Penang has a complete guide to eating, drinking and playing. There are some must-have foods you can't miss!

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Overview of Penang

Penang is the third largest city in Malaysia , It has the reputation of Indian Ocean emerald , This time miss Tao went to George city in Penang , The city has 70% The residents are all Chinese .
So there is no problem speaking Chinese here , No language barrier at all !
If traffic is not planned , Penang doesn't need a strategy , Because the hotel will give you a travel map , You can eat and play , It's also in Chinese , next Google Look for it on the map OK 了 , Very convenient .
So the Penang trip is simple , Very suitable for free travel !

Penang Travel Mode

What is Penang doing ?
Punch in the mural , Some famous murals have to queue up to take photos .
Miss Tao's trip to Penang is to eat , If there are murals in places with delicious food , Then take a picture , I didn't look for it deliberately .
It's a drop , This is a paradise for food , It is known as a civilian food city , Miss Tao eats here every day 6 Ton , Don't repeat the same , Delicious snacks are not only inexpensive , And it can be said to be very cheap , A person 20 You can eat the ringgit until you die ! in other words 36 RMB can be eaten very well every day !
The exchange rate of Malaysia dollar and RMB is 1.59:1

Travel arrangements

D1: Singapore transfer

D2: George City, Penang
Love Lane - Little India - Mural concentration area - Last name Joe - Bank Street - Shantou Street ( Mainly eat four heavenly kings in the evening )
accommodation : Zhulie building (Chulia Mansion)

D3: George City, Penang
Blue House ( Zhang Bishi's former residence )- Panoramic view of flag raising mountain - Eat snacks in Niugan East Street
accommodation : Zhulie building (Chulia Mansion)

D4: Langkawi
The bridge of the sky - Giant Eagle Square - Duty free shop shopping
accommodation : Bay View Hotel (Bayview hotel)

D5: Langkawi
mangrove - Bat hole - Hey, Eagle - Zhennan beach has seafood
accommodation : Bay View Hotel (Bayview hotel)

D6: Langkawi
Baya Park snorkeling - Jennan beach ( Or go to dinner )
accommodation : Bay View Hotel (Bayview hotel)

D7 George City, Penang
Morning tea - Dinner at zhangbishi's former residence - Buy a letter - Hotel vacation
accommodation : Oriental Hotel  (Eastern And Oriental Hotel)

D8: Singapore transfers to go home

Highlights of the trip : Penang Seng Chi Shan the habitat, Walk on the top of the tree , Basically no one , It's a very comfortable park for walking .

Preparation before departure


Malaysian electronic signature applied for , Just fill in the Chinese interface , There are two types of electronic signatures ,15 Days are eNTRI,160 RMB , Alipay pay , It will be checked out after submission , I didn't expect it to happen so soon , Just print it out OK 了 .


The mobile phone has opened international long-distance and roaming , You can get to Singapore airport for free WiFi surf the internet
I went to Malaysia with starhub mobile card ( Except for Southeast Asian countries , It also includes Britain, Australia, etc 12 Countries can use )


Traffic on the island

Transportation in Penang or Langkawi Island
use Uber perhaps Grab( Southeast Asia is popular ), Very cheap , Penang Airport To George city for half an hour , The price at the airport taxi counter is 45 The ringgit is not expensive , But fight Uber only 20 Around the ringgit . Penang Uber You can find a Chinese driver , The price will be a little more expensive , It's not easy for the compatriots there , Take care of . Langkaveda Uber You have no choice , Only English drivers .

Transportation from Penang to Langkawi

One 、3 Hour boat
Two 、15 Minute AirAsia plane
Air tickets are booked in advance, including tax 100 Head start , It's about the same as the boat price , But this is not the price of the baggage ticket .
Miss Tao chose to fly over , Although the early flight must 4 Click on it , Waiting time is no less than taking a boat , But it's better than seasickness .

Start your journey

D1: Singapore transfer
Air tickets for national day 2700 The reason why it is cheap , It's because of the change , evening 11 Arrive at the airport after o'clock , the second day 8 Click to take off , That means you have to stay at the airport all night , Unfortunately , Miss Tao didn't make a strategy. She didn't know that there were hotels in the terminal , I only know how to find... At the airport “ Oasis ”( Rest area ), And I went late , Is doomed to sleep .
4 I can't stand it , Go to have supper ( Good morning! ) night ( meal ).
There is still more food at the airport , Because it's cold , Want to eat warm food , Click le (le) sand laksa
T2 Your hotel must be at least in advance 6 An hour appointment , The site is not available ,6 Hours 95 About NT $

