 12 Taishan The car comes on stage , March down the street . One of the biggest attractions is majestic and shocking “ Roller coaster ”, Accompanied by the local customs of the song , The scene is shocking .
Time :7 month 20~22 Japan
place : Saitama County Bear Valley City   Festival square, etc
Sakhara big Festival Summer Festival ( The only garden sacrifice of the baban shrine )  Chiba county
yes The kanto One of the three mountain chariot sacrifices in the region , It was held around the babaka shrine , It is called “ The only garden sacrifice of the baban shrine ”, With Japan One of the big three “ Takako sakara ” The loud and clear sound of , Majestic mountain carts run along the street .2016 It was also listed as UNESCO cultural heritage in “ mountain ・ 鉾 ・ Act on the roof ”33 One of the festivals .
Time :7 month 12 Japan ~14 Japan
place : Chiba County xiangqu city   Around the Baba shrine
Otahara lantern Summer Festival   Kanagawa County
The xiaotianyuan city site park lit by lanterns is like a dream . Of course, besides watching lanterns , A romantic summer . There is also a lantern dance competition in Kota Hara, which ignites the passion .
Time :7 month 27、28 Japan
place : Kanagawa County Otahara city   Xiaotianyuan city site park and its surroundings
The flute blows the market asl   Stone and hot spring fireworks Conference   Shanli county
A very popular fireworks Conference , It is held by the river bank where the flute blows . among Rainbow Star Mine There are more than 10000 colorful fireworks lighting up the night sky , This is the smell of summer .
Time :8 month 21 Japan
place : Shanli county The flute blows the market   The flute blows the market The river beach in front of the military station
Edogawa District fireworks conference
stay Tokyo You can attend the fireworks conference , Whether it's traveling , Still Tokyo Work and life , Don't miss this rare summer memory . It is expected that 14000 fireworks will ignite the night sky ,100 More than ten thousand people attended , It can be said that there is a great deal of noise .
Time :8 month 3 Japan
place : The river bank of Edo Kawa ( In front of Shinozaki park )

● Beilu · The East China Sea

Summer festival in huanshui park   Toyama Prefecture
Summer festival held in Fuyan canal ring water park , The theme is music and fireworks , Fireworks reflected on the water surface of the canal , The beauty is extraordinary . If you arrive early , You can also go to the ring water park “ The most beautiful Starbucks ”.
Time :8 Mid month
place : Toyama city   Fuyan canal ring water park
Yueqian port is full of fireworks ( Yueqian Summer Festival )  Fukui
Total number of fireworks 1 More than 10000 rounds , Because the venue is close to the mountains , The echo is loud , grand . During the summer festival , There is also a free tour bus to the venue .
Time :7 month 13 Japan
place : Yueqian Town, Fukui Prefecture   Yueqian Fishing Port Square
Xialv hot spring asl   Gifu County
Xialv hot spring The grand festival in the middle of the year . There will be a dragon dance on the first day of the festival “ Dragon god fire sacrifice ”, The next day there will be parades and dances , On the third day, there will be a fireworks conference , On the fourth day, there was a song festival , It can be said to be very substantial .
Time :8 month 1~4 Japan ( The details are not determined )
place : Gifu County Xialv city   Xialv hot spring Street, (JR Walk to Xialu station 3 minute )
Cutting grain and ten thousand lanterns   Aichi County
There is 240 The sacrificial activities of the autumn leaf club with a history of years , The young technicians were carrying weights 60kg, Gao Yue 5m Of , Painted with warrior patterns “ Wan Deng ”, Dance with the chant and Tai Gu , Is called “ The wonders of the world ”.
Time :7 late
place : Aichi County Jiagu city   The surrounding areas of Qiuye community in the city center

● Kansai area

This palace is dedicated to   The Kyoto fu
I see the rice and the lotus Da she host . During the night palace sacrifice , From Daohe mountain, it has spread all over Da she The whole area is lit by stone lanterns and thousands of lanterns , Solemnly . Festive season , There are also around the outer hall Japan Famous painters, etc “ Line lamp painting ”, Attract many tourists to come and see .
Time :7 month 20 Japan
place : The Kyoto City   See rice and lotus Da she
Open air Shrine ( The early gods )  Osaka fu
Summer festival held in the busy streets of Meitian , It is composed of night palace sacrifice and this palace sacrifice . Dance The lion , osu , Mountain car number, etc , No less . with Kansai Warm summer festival , It can definitely ignite your mood easily .
p.s. This is not the other . Not a shrine exposed in the city , The name is called “ Open-air ” Well .
Time :7 The third Friday of the month 、 Saturday
place : Osaka City   Open air Shrine

China · Four countries and regions

Yuzao hot spring summer festival   Shimane County
It is very suitable for the Japanese summer festival in your imagination , Shooting 、 Fishing for goldfish 、; You can participate in water polo and other games , You can also drink beer 、 Taste all kinds of snacks Hemei food . The most important thing is that it lasts as long as one month …
Time :7 Mid month ~8 late
place : Shimane County Songjiang city   Yuzao Hot Spring Street
Deshan summer festival   Yamaguchi
Held in Zhounan city , In addition to the Shenyu performance and women's tug of war competition sponsored by various enterprises ,2018 In, he also invited funny artists to perform for fun .
Time :7 month 20 Japan
place : Zhounan City, Shankou county   peace The street 、 Qingkong park

● Kyushu · Okinawa region

Minghu summer festival   The song of blue sky and beer   Okinawa county
Nago city The theme of the summer festival is blue sky and beer , In addition to meeting friends and enjoying beer , And all kinds of artistic skills 、 Dance performances, etc , You can enjoy it Okinawa Folk songs .
Time :7 late
place : Okinawa county Nago city   Minghu fishing port
Deer Lantern Festival   Kumamoto county
Every year, 8 month 15-16 Day is held . There are not only regular fireworks meetings , There is also the fengna lantern dance , The dancers wore bathrobes , Golden lanterns overhead , Dance as you move , The dream is very .
Time :8 month 15~16 Japan
place : Kumamoto Shanlu City, county
Hey yo million Summer Festival   Fukuoka, county
Kyushu Large scale summer festival in the region , On the first day, people wore colorful clothes and danced while shouting slogans , There is also a very spectacular roller coaster Parade . The next day there will be a fireworks Conference . stay Kyushu My friends can go to .
Time :8 At the beginning of
place : Kitakyushu City   Around xiaocang city
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