Nan'ao Island transportation & food introduction

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No matter why I choose to come to South Australia
The island
There will be surprises for you

How to get to South Australia

Where is Nan'ao Island ?
Nan'ao Island is the only island county in Guangdong Province , Nan'ao County is the only county under the jurisdiction of Shantou City .
Although it belongs to Shantou , But because of the Chaoshan area ( By Chaoshan, we mean Shantou 、 Chaozhou and Jieyang , The first two are relatively well-known .) In the past , It's quite convenient , therefore , No matter which city you go to Chaoshan , It's convenient to go to Nan'ao Island .
Shantou 、 Chaozhou 、 The geographical relationship between the three cities of Jieyang and Nan'ao Island
Panorama of South Australia

External transportation

Going to South Australia , We should go to Chaoshan first , Then turn to intercity traffic .

The plane
Chaoshan area shares one airport , It's Jieyang Chaoshan airport , The airport is not big , But there are many direct flights to major cities across the country .
It's also perfect for small partners in the parcel post area to have a three-day and two night trip on the weekend .
high-speed rail
Mainly in Guangdong Province , There are Shantou station and Chaoshan station .

Internal transportation

(1) Chaoshan Airport : Take the airport bus to “ Shantou passenger transport center station ” ride 161 No. bus goes directly to Nan'ao Island ( Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport is about... From Nan'ao Island 61km, about 1 Hours 20 Minutes by car )
(2) Shantou station : ride 161 No. bus goes directly to Nan'ao Island ( Shantou station is recommended , Closer to South Australia ,33km, Driving around 45 Minutes by car
(3) Chaoshan station : Take Chaoshan - Transfer from Shantou bus line to Shantou passenger transport center station 161 No. bus goes directly to Nan'ao Island ( Chaoshan station is far from Nan'ao Island 60km, Driving around 1 Hours 20 Minutes by car )
(4) Bus stop : Shantou bus terminal 、 Shantou automobile passenger transport center station , ride 161 No. bus goes directly to Nan'ao Island

Traffic on the island

Island bus : The bus around the island 601 road 、602 The road can reach some scenic spots ,40 minutes
( Amusement Park )601 Tropic of cancer square → The grand circle in front of the county palace
1. Tropic of cancer square 2. Green Bay Resort 3. Jiuxi'ao 4. Sanlian banyan 5. Bubao'ao 6. Dongao village 7. Songjing 8. Xipan village 9. Yunxiang village 10. Chishi Bay 11. Pujiangkeng 12. Pearl waterfront building 13. Tourist Centre 14. Haibin road 15. National tax big circle 16. The grand circle in front of the county palace

( Amusement Park )601 Lu Gongqian garden → Xishan village
1. Palace front circle 2. National tax big circle 3. Nan'ao Hotel 4. Tourist Centre 5. Pearl waterfront building 6. Puqiang pit 7. Chishi Bay 8. Yunxiang village
9. Xipan village 10. Yunao Taiwan Street 11. Songjing 12. Dongao village 13. Bubao'ao 14. Sanlian banyan 15. Jiuxi'ao 16. Green Bay plank road 17. Qing'ao Resort 18. Jin'ao building 19. Tropic of cancer square 20. Liudu village 21. Houjiao village 22. Treasure Island 23. Wupingzhai village 24. San'ao village 25. Ma Gong square 26. Shenzhen Australia success Avenue 27. Baisha Bay 28. Zoumayong village 29. Bainiu village 30. Yincuoling 31. Yangyu village 32. Xiangshan Park 33. Palace front circle 34. Cultural Square 35. County People's hospital 36. The Ministry of people's armed forces 37. Seismic station 38. Xianchi head 39. Xishan village

( Amusement Park )602 Luxi mountain village → Xishan village
1. Xishan village 2. Xianchi head 3. Seismic station 4. The Ministry of people's armed forces 5. County People's hospital 6. Cultural Square 7. The great circle in front of the palace 8. Xiangshan Park 9. Yangyu village 10. Yincuoling 11. Bainiu village 12. Zoumayong village 13. Baisha Bay 14. Shenzhen Australia success Avenue 15. Ma Gong square 16. San'ao village 17. Wupingzhai village 18. Treasure Island 19. Houjiao village 20. Liudu village 21. Tropic of cancer square 22. Jin'ao building 23. Qing'ao Resort 24. Green Bay plank road 25. Jiuxi'ao 26. Sanlian banyan 27. Bubao'ao 28. Dongao village 29. Songjing 30. Yunao Taiwan Street 31. Xipan village 32. Yunxiang village 33. Chishi Bay 34. Puqiang pit 35. Pearl waterfront building 36. Tourist Centre 37. Nan'ao Hotel 38. National tax big circle 39. The great circle in front of the palace 40. Cultural Square 41. County People's hospital 42. The Ministry of people's armed forces 43. Seismic station 44. Xianchi head 45. Xishan village

South Australian cuisine

Speaking of South Australia cuisine , Since it's an island , It must be inseparable from seafood , The key is that there are so many varieties of seafood , How to choose ?