Open to eat


Singapore Laksa
It still tastes good , When I arrived in Penang, I learned that there are two kinds of Laksa , One is the airport food , One is Yasan Laksa , Penang is the latter , The soup is tamarind , Boiled by mackerel , The smell of mystery , You will know after eating .
Yasan Laksa
Like Laksa , There are also two kinds of meat and bone tea , This is pepper flavored
Singapore pepper pork bone tea
Penang herbal meat and bone tea
Penang's food is medicated , And the ingredients are very rich , Not just spareribs . Penang Yixiang meat and bone tea , Enough weight , Pig's paws are soft and glutinous , Miss Tao feels that the collagen on her face has increased . The set meal shown above , A big table is enough 4-5 Human eating , only 40 Domas , Is it very cheap !
D2: Penang
It was almost morning in Georgetown 11 spot , The hotel will 2 I can't check in until , Save your bag first , Then go out to look for food . Juliet building is in a good position , Go to love lane for a few minutes , Opposite is wuzexiu Hainan chicken rice , To Shantou street , Blue houses are 10 Minutes walking distance . clean , Breakfast is rich , If you don't want to go out in the afternoon , There is a roof for free afternoon tea and ice cream .

Fried pistils , Red bean ice

First go to the Yuyuan tea room. The famous dessert in your street ( The locals are pushing )
The mural is painted with desserts fried with pistils , Below the painting is the stall
Fried pistils , The green one is made of mung bean powder , Add ice , Red beans and other things , It tastes like melted toffee ~
Red bean ice
It's full of material , What can I see for myself , The black one is Guiling cream , The ice was topped with plum juice , It's refreshing , I fell in love with it at the first bite .
The two bowls are almost full , only 5.9 myr .

Yuyuan teahouse

After a while, I got in line
Preparing to navigate to the Yuyuan teahouse , The result is in front of us
Find your own seat , What's more amazing is , There are several stalls in the teahouse , You can order what you want , The drinks were ordered by someone else , From time to time, a cake vendor will come in and ask you if you want to buy special snacks , Laugh if you don't buy
Cardamom juice , Later I learned that this is red cardamom , And white cardamom juice
I haven't drunk anywhere else , Let's call it the local cola ,1.5 myr
The most desired fried rice dumplings , I really recommend , The egg is fried just right , Tender, smooth and delicious , The baby inside is also big , It tastes good without soy sauce !
This is not important , I'm not used to eating
The famous Laksa in the Yuyuan teahouse doesn't need any more , Save some belly space .

Famous Xiangtai dim sum

Next to the teahouse is the time-honored name Xiangtai , The snacks inside all look pleasant , The egg tart here is the most famous , Wait until it comes out , It's delicious !
From the morning 4 PM , By this time, Miss Tao had already eaten the first 4 Ton , It's already supporting the wall .
The midday sun is shining , But the better thing about Penang is that the old houses have such access , Go inside to cool off
Because I stayed up all night , After lunch break .3 Click to go out , Follow the map , Starting from Love Lane , Not far away is the seaside , The coastal streets are all buildings left over from the colonial period , Quite beautiful .
Colorful Penang
Penang culture collection , white , Chinese , The Malay , All Indians have , The street is also a church , Ancestral hall and guild hall , The mosque , Hindu temples coexist .
Miss Tao painted Haina in Little India , I chose a simple pattern
Finally, I came to the mural concentration area


Tasted the interesting ice hockey
A big one , It's so big

Famous fragrant Tai herbal tea

Go down one by one , Again
But there was something delicious around the corner , What shall I do? , So go on , I also bought a barbecued bun to pack
Next to it is the famous mural , There are lovely cats not far away
Walking out is the surname bridge , Then we arrived at the seaside
Want to see the clock tower , So I went around in a big circle , Also eat

Four heavenly kings of Shantou street

The Bank Street is also a colonial building , It's beautiful
Walk back to the hotel , After a little rest, I went to Shantou street to look for food , Because it was very popular at night , The four heavenly kings are all here , The so-called four heavenly kings are
Some people say that the four heavenly kings are just like this , But miss Tao thinks everything is good except the soup of rice dumplings , I especially like to eat emperor's chicken feet , The bittern is very waxy , Rock sugar tastes good , It's the Guangzhou version of the chicken feet here . A snack is only a few yuan .
D3: Blue House , Flag raising mountain
There was no special destination in Penang the next day , I'm just interested in seeing the panorama of Shengqi mountain , Because it's far away , It depends , That's all for free , The itinerary can be changed at any time .
In the morning : Blue House
I went here because it was near , Blue House —— Former residence of zhangbishi, founder of Changyu Wine , Just... Away from the hotel 10 Minutes walking distance .
I suggest listening to the explanation , If you don't know about cultural attractions in advance or listen to explanations , It will be less fun , Three times a day , So pay attention to the schedule

Milk tea in front of the blue house

I happened to be able to listen to 11 The one you ordered , Waiting time ordered a cup of milk tea in the cold drink truck at the door , Unexpectedly delicious !( It's all in Chinese , So it is very convenient to travel freely in Penang )
Blue House , The announcer's aunt asked that this position be the best place to take a panoramic view
The interior is decorated , The tiles were all transported by zhangbishi from Europe , Local tyrants are different !

