Huainan is a legend of Northern Anhui, exploring Huaibei, Suzhou, Bengbu and Huainan in the name of food

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Legendary Northern Anhui

At the mention of anhui tourism , Most tourists think of Southern anhui . I am from northern Anhui , Hometown Huainan , Although now settled in Changzhou, Jiangsu , But when it comes to the North Anhui area of my hometown , I still can't help but want to recommend it to everyone .
you 're right , Tourism in Northern Anhui , In terms of scenic spot construction and a series of hardware facilities for urban transportation, it is not comparable to Southern anhui Of , Let alone go to the Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions . However, the history, culture and cultural food here are absolutely practical “ potential share ”, It's legendary . in my opinion , Tourism in Northern Anhui will catch on sooner or later , While the heat is low 、 Better experience , It's better to have a self driving tour earlier .
This time, , I am just with my friends , I drove through four cities in Northern Anhui in turn : Huaibei 、 Suzhou 、 Bengbu and Huainan . These four cities are also neighboring cities in turn , Self driving does not require much traffic strategy , Just navigate directly to the destination .
The theme of this trip is eating 、 The local culture, history and good tourist attractions are also dabbled in , Let's cut down on gossip , According to the city, it will bring you the purest Northern Anhui , I also sincerely recommend my hometown to you .

Huaibei chapter

Huaibei And we Huainan equally , When I was a child, I knew that it was a resource-based city dominated by coal , However, in recent years, the transformation of Tourism , What we do is vivid and colorful , I am also very greedy . Huaibei The history can be traced back to 4000 Many years ago , The 11th emperor of Shang and Tang Dynasties built a civil engineering city at the same time Shannan Lu , It's the earliest Huaibei . Today, Huaibei There is Xiangshan Park 、 Longji mountain 、 Linhuan ancient town 、 Sui and Tang Dynasties canal ancient town and many other scenic spots , still anhui Well-known wine “ Kouzi cellar ” The country of origin of .

【 Huaibei scenery 】 Four seasons durian garden

Came to Huaibei The first stop is the four seasons Liuyuan scenic spot . Speaking of anhui Pomegranate , The outside world is more famous for Bengbu Huaiyuan Pomegranate of the county , however Huaibei The pomegranate garden is larger , It has a very long history , Many of them are pomegranate trees left over from the Ming and Qing Dynasties . I wandered in the pomegranate garden , Many are marked 200~400 Years old , It really shocked me .

Of course, summer is not the season to eat pomegranates , Although you can buy pomegranate wine now 、 Pomegranate juice these pomegranate products . As for why we came , The next gourmet chapter will be revealed . It is also a good clock in the mountain near the pomegranate garden , You can drive up along the repaired highway , Overlooking the countryside in Northern Anhui .

【 Huaibei cuisine 】 Liuyuan ground pot chicken

Here is the answer to the previous article , I came to the pomegranate garden in the Ming and Qing Dynasties to have an authentic pot chicken in the pomegranate garden .

In the north of Anhui Province and in the north Xuzhou, Jiangsu 、 Weishan, Shandong The lake area has the habit of eating ground pot chicken , It also spread to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and even further places with the flow of population . But the ground pot chicken originated in Northern Anhui , Yes Huaibei A delicacy you have to eat . In fact, the local pot chicken has evolved over time and region , There will be some differences . Why do I recommend Huaibei Eat the chicken in the pot in the durian garden ? Because it has a strong regional identity .

The local chicken is raised in the pomegranate garden , Feed pomegranate seeds and grass . The cooking stove also uses pomegranate to make a fire 、 Cooking in a pan , And developed our gang 、 Spicy 、 beer 、 Pineapple has four flavors . Do not come to the pomegranate garden in the Ming and Qing Dynasties , You really don't have to be able to eat such a typical chicken in the pot .

【 Huaibei scenery 】 Sui Tang canal ancient town

as everyone knows , The Sui and Tang Grand Canal is a world-class cultural heritage , Liuzi wharf is one of the important sites , Become anhui The third world cultural heritage of Sichuan Province . Located in Xiangshan District, this Sui Tang canal ancient town is an antique block built on the canal culture .

It is very suitable to take photos in the ancient town during the day , The antique buildings are especially fresh with the blue sky and white clouds in summer . There are also five Phoenix and three pavilions in the block 、 Yuanchen Hall 、 Yuelao temple 、 You can visit Caocang weir gate and other scenic spots .

Come to the ancient town in the evening to experience the local culture , Stalls 、 live 、 Shopping for food …… Very lively . Huaibei The spiritual and cultural life of citizens is vividly reflected here . This is also the reason why I started to push the north of Anhui , The people here are real 、 Along with the gender , Enjoy pleasure in good time , No, Big city The inner volume of the city 、 Pressure and cold .

【 Huaibei cuisine 】 Suishui red carp

Don't hurry to leave after visiting the canal ancient town of Sui and Tang Dynasties , Food recommendation: Hometown hotel in the ancient town , Try some famous local dishes : Suishui red carp .

This dish is to cut the carp with an oblique knife on both sides , Marinate some ingredients to remove the fishy smell, and then pat the flour thin ,7 Heat up and fry until golden . Then use seasoning to stir fry , Stew fish for about 10 Minutes to load 、 Thicken, pour in the soup and sprinkle with scallions .

Bai Juyi, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, once wrote a poem :“ The lake is green and white gulls fly , Suishui Qinglian red carp fat .” Suishui red carp is exactly the restoration of the delicacy in the poem , Also became Huaibei An indispensable dish at a local banquet .

