Punch in the old site of the Changying museum where history, culture and art coexist!

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This is Hongqi Street, Changchun City, Jilin Province 1118 The former site of Changying Museum on the th , It's the country 4A Scenic areas , It is one of the must punch cards for Changchun trip .
Changchun Suyou “ Movie City ” Known as the , As the first film studio in New China ,1945 year 10 Month set up . Has a red gene , Deep inside information , A glorious history , Created the people's film “ Seven first ”, Gather for the film industry of new China 、 To cultivate 、 It has transported a large number of excellent film talents , Known as the “ The cradle of new Chinese film ”.
The original predecessor of Changying was built when Japan invaded Northeast China “ Man Ying ”, The full name is “ Manchukuo mapping Association, Ltd ”. While invading Chinese territory , Want to enslave the Chinese people's thoughts , It has produced a large number of films that confuse the Chinese people ideologically . later , Japan surrendered and withdrew from China , Then the Communist Party of China took over “ Man Ying ” And changed his name to “ Northeast film workers' Union ”, Later on  1945 The Northeast film company was established in .
After the unremitting efforts of several generations of Changying people , Changying has successively produced feature films 1000 Many , Translated 50 Multi national 2400 Multiple films , It has written a glorious chapter in the history of new Chinese film .
It has created many in the new Chinese film history “ First of all ”. The first puppet film 《 The emperor's dream 》; The first feature film 《 Leave him to beat Lao Jiang 》; The first ministerial feature film 《 Bridge 》; The first documentary 《 Democratic northeast 》 wait .

01 Changying former site museum

## history

The building area of the former site of Changying Museum 46137 Square meters , It is a national key cultural relic protection unit 、 Country 4A Class ii tourist attractions .
Here is the complete reservation of Changying group 1937 Nian yuan “ Man Ying ” On the basis of architecture , In line with “ Repair old as old ” The principle of repair is complete , It is a record of the beginning of Changchun Film Studio 、 progress 、 prosperity 、 The changing palace of art .
The exhibition hall has three floors , Strong sense of history , You can feel the development of Chinese films , Understand the older generation of filmmakers , Their unrepentant dedication to the cause they love all their lives is exciting ! In addition, it is endowed with cultural significance , Is priceless spiritual wealth ! Clean 、 Creative 、 It has charm , It's worth it
The age of light and shadow , Golden years , Elements of cordiality and nostalgia , Take you back to the past . In the fast-paced life . Occasionally slow down , Enjoy the slow time .
The former site museum of Changying includes Changying film art museum 、 Long Shadow Studio 、 Changying development and printing workshop 、 Changying cinema 、 Changying concert hall and supporting Changying cultural street .

02 Changying Film Art Museum

## art

Changying film art museum is located on the original site of the main building of Changchun Film Studio , She passed through cultural relics 、 Art preservation 、 Multimedia exhibition 、 Film interaction and other forms , A comprehensive introduction to the reception of the Communist Party of China “ Man Ying ”, The course of establishing northeast film studio .
It presents the world with a large number of little-known behind the scenes stories and historical materials , The magnificent course and artistic achievements of Changying are fully displayed in a thick and novel exhibition form .

03 Changying cinema

## entertainment

Changying cinema is in “ Man Ying ” The th of the period 4、5、6 The studio and the 12 A special cinema rebuilt on the basis of the projection room , It has formed a unique “ Watch movies in the museum ” The cultural atmosphere of .
The overall decoration style of the cinema is very elegant , Full of historical feelings , Love it , It seems that the cinema is very attentive , The screen is big , In especial 7 Shed , Giant screen cinema , The sound effect is also great , The overall viewing effect is very comfortable , Changchun is a good place for people to watch movies .

04 The movie · star

## feelings

Speaking of Changying , It must be mentioned that since the establishment of the factory here, a large number of excellent film talents have been trained ! Chen Qiang 、 Tian Hua 、 Li Youbin 、 Ni Ping 、 Jiang Lili 、 Pan Hong 、 Jackie Chan 、 Wang Zhiwen 、 Chen Daoming 、 Zhao Benshan 、 Song Dandan 、 Fan Wei 、 Jiang wen 、 Huang Bo and a large number of other filmmakers have contributed classic works here . This is the home of filmmakers , It is also the place where filmmakers' dreams begin . Come here to , You can find their footprints !
The Museum of the former site of the high-profile Changying film, with both historical culture and artistic atmosphere , It is also a better place for patriotic education , It is worth visiting Changchun , Of course , As an evergreen , It's also a must punch in place , Have you ever been here ?
5 month 1 Japan ——9 month 30 Japan  
Open time  9:00-17:00 
10 month 1 Japan ——4 month 30 Japan   
Open time  9:00-16:30 
reminder : Stop selling tickets an hour before the closing
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