Zhenjiang is crossing the ancient Xijin River in Zhenjiang to explore the ancient intangible cultural heritage

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6 month 10 Japan ,“ Water rhyme   jiangsu  · Intangible cultural heritage Shopping Festival ” The launching ceremony was held at Jianyuan square, xijindu scenic spot, Zhenjiang city . This is the theme activity of this year's cultural and natural heritage day in Jiangsu Province .

As a travel blogger who wants to know more about traditional culture , I made a special trip to   Zhenjiang participated in this activity .

Of course, there are more than launching ceremonies and wonderful performances on site . The whole street of xijindu , It is already full of various intangible cultural heritage display stalls . The ancient ferry and ancient skills meet here , But it is full of vitality .

Various craftsmen are also here to show their skills , Showing the charm of intangible cultural heritage .

What impressed me most at the exhibition was the Eggshell Carving .

Eggshell carving art originated from the Warring States period . First choose a smooth surface 、 An egg of even shape , Use a needle to remove the yolk and egg white from the egg shell , After cleaning 、 dry by airing 、 mapping 、 More than a dozen processes such as carving , Can be made into a fine egg carving handicraft .

Except for Eggshell Carving , There are all kinds of things I saw when I was a child but can't find now .

Besides attending the launching ceremony of xijindu and Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition , I also went deep into   zhenjiang   Every corner of , The field exploration has learned some   zhenjiang   Intangible cultural heritage .

The first stop is at Runxing road 2 Dragon vein ceramic creative park on the th .

The creative park is not big , But he has collected exquisite porcelain carvings . handcrafted , Very delicate .

Porcelain carving as a kind of intangible cultural heritage , It has also been inherited here . There are not only freehand brushwork   China   Traditional paintings and porcelain carvings , There are also realistic monkey porcelain carving plates , The image is very playful .

There are also the Analects of Confucius porcelain carved porcelain slips , The small pieces of porcelain are covered with numerous quotations from the Analects of Confucius . I have to lament the fine carving of porcelain carving works , The richness of species .

And I also had the honor to observe the on-site porcelain carving process of master cuiyong, the successor of porcelain carving .

The so-called porcelain carving , It is to engrave a book with a tungsten steel knife or a diamond knife on the glazed and fired plain porcelain 、 A kind of handicraft for painting . Some people compare it to embroidery on porcelain . No diamond , No porcelain work , This is the art .

It's a delicate job , Compared with stone carvings on stone tablets , Porcelain carvings only show a few inches of heaven and earth . In order to show the lines of porcelain carving perfectly , The strength of each blade must be very accurate , In order to ensure that the lines or bright or light pen touch appear when coloring later . Sometimes even a little force , It will also lead to porcelain cracks and waste all previous efforts .

The process of porcelain carving is not simple , First, paint on the smooth glaze , Then enter into the tedious carving stage , Finally, use oil paint to color the deep and light stripes .

I've also had a temporary experience . Just a moment , My eyes are blurred .

Rome wasn't built in a day , It seems that if you want to carve porcelain well , You can't do it without years of practice .

The second stop is Hanyun erhu factory , Experienced the birth of Erhu from wood block to finished product .

Han rhyme erhu has a long history , Zhuyongqi, who was in Shunzhi period of the Qing Dynasty, founded “ Hanyun Piano Workshop ” Start , Its making skills are handed down from generation to generation , So far, I have experienced 300 many years .

It is made of old mahogany 、 Red sandalwood 、 Ebony, etc , When making, there are “ Piano rod making 、 Barrel making 、 Piano holder making 、 Piano shaft making 、 Installation of piano shaft and rod 、 Installation of piano rod and barrel 、 skin 、 Sound window making 、 The whole piano combination ” And so on .

Erhu made by Hanyun erhu factory , It not only tests the accumulation of violin making skills , It also needs the precipitation of the master of time , A good piano embryo with a large system , It will take a year or two to wind the skin .

The handmade erhu also retains the craftsmanship of fineness , The master is carefully polishing and waxing the erhu with a cloth wheel .

The third stop , Explored the most famous intangible cultural heritage in Zhenjiang —— Vinegar brewing . So I also came to vinegar Zhenjiang vinegar Culture Museum .

Soon after entering the museum, you can see all kinds of vinegar displayed in the window .

Then we came to an experience hall that completely restored the appearance of the vinegar making factory nearly a hundred years ago . This paper introduces and reproduces the pure manual brewing process of vinegar before industrial production .

The ratio of vinegar to various grains , Temperature control , The precipitation of time , Must be very accurate . For me, there is no grain to be divided , For those who only know the fragrance of vinegar , Quite shocking .

There are also huge steamers to ensure the ripeness of grains .

Walking beside these jars of grain fermentation , I can't help admiring the wisdom and skills of my ancestors . I have to say , Although vinegar is fragrant , But beside the vinegar jar , It smells sour .“ The vinegar jar turned over ” Acid sensation of , I have a specific imagination in my mind and I am afraid of it . Of course , The more sour the vinegar in the vinegar jar , It means that the vinegar after the finished product will be more fragrant .

This trip to explore the intangible cultural heritage of Zhenjiang , Undoubtedly, it enriches a travel blogger's hodgepodge of cultural pan hunting , Of course, I am also very glad that these skills seem to exist only in my childhood memory , It can be preserved and continued in the 21st century .

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