Make a cup of authentic Matcha to give you the most comprehensive introduction to Japanese tea ceremony!

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Make a cup of authentic Matcha Give you the most comprehensive introduction to Japanese tea ceremony !

Tea ceremony culture is the most representative “ Japanese tradition ” An experience of culture . People who have not known the tea ceremony may think that the tea ceremony is a complicated process , A craft that is difficult to learn . So today Xiaobian will briefly introduce the basic knowledge of tea ceremony , Etiquette , And the props needed , Let us have a detailed understanding of Japanese tea ceremony culture !

1. The charm of tea ceremony
2. First tea ceremony experience
3. The basic process of tea ceremony experience
4. More in-depth understanding of the fun of the tea ceremony    
5. Etiquette and intention of tea ceremony experience
6. Tea ceremony experience class recommendation
The charm of tea ceremony
「 The tea ceremony 」 It is one of the representatives of Japanese traditional culture , It is also the most traditional performing art in Japan , It needs to have a heart in the process of making tea 「 Warm hospitality 」 My heart and 「 aloneness 」 The spirit of . Now? , Tea ceremony is not only popular in Japan , It is well known overseas and all over the world .
When it comes to the charm of the tea ceremony, it still belongs to its ancient tea room environment . also , The tea room will change the flowers of the current season and provide the dishes of the current season in each season , Let us experience the Japanese customs in different seasons .
First tea ceremony experience
Speaking of the classification of tea ceremony , It's roughly divided into 「 A thousand watches (おもてせんけ)」「 Thousands of families (うらせんけ)」「 There are thousands of families in the path of the warrior (むしゃのこうじせんけ)」 These three categories . If time is limited , Only one day , There is no need to choose , The main thing is to experience the fun .
General tea ceremony experience class , Everyone knelt down in the tea room with tatami , If you are not used to kneeling , The tea room will also provide seats . Pavilion master ( Tea ceremony teacher ) Prepare Matcha powder in advance , tea set , And the matching snacks are placed in front of me , Then tell you how to make a bowl of authentic Matcha carefully .
The basic process of tea ceremony experience
A tea ceremony experience requires 45 minute ~4,5 Hours , Experience a tuition fee from 1000 A kind of ~10000 Do not wait .
There will be several packages to choose from , The general process will be explained one by one !
1. After entering the tea room , First, we should kneel down and greet each other in etiquette , Usually a closed fan will be placed in front of it . The fan means the boundary with others , And respect for each other .
※ Some tea ceremony experiences , No fan is an experience .
▲ Kneel down on the floor to give a courtesy greeting , Then start to visit the classroom , Hanging shaft , Flowers, props, etc .

next , The teacher will put the tea in front of him , And will remind you :「 Please pick up your tea 」, It's time to use 「 Turtle paper (かいし)」 Instead of holding the tray in your hand . In fact, the paper is used to wipe the tea stains on the bowl after drinking tea . And the function of the paper is omnipotent , The teacher will teach everyone one by one .
▲ The tea is on the paper , Generally, the shape of tea is the appearance of plants and food materials only in the current season , Very cute !

Next , The teacher will help everyone make tea , Try to keep quiet at this time
The purpose of the teacher's concentration is to help everyone make a bowl of high-quality tea , So just enjoy it quietly .
The pavilion leader made a tea party and handed it to everyone , At this time, take it with both hands and say ” thank you ” Kind words .
When drinking tea , The pavilion owner will hand over the front of the bowl , Clockwise rotation 90 Deg. , Avoid drinking tea from the front of the tea bowl .
After tea , Some tea foam will remain at the bottom of the bowl , At this time, drink the tea foam with sound , The reason why you can't leave tea foam is because , After drinking the tea, you can see the bottom of the bowl , It can not only show respect for the tea ceremony, but also show the fun it brings to you .
By the way : The tea used in the tea ceremony classroom is generally divided into 「 Thin tea 」 and 「 Strong tea 」 Two kinds of !
It is suggested that you choose... For the first time 「 Thin tea 」,「 Thin tea 」 A small amount of Matcha was used , The entrance is light and comfortable .
▲ Thin tea with soft taste . The surface is very fine foam , Probably 2~3 You can drink it by mouth .

Compared with thin tea , It is made from a large amount of Matcha , The appearance and taste are very rich .
▲ Strong tea , Rich green , But in fact, it is not as bitter as expected .

In fact, in the tea ceremony experience , Whether you choose to taste strong tea , Or thin tea , You can experience the essence of Japanese tea culture .
If both want to experience , You can go from strong tea to thin tea , Slowly from light to thick, there will be a level of taste , And you can
Learn more about the fun of tea ceremony  .
The second is the use of tea sets , The teacher will also seriously inform , Common tea sets are
Cool stove 、 Tea bowl 、 Teacup 、 teapot 、 Tea kettle 、 Teaspoon 、 Tea bottle
etc. .
▲  Pour Matcha into the tea bowl , Then pour in hot water , Stir evenly .

