Quieter than Dali, more natural than Lijiang! A small town in Yunnan that has been published in magazines for several times

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Overseas Chinese hometown

This is a small and exquisite County , The streets are crisscrossed , The old house and the new building echo each other .
Some people regard it as “ The most worthy secret place in my heart ”, National Geographic magazine called it “ The most beautiful place in Yunnan ”.
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This border town at the junction of China and Myanmar does have too many stories , Volcanic geothermal makes it famous all over the world ,“ Overseas Chinese hometown ” It's another name , The glittering and translucent jade is distributed and traded here .
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This is the place where countless heroes sleep , There are volcanoes towering over the sky 、 A hot spring splashing beads and jade 、 Golden ginkgo village and beautiful wetland ……
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You can't imagine , There is such a unique and magical place on the land of China .
This is it.
tengchong , A beautiful border city in western Yunnan .
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Tengchong is located in the southwest of Yunnan Province , This small town that appears in Geography Textbooks , It does sound like something “ remote ”.
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And so it is , Tengchong, located in the border area, is far away from Kunming, the provincial capital 606 km , From Myitkyina, Myanmar 200 km , From redo, India 602 km .
But it has been China's route to South Asia since ancient times 、 Important portals and nodes in Southeast Asia .
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With the arrival of Ginkgo season , Tengchong will welcome a large number of tourists again . Let the owner take advantage of this excellent travel opportunity , Take a serious leap to Amway worldwide !
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//  Gudong ginkgo village
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Gudong gingko village in Tengchong is also a well-known place to enjoy autumn in China . It is different from most scenic forests far away from residents , The biggest charm of ginkgo village lies in “ The village is in the forest , The tree is at home ”.
Village 3000 Many ginkgo trees are dotted in 827 Inside and outside the small courtyard of a family , Ginkgo is a part of the life of the villagers .
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Golden autumn is the most beautiful time in Gudong town .
The ancient and simple buildings add some vicissitudes under the ginkgo tree , The fields 、 Road 、 Wall top edge 、 The vegetable field is golden .
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Go into ginkgo square on Sancha road at the entrance of the village to chenjiazhai, which has the most dense ginkgo trees , The way in is covered with Ginkgo biloba leaves , A land of gold .
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Old gingko trees , Swaying in the wind , very pretty and charming , Dancing golden butterflies all over the sky .
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Stroll through the village alleys , inadvertently , Gingko leaves sprinkle all over your body , This artistic conception , You can't help holding up your camera , Capture all the beautiful scenery in the camera .
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in addition , The shadow play culture here has been handed down to this day , existing 600 Years of history , Its Xingyang paper umbrella 、 Jiangdong embroidery is famous all over the country .
These cultural treasures are also
It's another big attraction in the village .
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//  Heshun hometown of overseas Chinese
Located in the southwest of Tengchong County 4 Heshun ancient town, km away , existing 600 How old , This ancient town was once an important town of the caravan 、 It is a necessary place for the ancient Southwest Silk Road .
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The ancient name of Heshun “ Yang wendun ”, As the river flows around the village , So it was renamed “ Heshun ”, Back fetching “ Shi and min Shun ” The meaning of , Elegant name for today , It is now called Heshun town .
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Harmony is a place worth slowing down and experiencing , High and low slope road , An alley full of twists and turns , Stepping stones tempered by wind and frost ……
There are also enthusiastic and decent locals , Unconsciously, it will make outsiders relax .
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Even if you are not interested in the stories of the Republic of China, you can safely find a quiet Inn , Make a cup of tea , Look at the sunset , The stars in the sky .
After the morning call of the next day , Catch up with Zaoji on both sides of the main road .
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Compared with Dali, Lijiang has a better reputation , Heshun is really very low-key .
It is this tranquility and simplicity , It has attracted countless tourists to . TV play 《 Golden apple of the 》、 variety 《 The love of daughters 》 I've also taken pictures here .
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//  Volcano park
Tengchong is an area where volcanoes are concentrated in Asia , There are many volcanoes in the territory . According to the research , Tengchong County was built in 90 Ten thousand years ago, it erupted on the cooled and solidified lava .
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Tengchong volcano park has 97 A volcanic body and several lava platforms , It is the best destination to explore volcanic landforms , It is also one of the four major volcanic groups in China .
