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Come to the polar country Iceland , In addition to visiting scenic spots that are incredibly beautiful , Of course, try some delicious food that can only be eaten in Iceland ! It is said that the best lobster soup in the world 、 The best food is Superman hot dog castle 、 baked lamp chop 、 Bread Soup , And cinnamon rolls and super creamy ice cream that you'll never forget , Let me give you a detailed list of the top ten must eat foods in Iceland and the recommendations of popular stores , So you can quickly 、 malicious 、 Accurately taste the delicious Icelandic food all at once !

1. lobster

Hepburn is the main lobster producing area in Iceland , It is said that people living in the capital will also drive across 450 Kilometers to Hepburn , Just for the freshest lobster meal , It can be seen that lobster cuisine ranks very high in Icelandic cuisine . Common lobster dishes in Iceland include lobster soup 、 Roast lobster 、 Lobster pizza and so on , If you're worried that the price is over budget , Or you can just order a bowl of lobster soup , Eat and see the wonderful taste of polar lobster !

【 Recommend the store 】:Pakkhus Restaurant

Located in Hepburn Pakkhus Restaurant It's a very famous Lobster Restaurant in the town , Every meal will be full of guests . Lobster has a creamy smell of garlic , Crayfish cut in half is convenient for guests to eat , The delicious and elastic lobster meat will definitely make you want another plate ! Besides ,Pakkhus  Lobster pizza is also served , Soft shrimp with ketchup and cheese , Very sour and sweet .

Address :Hornafjörður Of HöfnKrosseyjarvegi 3,780
Telephone :+354 478 2280
Business Hours : Every day 12:00-22:00
Special reminder : Reservations are not accepted

【 Recommend the store 】:Sægreifinn(The Seabaron) Duke of the sea

The Seabaron Lobster soup was once the most authoritative travel magazine in the world LonelyPlanet Selected as the world's most delicious lobster soup . The store will usually send you bread and cream , Enjoy with lobster soup with strong taste . however ,The Seabaron In fact, it is a seafood restaurant that started with seafood kebab , There is a string of seafood in the freezer next to the counter , If you want to order, you can tell the clerk directly , You don't have to take it yourself ! There are also roast whale meat dishes in the store , You know, Iceland is one of the few countries that legally eat whale meat , If you wonder what whale meat tastes like , We should seize the opportunity to order one to taste !

:: Reykjavik 101 Gailsgata 4a
Telephone :+354 553 1500
Business Hours :5~8 month 11:30-23:00,9~4 month 11:30-22:00
Special reminder : acceptable 4 More than people are booked
Official website

2.  Mutton hot dog castle
【 Recommend the store 】:Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur  Hot dog stand

what ? Come to Iceland and eat hot dog castle ? Let Xiaobian tell you , This is definitely not an ordinary hot dog castle !Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur Our hot dogs are mainly made of mutton mixed with pork and beef , Add fresh crispy raw onions 、 Fried onions 、 And sweet mustard , With a mayonnaise based sauce remolaði, The taste is rich and layered , Promise to change your boring impression of hot dog castle !Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur from 1937 It has been operating in Reykjavik since , At present, there are five branches in Iceland , It is the most affordable and highly praised Icelandic cuisine , Even former US President Clinton came to eat , So don't miss coming to Iceland !

Address :Tryggvagata 1 101 Reykjavík Iceland
Telephone :+354 511 1566
Business Hours : Sunday ~ Four 10:00-01:00  Friday 、 Saturday 10:00-04:30
Price : Hot dog castle $450kr; drinks $250kr
Official website

3.  baked lamp chop
Mutton is another important famous product in Iceland besides seafood , Sheep growing in Iceland eat grass nourished by good mountains and water every day , Therefore, the meat is very strong and has no smell of mutton , Friends who are afraid of eating mutton can also enjoy it at ease .

【 Recommend the store 】:Grillmarkaðurinn (The Grill Market)

The Grill Market It is one of the most popular restaurants in Reykjavik , One of the chefs is from Michelin restaurants in London and Copenhagen , And insist on using fresh seasonal ingredients in Iceland , Therefore, the price here is also on the high side , If you have a budget and want to eat a good and delicious meal , There must be no mistake in choosing here ! baked lamp chop 、Puffin bird ( Puffin ) Meat burger 、 Roast whale meat is a specialty here .