General tea ceremony experience courses , Another option is 「 Chahuai stone cuisine 」, A simple Huaishi cuisine with one juice and three dishes , Drink tea after eating . If you go on an empty stomach , Remember to explain to the teacher in advance , Will prepare some mild tea .
▲ All the special ingredients of the season are used , The special delicacy of the ingredients , And the sense of season is reflected in the cuisine .

「 Grind tea (てんちゃ)」 Is the most important step in the preparation , Use a special stone mill to grind it into a fine Matcha powder , Then make a brew .
▲ Turn the grinder hard , The fragrance of Matcha will be sent out .

Another experience is to participate in , One of the traditional tea parties 「 night のお tea 」. Different from the day , In the quiet atmosphere of candlelight at night, everyone tastes tea , The tea room was so quiet that only the sound of tea tasting could be heard .
tips: People will certainly question , I can't speak Japanese ! Don't worry about , There will be special programs for overseas passengers , There will also be special translators present .

Tea ceremony etiquette
The whole tea tasting process in Japan will take about 4 Hour or so , Of course, there will be many etiquette that must be paid attention to
. The most important points are the following :
< necessity >
・ White socks
Before entering the teahouse , To keep the teahouse clean , Be sure to put on white socks , If you wear white socks, it's OK .
< Bring your own things >
Fan and paper are necessary for experience , In fact, the teahouse will provide itself , But if you have one , You can also bring your own .
< matters needing attention >
・ Please put the jewelry , Take down the ring and put it aside
Because the teahouse is full of exquisite tea bowls and lacquerware , To prevent scratching the tea set , It is recommended that you remove .
In Kyoto , And Tokyo , Nara and Kagawa , Tea ceremony classrooms are set up in Sendai and other places all over the country . If you want to experience the most traditional Japanese etiquette , Be sure to try a tea ceremony class
Next, I'd like to recommend some popular tea ceremony classes for you ~

Tea ceremony body test En

Tea ceremony experience En It is a small handmade teahouse near the Zhien hospital in Kyoto . It is said that the shopkeeper is a tourist who wants to come “ Enjoy the tea ceremony quietly “, That's why the teahouse was opened in a quiet place . What is particularly interesting is the name of the store ,「En」 This pronunciation is in Japanese , Chinese characters can be written 「 edge 」 or 「 round ( A kind of )」, It symbolizes the tourists who come to experience the course and the tea room 「 edge 」 Share .
:〒605-0063  Songyuan Town, Dongshan District, Kyoto City 272
:   City bus 「 In front of Zhien Hospital 」 Stop at the station   Step by step 2 branch
            City bus 「 Only garden 」 Stop   Step by step 3 branch
            Underground 「 Dongshangu 」 Step by step 7 branch
:3000~5500 A kind of / people
Average experience time ️:2 Hours

There are thousands of tea ceremony classrooms Ginza tea zen

In Ginza tea zen , You can experience with 「 A thousand watches (おもてせんけ)」「 Thousands of families (うらせんけ)」 The tea ceremony culture represented . with 30 Ms. Takeda, a tea ceremony expert with many years of experience in tea ceremony , With its unique form, it spreads the tea ceremony culture to all parts of the world , And chachan can provide English and Chinese Services
: Ginza 4 Ding mu 12-17 Ginza Ishikawa ビル5F
: Ginza (ginza)  A kind of   Step by step 3 branch
: Landing + Tea ceremony experience  6800 A kind of ( Tax revenue )/ people ~8500( Tax revenue )/ people  
         Japanese courtyard + Tea ceremony experience  4320 A kind of ( Tax revenue )/ people
Average experience time ️: Landing + Tea ceremony experience 2  Hours    Japanese courtyard + Tea ceremony experience  1 Hours
Corresponding language :  Japanese language  /  English  /  Chinese
Business Hours : Monday ~ Sunday  

meditation There are thousands of tea ceremony classrooms

Meditation tea ceremony classroom , It is a classroom specialized in learning thousands of tea ceremonies .
Will have 22 Years of tea ceremony learning experience ,7 Mr. Haneda, who taught tea ceremony in, experienced the tea ceremony culture of thousands of families .
Address :
Xiasakusa in the Eastern District of Tokyo 1-9-8
: Get off at tanhara Cho station of Ginza Line and walk 4 minute , Get off at Tiantian shuqiancao station on Dongwu line and walk 9 Minute Tsukuba express, get off at Asakusa station and walk 5 minute
:90 Minute tea ceremony experience course  4180 A kind of / people
If you want to know the essence of Japan's most traditional culture and the delicacy of Matcha , You can find the customizers of Xianbei , Customize the most perfect tea ceremony experience .
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