Punch in Xiamen wanghong Botanical Garden

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Speaking of Botanical Gardens , Most people's impression is probably just the same plant garden in each city , but Xiamen Wanshi botanical garden ( Formerly known as Xiamen botanical garden ) It will certainly subvert people's stereotype . In addition to being a place for citizens to visit and relax , Some areas have unique garden layout , It has become a popular travel punch in Xiamen .
by Sister Tianqing
Xiamen Wanshi botanical garden is rich in content , Large area . This introduction will focus on two hot areas : Succulent flora And Rainforest area . Stop under the tall cactus , Or shuttle through the tropical rain forest shrouded in clouds , They are all experiences you can't miss when you come to Wanshi botanical garden ; And the photos taken here , It can also explode the circle of friends with a strong exotic flavor .
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Across the desert of Central America

Succulent flora
by Sister Tianqing
by Rain Pavilion
The fleshy plant area is most famous for its cactus landscape . The cacti are tall and powerful , Growing slowly in this simulated desert environment . The succulent plant area is probably the most popular place in the park , Visitors can walk into this cactus jungle in person , Look closely at them ; And when it's sunny , Photos taken here , It can also fully show the exotic customs of Central American desert . Besides being a living science popularization base , The fleshy plant area is more like that of many small fresh style lovers “ Art shooting place ”.

Photo guide to succulent flora

At the entrance of the succulent plant area, there is a piece of Phoenix tailed orchid , The shape is radial , Used as a background for shooting characters , It will make the photos more tense . And in the desert plant area , Cacti are dense , If you use a wide-angle lens to take a panoramic view , It will make the whole picture disordered , So you can let the model into the cactus , Use cactus as the foreground and part of the background , Put the character in the right place .
by Suki global photography
by Suki global photography
by Suki global photography
There is no shade in the cactus Bush that can block the sun , But some of them look real 、 A tall camel model , But it can be used as a prop or background for model shooting . When shading under the shadow of a camel model , You can appropriately increase the creativity of shooting , Make the overall atmosphere of the photos more integrated .
by Suki global photography

Let's have a real “ Forest system ” travel

Rainforest area
by Sister Tianqing
Rainforest world is another very popular place to take pictures . Except that the dense tropical plants almost completely restore the rainforest ecological environment in the tropical region , Here is a dry ice spray that will be turned on every day , It creates a fairyland like atmosphere here . Come to the rainforest within a fixed spray time period , You will definitely feel the charm of this botanical garden which is quite different from other botanical gardens . See the table below for the spray time in the rainforest area :

A photo guide to the rainforest

The spray of the rainforest world is a feature , But if the sun is not strong enough , It is easy to blur the model , Therefore, it is not recommended that the model enter the fog directly , But put the fog behind you as the background , In this way, you can not only ensure the clarity of the characters, but also take a view of the tropical jungle shrouded in fog .
by Suki global photography
And sometimes the sun is strong , The fog in the rain forest will be like a beam of light . At this moment, you can let the model shoot in the fog , Because the strong light will make up for the lack of clarity caused by fog .
by Suki global photography

Dress collocation

The landscape in the botanical garden is mainly green , Therefore, it is recommended to avoid green clothes , So as not to rely on the background . Besides , When girls take pictures , If you choose a solid skirt , Wear with accessories such as hats or handbags , In any scene of the botanical garden , Easy to shoot thick Ins wind .
by Be quiet
by Be quiet

Introduction to Wanshi Botanical Garden

  • The ticket price of Xiamen Wanshi botanical garden is 40 element , Visitors can take sightseeing bus in the park , The specific prices are shown in the table below :
  • The Wanshi botanical garden is full of plants , There are many mosquitoes in some areas , Tourists are advised to take mosquito prevention measures , Such as carrying anti mosquito water with you .
  • If you plan to visit the whole area of the botanical garden , It takes a long time , Visitors can simply bring food ( Like bread 、 Chocolate, etc ) Enter the garden .


Wanshi botanical garden has a very wide area , The contents displayed in the park are also rich and colorful . The small forest in this city , In addition to the succulent plant areas and rainforest areas , And pine shirt Garden 、 Gymnosperm area 、 Palm Islands , And the national defense park with old tanks and artillery …… Whether it's taking beautiful photos or just visiting , It is a rare experience for visitors to Xiamen .
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