Crabs on the island usually have red fingered crabs 、 Gentleman crab 、 Crab 、 Red crab 、 Cow crab 、 Three eye printer, etc . If you encounter red fingered crabs in Nan'ao Island, you must try , It is a relatively rare species . Autumn crab is the most delicious , The female crab's roe and the male crab's crab paste will be richer than other seasons .
Red nails are especially recommended & Gentleman crab & Red crab
The software on the island generally has house squid 、 Er Zi 、 octopus 、 Cuttlefish, etc . The most authentic way to eat soft seafood is to blanch it and eat it with mustard or chili sauce , Fresh, sweet and refreshing , You can taste the most primitive flavor from the ocean .
Curtilage squid is named because its main producing area is Houzhai town , As its name suggests, it is squid produced in Houzhai town . The cooked squid is very refreshing , And tough , The fresh and sweet taste permeates the mouth , Supersatisfaction !!
Summer is the peak season for Erzi , When I first landed, it was transparent , The bits and pieces in the body keep flashing . Er Zi to Q It's crisp 、 The meat is fresh and tender 、 The characteristics of extremely high nutritional value have gradually become the current online popular food , It sucks a lot of powder .
I especially recommend squid & Er Zi
As the saying goes, no fish, no banquet , Why is there less fish ?! The fish on the island generally include grouper 、 Red catfish 、 Woody 、 Parrot fish 、 Dog shark 、 White hairtail, etc . Amway gentian grouper or red grouper , Steamed is already delicious ! Fresh fish is elastic , On the contrary, it is the taste of powder . General miscellaneous fish pot contains more than two kinds of fish , Can experience a variety of delicious .
Grouper is especially recommended & Woody & trichiurus lepturus

The shrimp on the island usually have white thorn shrimp 、 Nine shrimp 、 Kiwi shrimp, etc . among , The price of nine shrimp is the most expensive , White thorn takes the second place , Another is Kiwi shrimp . White thorn shrimp belongs to sea shrimp , The price is moderate , The meat is very Q play . Dip in mustard or chili sauce , Fresh, sweet and exciting !! Friends who like crisp taste can try Jiujie shrimp ! Nine shrimp come from the deep sea , It's bigger , The shell is thick and hard .
White thorn shrimp is specially recommended & Nine shrimp
There are usually fragrant snails on the island 、 Snails 、 Preserved vegetable snail 、 Bergamot shell 、 mussel 、 Uni 、 Oysters, etc . Oysters are a specialty of South Australia , Due to the good water quality , Full and fresh and sweet ! Uni is also called Haihong , Grow in hard to touch places on rocks , It's a hard won delicacy ! Local residents often go to the seaside in the evening , So there will be a little more shellfish at night !
Special recommendation - fragrant snail & Bergamot shell & Oysters & Uni

The waters around Nan'ao Island are rich in lobsters , There are usually Chinese lobsters 、 Hairy lobster 、 Variegated lobster 、 Splendid lobster, etc . It is also one of the must eat delicacies , You can choose steamed or lobster noodles . Focus on Amway Qinglong , Chinese Lobster , It's common on the island 、 Cost effective varieties ! The other three kinds of lobsters are not available , If , Might as well try !
Chinese lobster is specially recommended
The soup on the island usually includes abalone soup 、 Shark's fin soup 、 Bird's nest 、 Hand beat fish ball soup 、 Seaweed soup 、 Asparagus soup, etc . Abalone soup 、 Shark's fin soup 、 Bird's nest is rich in nutrition , Hand beat fish ball soup 、 Seaweed soup 、 The price of asparagus soup is close to the people , Suitable for group travel .
Abalone and olive soup is the most common in South Australia , Sweet and delicious ! The hand beaten fish ball soup here is affordable and delicious , The taste is elastic , It is most famous for the fish balls in Shenao town . This soup is light and not hot , For young and old !
Special recommendation: abalone soup & Hand beat fish ball soup & Seaweed soup
Staple food
The staple food on the island is usually seafood porridge 、 Oyster roast 、 Fried rice with laver 、 Sea urchin fried rice, etc . These staple foods can generally be two out of four or one of them , It depends on the situation .
Seafood porridge is especially recommended & Fried rice with laver & Sea urchin fried rice
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