Minnesota Industrial Museum Tour

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From American Greyhound bus to snow motorcycle 、 Canned beef 、 Red Wings (Red Wing) wait , Minnesota has a lot of great inventions , And integrate most of the inventions into the lives of the American people . By visiting museums and factories in Minnesota , Visitors can learn more about the history of Minnesota's invention and the development of culture .

Faribo wool textile mill (Faribault Woolen Mill)

When the Red Wing (Red Wing) While making boots for soldiers in World War II , Faribo wool textile mill has produced more than warm blankets 80 Years of time . The highest production of blankets was in 1960 And 1970 Year , During this period, the production of blankets accounted for half of the whole United States . then , The wool textile mill and 2 It closed down years ago , But the machine still works perfectly . At present, the wool textile mill can be opened to the outside world once a week , Visitors can call 507-412-5534 ask .
In the southern part of Minnesota , The sign of red wings can be seen everywhere , It can be regarded as a symbol of southern Minnesota , Among them are many hand-painted red winged water bottles 、 glass 、 Plates and bowls . In Red Wing ceramics (Red Wing Pottery) Market store , Visitors can visit the whole process of craftsmen making ceramics, and even buy a few to take home . Visitors can visit Red Wing ceramics on weekdays (Red Wing Stoneware). 
meanwhile , Visitors can also visit the Hongyi porcelain Museum (Pottery Museum of Red Wing) To learn about the history of this riverside town and its collections and so on . The museum claims to have an oversized porcelain , The volume exceeds 70 Gallon . The museum is in 2014 When it was expanded in , Put this large porcelain in Hongyi Porcelain Market (Red Wing Pottery Salesroom) In front of the store .

Duluth canvas (Duluth Pack)

since 1882 From the year onwards , Specializing in the production of canvas Duluth Pack The company has been committed to producing strong canvas or leather products , For border waters (the Boundary Water Canoe Area) Transportation and canoe raw materials . in addition , In order to cater to the tastes of the public and the changes of the market , With faribo wool textile mill (Faribault Woolen Mill) Cooperate to achieve the expected effect of the market . Visitors interested in the factory can apply to visit the factory in advance , The opening hours are from Monday to Thursday .

Mill City Museum (Mill City Museum)

Minneapolis (Minneapolis) The mill city museum (Mill City Museum) It's a museum of the Minnesota Historical Society , It has a high historical value , Also part of the ruins on the Mississippi River . The museum is dedicated to the development of Minneapolis , Especially the development of flour industry based on the water conservancy from San Antonio falls . It shows visitors the flour industry , The Mississippi River , And the history of Minneapolis .

Spam Museum (SPAM Museum)

During the Second World War , Hormel Foods, Minnesota (Hormel) Like troops, front-line transportation exceeds 1 Billion pounds of rectangular cans of meat for the army's lunch . When the war is over , Canned meat is not as popular as it used to be , But the word with the same name as canned meat SPAM( spam ) stay 1970 With the python troupe (Monty Python) The rise of is also on fire . meanwhile , The spam museum is also known as one of the strangest museums in the United States . When spam Museum (Spam Museum) When it's closed , Its new home is being built .

Minnesota's industry has a long history , Its industrial heritage museum is also known as the most valuable industrial museum in the United States today . Tourists can make tour routes according to their preferences . For more information, see :www.exploreminnesota.com(http://www.exploreminnesota.com/)
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