Address : Reykjavik 101Lækjargata2a
Telephone :+354 571 7777
Business Hours : Monday ~ 5、 ... and 11:30-14:00 / 18:00-22:30, Saturday 18:00-23:30, Sunday 18:00-22:30
Price : There are menus and prices on the official website , Lunch is about half the price of dinner

4.  Mutton soup
Except roast lamb chops , Mutton soup is also a traditional dish that you can't miss when you come to Iceland . The traditional mutton soup in Iceland has fresh and tender mutton pieces , And potatoes 、 garden radish 、 Root vegetables are boiled with spices , It tastes sweet 、 Moderate saltiness . In cold weather, warm up with a bowl of hot mutton soup , It's so happy !

【 Recommend the store 】:Icelandic street food 

Icelandic street food  Located in the center of Reykjavik , And Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur  The hot dog stand is only about 5 Minutes walking distance . Breakfast is the main service in the store 、 Mutton soup 、 Stewed fish and dessert , The soup is divided into poly dragon bowls 、 Baolilong bowl with three pieces of bread or noodles , The prices are all different . If you think bread alone is dry , You can also buy cream matching by yourself !

Address :8, Reykjavik , Lakgargata ,101
Telephone :+354 519 5125
Business Hours : Every day 9:00-23:00
Price : Mutton soup $1490kr~$1990kr/ bowl ( You can renew the soup for free )

5. Fish dish
Iceland is one of the most important fishing countries in Europe , The freshest fish products are exported to the European market every day . What's unexpected is that , Even the coins of Iceland are printed with fish and crabs , So-called 「 Fishy smell 」 But for Icelanders 「 Copper smell 」 Well ! As one can imagine , How much wealth has fishing brought to Icelanders , It also proves that Iceland's fishery is extraordinary . therefore , When you come to Iceland, you must try the top delicacy of fish growing in the polar regions !

【 Recommend the store 】:Ostabudin 

Icelandic fish is the best ? The one recommended by Xiaobian Ostabudin The restaurant is the most delicious fish restaurant recognized by most Icelandic locals , Especially at lunch CP The value is too high , Cheapness 、 The fish is delicious 、 A lot , It must satisfy you ! Daily fresh fish and daily soup served in the store ( Only for lunch on weekdays :11:30-15:30) It's a must-have meal for a large bowl , The delicious and juicy fish steak is definitely a human delicacy that can't be missed , Delicious hot soup with bread can add a sense of fullness to you , After you have enough to eat and drink, you can set out for more beautiful scenic spots !

Address :Skólavörðustígur8,101 Reykjavik
Telephone :+354 562 2772
Business Hours : Monday ~ 5、 ... and 11:30-22:00, Saturday ~ Japan 12:00-22:00
Price : Daily fresh fish $1950kr/ Share ; Make soup every day / Share $1150kr

6.  Bread Soup
In Iceland , It's a very common way to eat soup with bread , Bread is usually made of wheat , Give you nutrition and satiety . The bread with crisp outside and soft inside is filled with hot thick soup , Eating one can restore strength to the body tired after a long journey .

【 Recommend the store 】:Svarta Kaffid 

Svarta Kaffid  It's a soup restaurant in Reykjavik , It is said that there is the best bread soup in the town ! The sign in the shop is to provide only one meat and one vegetable every day 、 Traditional western style thick soup in a bread bowl , Different flavors are served every day , The whole bread is bigger than a fist , Even the piece of bread dug out in the middle will be given to you ! Tear off the bottom bag and spread cream , Enjoy with delicious thick soup , It will definitely keep you warm 、 Leave full .

Address :Laugavegur 54 101 Reykjavík
Telephone :+354 551 2999
Business Hours : Monday ~ Four 11:30-23:00, Friday ~ 6、 ... and 11:30-01:00, Sunday 12:00-23:00
Price : Bread Soup $1950kr/ Share
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7.  ice cream
Although the weather in Iceland is chilly , But there are ice cream shops everywhere , And the closing time is usually late , It is said that you can see the long lines of ice cream shops in all seasons , It can be seen how crazy Icelanders are about ice cream !