I listened to the explanation for an hour , Increase knowledge , Without feeling tired , If you just look at the interior and take photos , most 10 I left in a few minutes .
Blue house can accommodate , Great environment , You can also eat , Retro and quiet , It's a bit like the bakeshu restaurant in Ping'an lane, Chengdu , The point is that the price is not expensive ! Miss Tao ordered lunch here , Dining in the houses of historical celebrities , More special , The taste is OK .

Blue House French food

Lunch is a set meal , Dinner is a la carte
The noon sun shines through the colored window glass , The light and shadow are very beautiful
The package contains drinks per person 100 RMB looks like

Chicken rice from each family

Western food is also good , Miss Tao has to try everything, whether it's snacks , But what Miss Tao wants most in Penang these days is Hainan chicken rice , On the first day, several famous restaurants closed at night , It seems that this kind of restaurant only does during the day , Plus, I really can't eat any more , I kept my appetite until the next day

Go to wuxiuze across from the hotel first , Wall crack recommendation !!! yes 3 Hainan chicken rice is the best in this restaurant
Double spelling of points , The chicken is smooth and tender , Juicy , It tastes delicious , White food can be so delicious ! Add a drink and it will cost more than RM10 .
The chicken rice of Yueping bean sprout chicken is better than that of cheap
Wenchang Chicken Rice in niugandong street , The chicken rice of Yueping bean sprout chicken on Shantou Street , So many drinks are also 10 Domas , But I suggest you save your stomach for Wu Xiuze ~
Afternoon : Panoramic view of flag raising mountain , recommend

Public transportation is not convenient to go to Shengqi mountain , Just fight Uber In the past , It's just 16 About RMB

You can choose to climb a mountain or take a cable car , The price of cable car ticket can be divided into the price of domestic people and that of foreigners , The conductor knows that Miss Tao is from abroad , But give the local people the ticket price 10 RMD ,nice~

Some people say that if you go to the sky bridge in Langkawi , You don't have to look here , But miss Tao disagreed , The scenery is totally different, OK !
It's a bit like the Taipingshan train
take time to smell the rose Calm down and you can smell the fragrance of roses
Here we especially recommend the mountain the habitat, It is a theme park close to nature , The treetop walk is special , And there was no one , The trees are luxuriant , Walking is very comfortable
This is a place where no other travel notes have been recorded , It's exclusive ~ It's a surprise for me , It is also a highlight of travel ~
tickets 50 myr , Little expensive , But compared with domestic scenic spot tickets , Compare yourself
It may be because the tickets are expensive , There was no one along the way , Charactizing a fine spring , The road is easy to walk , It's really comfortable
There is a shop at the end , They are all environmentally friendly products , Things are beautiful and special , And then there is , This is the coffee shop , awesome !

I feel like I'm halfway up the mountain , One kilometer down the hill is pitcher park , Because I bought a round-trip cable car ticket , I still have to walk back to the top of the mountain , Fortunately, the road is easy .

Yi Xiang tie thread meat and bone tea

evening ,Uber The driver said the meat and bone tea was delicious , It's the thread binding meat and bone tea mentioned before , Chinese medicine has a strong flavor , The figure below 3-4 The man set meal is just 40 Domas .
Across from Rougu tea street is the night market , There are all kinds of snacks !

Snack house refreshments

Next to the meat and bone tea is the dessert house , There is a famous local tea restaurant , There are so many words about it ! After ordering tea , Per capita 20 About ringgit ~
Envy the people who live here , You can drink tea at leisure , Talking about the past , Eat snacks , The pace of life here is much slower than that in Chengdu ~
D4: Penang - Langkawi
Langkawi wrote independently , Please look forward to it

Morning tea

The third day, sister 7 Point feilan Kawi ,5 Go out at halfpastten ,Uber Shifu invited me to have morning tea ! At a local restaurant
After two morning teas , Miss Tao doesn't think she has to fly to Guangzhou , All miss Tao's fantasies about morning tea have been satisfied here !
Time jumps to the last day , Back from Langkawi , A little tired , So I arranged a hotel holiday , The hotel is a world cultural heritage , It's over a hundred years old . Usually the price is not expensive , Just a few hundred dollars , Prices have gone up on holidays , But miss Tao thinks the quality is right for the price
Reserved Suite ,360 Du Haijing room , Very satisfied with , Only after the price rise 1000 About RMB .
Celebrities from all over the world have stayed
Swimming pool by the sea
The infinity pool on the floor
Huge balcony
seaview room

Four heavenly kings of Shantou street

Go out to look for food at night
Penang is really full of snacks , Emperor chicken feet , I ate twice , Braised rock sugar thin slip rake
Langkawi is an island , So it's an independent article , It will be sent later , Please look forward to it ~
Read here , It seems to be true love
Miss Tao, a native of Chengdu , Like everyone else, I usually go to work , Public holidays and annual holidays are used for travel
How to play their own highlights in limited time
Miss gatau : Follow Miss Tao high
There will be an answer ~
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