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The volcanic cone in the park 、 Volcanic craters 、 Lava land 、 Volcanic lake 、 Weir plug waterfall 、 Columnar joints are large-scale , The distribution is concentrated , Keep intact .
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Enter the gate of the scenic spot , On the right is a small museum about volcanoes , We can understand the formation and structure of volcanoes .
Another big empty mountain 、 Xiaokong mountain 、 Black empty mountain 、 Columnar joint 、 Cuttlefish River and other scenic spots .
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in addition , The park every morning 11:30 Before , You can also take a hot-air balloon , Overlooking volcanic landforms from high altitude , Often 20 About minutes , If you are interested , Try .
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//  Beihai wetland
Beihai Wetland Reserve is surrounded by mountains , A large area of land floating on the water is like a huge colorful carpet , Gorgeous and magical .
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From year to year 4 In mid-october to 5 month , It's the season when orchids bloom in Beihai , It is also the most beautiful season in the North Sea .
The air was filled with the fragrance of grass leaves , From time to time, there came the quack of wild ducks among the reeds , From time to time, there are pleasantly surprised cries of tourists stepping on the grass row .
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In the season of gingko yellow , The meadow will turn yellow , The whole Beihai Wetland is replaced by “ new clothes ”, It's a totally different kind of scenery .
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Boating on the lake , It's like being on the prairie , Just this one “ prairie ” It's floating on the water .
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//  Hot sea
Tengchong is rich in geothermal resources , hot spring 、 There are many springs .
The area of the hot sea is about 9 Square kilometers , There is an air spring 、 Hot Springs 80 The rest , among 10 The water temperature of a hot spring group is up to 90C above .
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The heat enveloped the place in a white fog , Hot springs can be seen everywhere .
The most typical hot sea is the big pot , In addition, there is Glasses Spring 、 Beauty pool, etc , Each spring has its own name and story .
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ad locum , You can also see one of the eighteen monsters in Yunnan “ Sell eggs on strings ”.
in addition , Rehai also has many nursing homes 、 Bathrooms, etc , You can take a bath here 、 Bubble hot spring , It's also a good experience .
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//  Memorial Cemetery
Chinese soldiers who died in the Anti Japanese war are buried here , People who come here , It's not just the dead , It is also a tragic history .
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Completed in 1945 The cemetery in was composed of the memorial tower and the martyrs' grave , The monument is engraved with the names of the dead 、 Native place 、 military rank 、 position , They were the first to recover Tengchong .
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The martyrs' Shrine in the cemetery is an ancient ancestral hall style building , There are several stone tablets and historical photos in it , Recording that sad history .
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//  Gaoligong mountains
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Gaoligong Mountain is located on the West Bank of Nujiang River , It crosses the Nujiang River and Baoshan , It is an important part of the three parallel rivers world natural heritage .
Gaoli is a transliteration of a family name of Jingpo nationality ,“ Tribute ” In Jingpo language, it is “ mountain ” The meaning of , Gaoligong is “ Gaoli family's mountain ”.
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Gaoligong Mountain spans five latitudes , It is the only area on earth that has preserved a large transition from humid tropical forest to temperate forest , A living plant .
There are all kinds of rare wild animals gathered here 、 plant , It is the hometown of the eight famous flowers in Yunnan , One in the area has “ World cuckoo King ” The famous big tree azalea blooms every year 4 More than ten thousand flowers , The spectacular flowering landscape is shocking .
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Waterfalls and fountains 、 Gaoligong Mountain with snow mountains and lakes , It is also a place of hot mountains and hot seas .
In addition, various smart wild animals inhabit the forest , The beautiful scenery created here makes it a photography lover 、 Hikers' paradise .
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//  Best travel time
Tengchong is suitable for tourism all year round , If in 4 Come at the end of the month , At this time, the soaring grass grows and the warbler flies , A lively scene .
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in addition , From year to year 11 Mid month -12 At the beginning of , It's the best time to see Ginkgo biloba in ginkgo village .
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//  Dressing Guide
Tengchong County has a tropical monsoon climate , There is no severe cold in winter , There is no heat in summer , It is suitable for sightseeing all year round . Tengchong is covered with forests , Green mountains and green waters everywhere , The scenery is beautiful and charming .
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Tengchong has a high solar radiation , No matter spring, summer, autumn or winter , As soon as the sun comes out, it will be warm , It's cold when it rains . Make sure you bring your coat , It can be used all year round in the local area .
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