Detailed hiking strategy of Haba Snow Mountain: best season + traffic itinerary + precautions

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Haba snow mountain in Yunnan , At an altitude of 5396 rice , It faces another famous snow mountain, Yulong Snow, across Tiger Leaping Gorge . Surrounded by mountains , Haba is obviously the most striking peak ...
Climbing Haba is challenging , But because of the altitude 、 climate 、 Comprehensive factors of terrain , Ordinary people in good weather , Normal physical condition , When mountaineering equipment is complete , You can also successfully climb to the top , therefore , This has also become the first snow mountain in life challenged by many snow mountain climbers .
Outdoor hikers , To Yunnan is basically inseparable from Haba's exploration journey to the top . Haba is so attractive to outdoor tourism lovers . Bees who want to challenge themselves in Haba must be looking for strategies to go to Haba ! I hope this introduction will be helpful to your trip to Haba .

One : Know Haba's location

Haba snow mountain is in the southeast of Shangri La County , About... From the city 120 km . There is also a Haba administrative village at the foot of Haba snow mountain , There are... Under the administrative village 7 A natural village , To climb the snow mountain, you need to go to Haba village 7 A natural village .
There are many ethnic minorities living in these villages , Including Naxi 、 The Zang or Tibetan people 、 Yi, Lisu, etc . Haba is... In nasi “ Flowers of gold ” It means .

Two : The best season for Haba to reach the summit

Bees who like snow scenery can go to 11 month -12 To challenge Haba in the month , These two seasons are considered to be the best season to climb Haba . But because in winter , So the temperature is lower , The snow is also very thick , The wind is also relatively strong , The challenge is naturally more difficult .
Bees who like to travel in summer can set Haba's plan at 3 month -6 month . Although there is little snow on the snow mountain in these seasons , But the scenery along the way was very pleasant . especially 4 In the beginning , Azaleas are in bud all over the mountains , There are clear and green lakes , Waterfalls and alpine meadows ... The scenery is very good .
Months to be considered carefully :1 month -2 month , From year to year 1-2 month , Haba snow mountain is too windy , The highest time is 8 magnitude , Not suitable for climbing , Generally, you have to go down the mountain in the middle of the mountain . Wrong time selection , This is also one of the reasons why many donkey friends have failed to reach the top many times , So you must choose the right time to climb Haba .

3、 ... and 、 How to get to Haba village ?

If you start from Lijiang , Then you need to take a bus from Lijiang to Shangri La , After lunch in Shangri La , From Shangri La to Haba village at the foot of Haba snow mountain . morning 10:00 Start from Lijiang around , In the afternoon 4:00 You can only reach Haba village about . If there are many people , It is recommended that it is convenient to rent a car , The journey is also relatively free , Especially the bees who like taking pictures , You can get off the bus to take photos and rest before continuing on the road .
If it is a direct flight to Shangri La , Then you can also take a bus from Shangri La to Haba village , Generally need 3 Hour or so .

Four : Schedule of the summit Haba

The first day :  From Lijiang  —  shangri-la — Haba village
the second day :   Haba village  —  Hike to the mountaineering base camp
On the third day : In the morning 3:00 Get out of bed , Starting from the base camp  — 9:00-10:00 After climbing Haba, return quickly  —  Afternoon 6:00 Return to Haba village
The fourth day : Back to Shangri La from Haba village  —  Lijiang

5、 ... and : The beautiful scenery you can gain from your trip to Haba

Many travelers who plan to climb ha Xue mountain , Both take Haba snow mountain as the ultimate destination for tourism , Time is long. , Haba's trip gives people the feeling that only snow mountains are worth seeing . It's not , Haba's trip except snow mountain , In fact, there are more amazing scenery waiting for you .
The river side of Haba village is at an altitude of 1550 Rice or so , The altitude of Haba snow mountain is 5396 rice ,3000 A vertical altitude of more than meters , Let Haba zone form a variety of climatic zones , Under such altitude difference, different vegetation landscapes are also bred .
Spruce forest 、 Alpine meadow pasture 、 And waterfalls and lakes ... Standing at laoyaoshan dam at the south end of the snow mountain , In the north is the towering Haba snow mountain , Opposite is Yulong Snow Mountain , Under my feet “ risk ” The famous Tiger Leaping Gorge ...
Such a broad outlook , It is exclusively owned by Haba . To believe in , Your trip to Haba , What you can harvest is not only the beautiful scenery of snow mountains ...

6、 ... and : Precautions for travel

1. About dating

Haba's trip suggests making more partners . More outdoor tourists , First of all, the trip is more interesting ; The second is outdoor activities , More people , The safety factor is also relatively high , Especially snow mountain climbing activities , More players , How many caregivers . It is suggested to charter a car from Lijiang , Free travel , You don't have to ride around . Last , Shangri la has a high altitude , There are many winding mountain sections , There are many icy roads in winter , In order to ensure travel safety , It is suggested to find a professional old driver who often runs when chartering a car .

2. Mountaineering Guide

After the first day to Haba village , Be sure to find a local guide . Don't let yourself go up the mountain , I usually find a guide 1 Yes 1 Collaborative services . The weather is fine , It's basically no problem to successfully climb the top when your body is in normal condition .

3. Riding a horse

If you're afraid of climbing the top on the third day, you don't have enough physical strength , want “ preservation ” physical strength , You can hike from Haba village to the section of the mountain climbing base camp the next day , Find a horse with the local groom , You can ride up the mountain at your own expense .

4. Mountaineering tools

The two main tools Haba needs to climb the top are ice claws, ice picks and traction rope , But friends who find these tools troublesome don't need to bring , When you get there, you can rent it directly from the local guide . I just need to prepare some high calorie dry food and thickened submachine clothes and submachine shoes suitable for climbing snow mountains .

5. Physical exercise

Although climbing Haba snow mountain is an outdoor activity that ordinary people can try , But after all, it is also a challenging extreme activity , So as long as it's a bee that has a plan to go to Haba , It's best to ensure that you have enough physical strength and endurance . Suggest ahead of time 2 Take proper exercise every day for three months , Improve your physical fitness and physical fitness .

5. High anti people should pay attention to

If you are worried about Gao fan's bees, before coming to shangri la , You can drink some Rhodiola every day , General pharmacies have . You can take sweets with you , lollipop 、 chocolate 、 Glucose or something . When you feel dizzy, you can eat some sweets , Help to alleviate high reaction .
Don't drink at will in plateau areas , This will also cause high reaction . Try not to do strenuous exercise , It's better to keep enough physical strength before climbing .
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