Leshan is very suitable for parents and children! Take the 18th century train through the rape field, and go to the "Jurassic Park" for parent-child exploration! Just around Chengdu!

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Days :2 God Time :2 month with whom : And parents
How to play : Photography , drive , The humanities , independent travel , Half free , Follow the regiment , On foot , Small endowment , To save money , Weekend tour

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Speaking of Leshan's stepping , What's your first thought ?

food ?No! Will you open the pattern ?

This place , Not only delicious , There's too much to play !

Take the retro train to see Huahua , Take art photos ;

Go to the super original natural scenic spot to have fun ;

Looking for dinosaur footprints through the Jurassic forest ;

There are so many delicious food that I can't stop talking !

# Alsophila Grand Canyon

Explore the ancient Jurassic Park

Many people say that this is the real treasure secret place , Yes “ Jurassic Park ” Known as the ;

Distance from Chengdu 2 Hours , It's only half an hour from Leshan .

- Travel guides -

Place names : Leshan Xiba Alsophila Grand Canyon

Address : Xiba Town, Wutongqiao District, Leshan City

tickets :10 element / people

Bright spot : Ancient spinulose tree 、 Dinosaur footprints


The scenic spot is a semi developed scenic spot , There are no sellers , Be sure to have water and food ready ~

The best view is 1 Entrance number one , Therefore, it is suggested that 1 Go in on the fifth ;

You can bring pets in , You can bring pets in ;

Pay attention to bring mosquito repellent water and umbrella ;

The biggest feature here is the Alsophila spinulosa tree , It is said to be a plant of the same age as dinosaurs , It is called living fossil ;

In the Alsophila spinulosa Grand Canyon , Blot out the sky and cover the sun , The mountains are towering and spectacular , It's like coming to the Jurassic period .

There are footprints left by dinosaurs on the rock walls in the Canyon , In the Canyon , Everywhere is fresh green ;

The air here is fresh , People who are used to working here , A lung washing trip .

5 More than ten thousand Alsophila trees grow wantonly in the Canyon , Along the way, there are many plants we haven't seen ;

beautiful country scene , Alsophila Grand Canyon is indeed a rare parent-child exploration route !

# Jiayang train

Carrying spring from the sea of flowers

I come from your golden dream , Leave a misty smoke , Like a sea of clouds ;

It is called a small train shuttling through the golden sea , It's more of a pleasure .

- Travel guides -

Place names : Leshan Qianwei · Jiayang train

Address : West of Qianwei County, Leshan City 20 km

Best shooting position : Duanjiawan scenic spot

The most beautiful section : The road from bee rock to Caiziba ( Duanjiawan is also a classic place )

- Shift arrangement -

1959 year , The small train in Qianwei county is expected by nearly 10000 villagers along the line , Coming with hazy steam ;

60 Over the years , Thousands of tourists leave good memories here , As the only passenger narrow gauge steam train in operation in the world , It travels on this road all year round .

The body shook slightly as the train bumped , The rail is in contact with the wheel , Play lively music ;

The sun shines just outside the window , Let the golden rape become more gorgeous , As if wandering in the Golden Ocean .

This trip starts from 18 The train coming from the century , Full of sense of time , When we shuttle through the blooming spring flowers , The story of spring begins ;

The mountains are green , The sea of flowers fluctuates , It will be a fantastic journey .

# Heizhugou

The unpopular secret place of the super minority

The ecology is primitive 、 The landscape is unique and magical , Local township name : Si Huo , The valley of death .

meanwhile , It has also been widely known by public opinion at home and abroad as " Bermuda, China " My treasure .

- Travel guides -

Address : Wenquan village, Ebian Yi Autonomous County, Leshan City

drive : Ebian —— Heizhugou about 1.5h

Tourist attractions : Mali is cold and old 、 hive

Characteristics of food : Ebian potato

- tickets -

adult 48/ people

children 、 the elderly 、 Student 25/ people

- Open time -

Monday to Sunday


17:00 Stop entering after

There are many unsolved in Heizhugou " mystery ", The local Yi and Han people call Heizhugou the of Nanlin district " The devil Delta ".

As early as 2000 year 2 month 22 Japan , Heizhugou has been approved as a national forest park by the State Forestry Administration .

The original forest environment is not only of high ornamental value , There are many cattle, sheep and piglets around here ;

So if you come here to relax , Occasionally turn a corner and you will meet a few cattle and sheep to send you their lovely charm .

Last , Ebian Tuotuo potato is worth a try if you have time , It tastes great !

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