【 Recommend the store 】:Brynja 

The name is Brynja Our ice cream shop is located in the northern city of acrey, Iceland (Akureyri), The customer base is mainly local people , Many tourists will also come to try to taste super dense 、 Ice cream that people fall in love with as soon as they eat . You can choose the amount and size you want to eat , In cups 、 In barrels or cones , With your favorite ingredients , You can also choose ingredients to break with ice cream , Or put it aside to eat .

Al:Aðalstræti3,600 Akureyri
Telephone :+354 462 4478
Business Hours : Every day 12:00-23:00
Price : The cheapest small cup $500kr
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【 Recommend the store 】:Valdís

Located in Reykjavik Valdís It's a very popular ice cream shop , The amount of ice cream given by the store is super generous , You can feel the weight in your hand ! Almost every day 20 There are two flavors to choose from , The most popular is the gray salty peanut caramel ice cream .Valdís Also sell fruit flavored 、 Creamy ice cream , Sometimes there are some strange flavors : Bacon flavor 、 Beer taste 、 Curry flavors with coconut and pepper challenge guests . There are many people in the store , You need to take the number plate first , Wait for the screen on the counter to call ; When there are few people, you can order and check out directly at the counter .

:: Reykjavik 101,Grandagarður21(
Telephone :+354 586 8088
Business Hours : Every day 12:00-23:00
Price : A ball $500kr, Two balls $700kr, Three balls $900kr

8.  Cinnamon roll
【 Recommend the store 】:Braud & Co  Bakery

If you ask Iceland what dessert you have to eat , That Xiaobian will definitely recommend you Braud & Co The cinnamon roll from the bakery , The most famous here 、 The most people buy is the signature cinnamon roll , Of course, try to see how delicious it is ! Like a pot cow 、 Round spiral cinnamon roll , Serve with original flavor 、 vanilla 、 Blueberry and other flavors , It emits a faint smell of cinnamon , The surface has a sweet taste of icing , It's crispy and chewy, but it's not difficult to bite , Solid but not dry mouth . Except for cinnamon rolls , Apple pie is also recognized as one of the delicious items , The crispy crust is perfectly matched with the charming cream flavor , The apple stuffing seasoned with cinnamon is the finishing touch , A big bonus for apple pie !

Address :Frakkastígur16, Reykjavik
Telephone :+354 456 7777
Business Hours : Every day 06:00-18:00
Price : Cinnamon roll 、 Apple pie is about $500kr/ individual

9.  Hamburger
Iceland has a cold climate , People who like to eat extra high calorie food in cold areas , Hamburger is the favorite of Icelanders . In Iceland , Hamburgers can be very cheap , It can also be very high-end , Beef from ordinary fast food restaurants 、 From mutton burger to lobster meat in high-end restaurants 、 Whale burgers and even reindeer burgers .

【 Recommend the store 】:Hamborgarafabrikkan

Xiaobian recommended this hamburger store for you Hamborgarafabrikkan In Icelandic it is 「 Hamburg factory 」 It means , There are stores in Reykjavik and akreli . The store specializes in developing delicious hamburgers with various flavors , among 「 Captain Hamburg 」 Made from Spanish ham and high-quality beef , With grilled mushrooms 、 Red onion 、 Cheese and vegetables , Spread with crispy French fries and specially prepared sauce , The bread is also very soft and delicious . This Burger Shop has about 15 There are three flavors for guests to choose , Every hamburger meal comes with crispy French fries . You can Hamborgarafabrikkan  Find your favorite flavor , I will not let you down !

Address :Höfðatorg,2,105,Katrínartún,101Reykjavík
Telephone :+354 575 7575
Business Hours : Sunday ~ Four 11:30-2200, Friday ~ 6、 ... and 11:30-23:00
Price : Hamburger $2295kr~$2995kr/ Share

10. Skye
Many people will think Skyr It's a kind of yogurt , But in fact, strictly speaking, it is not a yogurt , But a kind of fermented milk made of low-fat milk and bacteria , It's a traditional Icelandic dairy product . A little Skyr  Not just nutrition and health , It can also give you a sense of fullness , It can be spread on toast for breakfast or eaten directly as a snack , Or make all kinds of desserts . You can find it in supermarkets all over Iceland , A rare trip to Iceland , Be sure to buy it and try it .Skyr In addition to the original flavor , Also introduced vanilla 、 blueberries 、 strawberry 、 Banana 、 Hami melon, etc , If you like snacks and are afraid of getting fat, you must not miss it !
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