Tianding mountain ski resort -- the place where passion and dream begin

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I spent nearly two months at home on the weekend, brushing dramas and eating takeout , Finally, he was just returned from school “ Skiers ” Ms. Qin dragged me to punch in. It was just built this winter , Tianding mountain ski resort located in Erdao District of Changchun City .
When I set out, I didn't realize what a fantastic experience it would be , Skiing Xiaobai, I am very resistant to this trip , Almost dragged out of the house ...... But in the end , Sure enough “ The Theory of So Delicious ” Do not deceive me , I was dragged out of the snow field by Ms. Qin ......

Don't talk much , I want to share this dream experience with you ~


Ms. Qin learned from the official account of tiandingshan that , Tiandingshan ski resort has a special through train , The starting point is located in the Oriental square in Erdao District , metro 2 The line can go directly to .

Out of the subway station , There is a through train across the road , It's actually a bus and trolley bus . So little friends like me who don't have enough eyes should pay attention to , Don't walk out of the subway and walk towards the opposite bus stop , Otherwise, you will march in the direction of Changchun Guanghua College not far away .

The through train starts at 8 a.m , Price 5 individual “ ocean ”, Compartment 30 minute . unfortunately , Ms. Qin and I arrived in the morning of Beijing time 12 spot 34 branch ......

One o'clock in the afternoon , The through train officially leaves , Because it's still in the trial operation stage , So there aren't many people in the car . Less than 20 Minutes of time , We arrived at the gate of tiandingshan ski resort .
After entering the service hall , I found that there are not many tourists , And there is no shortage of police service centers . Not far away, a group of soldiers in camouflage coats are resting , It's said to be a military cadet who came here for skiing class , But before I could appreciate it, I was ruthlessly dragged away by Ms. Qin .

skiing ing

The snow field has a total of 、 in 、 high 16 A snow track . Ten of the primary snow tracks , Slope is gentle , High security , It is very suitable for skiing Xiaobai like me , This makes me feel a lot at ease when I originally resisted .
Ski trails have also become a favorite of ski lovers “ Noodle snow ”, Long, straight and white , It's very similar to the beef noodle pulled out by the beef noodle master .
skiing “ Talent show" ” Ms. Qin can't make complaints about the snow road. , While accompanying me on the primary snow track, the turtle sped forward .

It was close to four o'clock in the afternoon when the initial results were achieved , Recall Ms. Qin who was released by me to have fun on the intermediate snow track , Come to the cable car together , Get ready to feel the cable car here .
After the cable car goes out , I've always been slightly afraid of heights. I'm afraid , The wind is very strong in mid air , But it won't be too cold when fully armed . Ms. Qin shook her legs all the way and said hi , Very happy , But in my eyes , The eight minute trip was a bit painful .

At the other end of the cable car is a restaurant , But because it's during the trial operation , Not open for the time being .

It was dusk on the return trip , On the cable car, Ms. Qin “ Coercion and inducement ” Let me open my eyes . In the distance is a red cloud , Like thick cinnabar , Scattered on the horizon . Snow and sunset set off each other , Fill in the thick ink and heavy color for tiandingshan ski resort .
At a distance , A colorful light attracted me , Listen to Ms. Qin , In the distance is the snow and ice world in Changchun, which has not yet been opened . Look far away , It has begun to take shape, and it has a wonderful fusion with the dusk of Tianding mountain , Dreamy and romantic .

Missed night slide

Go back to the entrance , It's already dark , Tiandingshan ski resort has been illuminated by warm yellow lights . MS Qin said , This is the open night ski resort in Tianding mountain , Every night 5 It starts at half past three , until night 10 Some end .

Due to the through train , Ms. Qin dragged me away eager to try night skating , However, this treasure ski resort has joined the red list of my winter tour , When you punch in again , Be sure to feel the night skiing and walking around Changchun ice and snow world !
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