My cycling diary around the island ~ the slow time of Weizhou Island~

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Nowadays, the pace of people's life is becoming faster and faster , Many people don't have time to rest all year round , In such a fast-paced life , To be able to find happiness , You need to relax yourself once in a while . Nowadays, more and more people will choose to travel during their holidays , Travel means a lot to people , For some people , Travel is more than just a process of enjoying the beautiful scenery , You can also think about life .

Preparation before departure

The camera ( Take beautiful photos ) Various Prevent bask in Artifact ( This is very important ) Ticket ( Weizhou Island had better take a small amount of cash ) Health code + Trip code ( At present, Guangxi has two code joint query , can VX Search for “ Shopkeeper Zhuang ” or “ Guirenzhu ” apply , Weizhou Island must be vaccinated ( One stitch is OK ), Old people and children need , Those who cannot be vaccinated can find a second-class hospital to issue a certificate , With the official seal of the hospital , Otherwise, you may be stopped at the dock )

Ticket strategy

The place of taking the boat : Beihai international passenger port
Ticket strategy : Online or offline ( Online is convenient , There's no need to line up , But it will be a little higher than offline , Line up offline )
Vessel differences :
A ship with a deck :
1、   Travel to the North 15( Low speed sightseeing ship , There is an open-air sightseeing deck , Located on the third floor of the passenger ship )
2、   Travel to the North 25( Low speed luxury sightseeing ship , There is a luxury open-air sightseeing deck , Located on the fourth floor of the passenger ship )
( hot tip : Extra charge for going on deck 50 element , No charge, no go , You can enjoy the blue sea and blue sky on the deck , Enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery )
A ship without a deck :
1、   Travel to the North 12( A high-speed ship )
2、   Travel to the North 16( A high-speed ship )
3、   Travel to the North 26( High speed luxury ship )
4、   Travel to the North 18( High speed boat )
5、   Travel to the North 28( High speed boat )
( above 5 The cruise ship has no sightseeing deck , You can only see the sea view through the window )
Cabin differences :
Normal and business class are like this :
The difference is the size of the seat and the size of the window , And the riding area .
The VIP cabin is like this :
Of course, the price is also relatively high .
I suggest you buy a VIP cabin , The view and enjoyment are very good . The return journey is relatively tiring , Buy the ordinary cabin and it will be over after a while .
Attach the ticket purchase link :
About the island ticket : After successful ticket purchase, you can swipe with your ID card “ Id card + Face ” Go through the security check directly , No paper tickets required .
1、  Opening hours of the scenic spot :08:00-18:00
2、 You can visit by ticket : Nanwan crocodile mountain scenic spot (AAAAA)、 Temple scenic spot (AAAA)、 Shiluokou scenic spot (AAA)、 Dishui Danping scenic spot (AAA).
3、 Nanwan crocodile mountain scenic spot can be visited once , Do not enter the park again .
4、 Tickets are purchased under the real name system , One person one vote .
5、 The West Point wharf pass is valid for the current day ; Check tickets in the scenic spot , When effective .
6、 On the island, only shiluokou scenic spot has a public bathing beach and swimming area open to tourists , Please don't go to non public baths 、 Bathing or swimming in the swimming area , Avoid drowning and other safety accidents .
7、 Opening hours of public baths in shiluokou Scenic Area :6 month 1 solstice 10 month 31 Every day 8:00 to 19:00. According to the tide 、 Waves and other actual conditions , The opening hours will be dynamically adjusted and publicized .
 8、 Please do not take the illegal speedboat to the island .
 9、 Crocodile hill and colorful beach are near the sea, and the ground in the coastal area is wet , Please pay attention to anti-skid when visiting , Follow the safety advice of the staff in the scenic spot , Follow the safety tips of the scenic spot , Avoid accidental falling .
 10、 When you play , Civilized tourism , Respect the customs of the islanders , Protect the island ecological environment .
 11、 Do not destroy 、 Carry volcanic rocks 、 Coral reef specimens, fossil products and debris off the island .
 12、 If you need an invoice , Please go directly to the ticket window of Weizhou Island Xijiao wharf scenic spot and ask the staff for the ticket with your ID card . If you have left Weizhou Island , Please contact the online customer service of laiyouba official website to obtain the electronic invoice .
 13、 Please do not bring pets into the scenic area .

Cycling diary around the island

Chushang Weizhou Island , It's already afternoon , Go straight to crocodile mountain park , Finish the most essence first .
Then I went to Nanwan street to buy seafood and find a big food stall to have a full meal .
The next day I rented a small electric donkey , Leisurely and leisurely on the road .
catholic church —— Colorful beach —— Shiluokou beach —— Acacia Lake + Notre Dame —— Blue bridge sunset
Just walked a circle .
On the third day, I got up early and went to the colorful beach to see the sunrise , Go back to the hotel and sleep , On the way home .

matters needing attention

One 、 Don't go into the store at will

Some people went to Beihai and Weizhou Island , The first thing I think of is going to eat a lot , Especially some seafood . I always think that the seafood in Beihai should be much cheaper than the seafood people usually eat , But in fact, during the non fishing period , The price of seafood here is not cheap , So when we enter the store for consumption , You should ask about the price first , Don't consume at will , Avoid spending thousands of dollars at a time when you finally pay the bill , Even tens of thousands of yuan .
Two 、 Don't walk alone
After going to Weizhou Island , You will find that there are many banners here that say to severely crack down on the underworld , Don't think this is a joke . In fact, Weizhou Island in Beihai is far away from Beihai city , It's not easy to have good security on this island , Although there are troops stationed here , But it is still very dangerous , Therefore, when traveling to Weizhou Island, it is best to choose two or three people to travel together , Don't walk alone , And don't run around at night , It's best not to argue with others in Weizhou Island , Avoid the irreparable consequences in the end .
3、 ... and 、 Weizhou Island Scenic spots are free
In fact, everyone has been charged tickets before going to the island , These ticket fees already include the major scenic spots on Weizhou Island , So when we go to various scenic spots , There is no need to pay again , Don't take it seriously when you meet someone who tells you to charge , There are also some people who will give you a request on the grounds of depositing your motorcycle 5~10 Yuan for safekeeping , There is no need to pay this money , Just park your motorcycle on both sides of the road , Basically there is no problem .
Four 、 Weizhou island , Each beach has its own characteristics
Weizhou Island is really a very beautiful place , Compared with Sanya , The scenery here may be better . Traveling to Weizhou Island can slow down your pace , The time of playing can also be longer , Every morning and evening, you can visit the beaches and islands , You will find that every beach is very special , There is no such situation that one beach must be more beautiful than another .
Nowadays, many people often travel , Beihai has also become a popular tourist destination for many people , Beihai is really very beautiful , For some people who seldom go to coastal cities , The feeling of facing the sea is really great , But we are going to Beihai , Especially when traveling to Weizhou Island , Avoid stepping on thunder , Don't go into some pits , Otherwise, it will affect your whole travel experience .
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