I have to say that the hometown hotel is a very high-grade restaurant , Whether it's a business trip or bringing family Huaibei play , It is a good restaurant . If you don't believe me, let's take a look at the other dishes we have .


Suzhou, Anhui Located in Su 、 Lu 、 Yu 、 The four provinces of Anhui are at the border , It is known as the gateway of Northern Anhui , Has a long history . A long time ago , Huaibei and Suzhou It can be said that they belong to the same region , So the history, culture and customs here are related to Huaibei Very close , Now the two places also have close contacts .

【 Suzhou history 】 Suzhou Museum

Came to Suzhou My first stop was to visit the city museum , Because this museum is “ anhui The top ten most beautiful museums in Sichuan Province ” One of , Located in Tongji 1st road 8 Number . The museum is divided into a prelude hall 、 Humanistic traceability 、 The majestic style of the Qin and Han Dynasties 、 Bianshui throat 、 The legacy of the Ming and Qing Dynasties 、 Modern times 、 the greatness of a man lends glory to a place 、 Folk art 8 A unit . If you want to quickly browse the essence , I recommend the Qin and Han Dynasties 、 Bianshui throat 、 Ming and Qing Dynasty rhymes . Among them, the heroic style of Qin and Han Dynasties is the essence of essence , Here I saw the stone carvings of the Han Dynasty and the treasures of the town hall “ Our law ”, Are rare cultural relics .

What impressed me most was , Suzhou The waterways have been developed since ancient times , It is an important traffic route and also a place for strategists to fight for . Chen Sheng, Wu Guangze Township uprising 、 The battle between Xiang Yu and Liu Bang , And the decisive battle of the Huaihai sea in modern times are all here . If you are a military fan or a history fan , Yes Suzhou The museum will be very interested .

【 Suzhou cuisine 】 Fish bite sheep

In addition to the history , Suzhou There are also many special delicacies , such as Fuliji roasted chicken was well-known all over the country in the green train era . This time I came to Laomei restaurant in the city and had a bowl of delicious “ Fish bite sheep ” Even more impressive .

The fish bites the sheep is as interesting as its name . It is said that Confucius traveled around the world Suzhou Xiaoxian when , His students found a small piece of mutton and a few small fish , Because of hunger , I had to cook lamb and fish together in an emergency . To my surprise , Mutton stewed fish soup is very delicious , It has spread to this day . It is said that Confucius created “ fresh ” word , from “ fish ”“ sheep ” Two words combined .

This fish bites the sheep and is also rated anhui One of the special Anhui dishes you have to eat when traveling , Laomei restaurant is also the leading restaurant in the local production of fish biting sheep . Other dishes are equally noteworthy , Suitable for business trips and family dinners .

【 Suzhou scenery 】 Huangcangyu, Xiaoxian county

Suzhou It governs four counties and one district , among Xiaoxian It is a county worth visiting . Here is a huangcangyu scenic spot , Because of the late Qin Dynasty , Liu Bang is well known for hiding here . Now the ancient trees in huangcang valley are towering 、 The spring is tinkling , It is a great place to travel in summer , And there is a royal Cave 、 Tug of war 、 Mapaquan and other historical and cultural landscapes .

Huangcangyu scenic spot is very big , Tourists can also decide whether to complete the whole journey according to their own conditions , One part of the journey is also by sightseeing bus , There are also interesting slides on the mountain to go down , It can also save a lot of energy .

【 Suzhou cuisine 】 Huangcangyu mushroom chicken

After visiting the huangcangyu scenic area, do not leave in a hurry , Eating an authentic mushroom chicken outside the scenic spot is a perfect meal , More than half of us came here to eat mushroom chicken . There are also many restaurants selling mushroom chicken around the scenic spot , Recommend Maliping authentic huangcangyu mushroom chicken restaurant . Although it looks like a farmhouse Workshop , But you'll never forget it .

The ingredients of mushroom chicken are wild mushrooms in huangcangyu Valley and free range native rooster , Cooked in firewood hot pot , Delicious, fresh and tender 、 Spicy and delicious , There is even “ Don't eat mushroom chicken , White to huangcangyu ” said . Because the earthen stove is just outside the hotel , Diners can see the whole process of making mushroom chicken here , It is similar to the ground chicken , But it's a little different .(ps. Personally, I think it's really delicious , I think mushrooms taste better than chicken !)

Bengbu chapter

Bengbu In us Huainan Next door , I always have the impression that the traffic is developed , yes anhui An important comprehensive industrial base 、 National comprehensive transportation hub . In the era of green train, I often go to Bengbu tranfer? , So I am very familiar with it . Bengbu with “ Yuhui vassal land , Huaishang Pearl City ” Known as the , It is one of the birthplaces of Huaihe culture .

【 Bengbu scenery 】 Longzi Lake

Longzi Lake is Bengbu Well known tourist attractions in the city , Not only tourists love to come , Local citizens often clock in . There are sculptures with the marks of the North-South boundary 、 Soup and tomb 、 Bengbu Municipal revolutionary history exhibition hall 、 son of the Dragon King West Lake park 、 Longhu culture and Art Museum 、 Bengbu Ancient folk house Expo Park and other scenic spots .

We must have a look at the sculpture of the boundary mark between the north and the south . There is a dragon pattern on the top of the sculpture , The four directions below are Qinglong 、 white tiger 、 Xuanwu 、 The four great beasts of rosefinch ( They represent East 、 south 、 In the west 、 Four north directions ). It separates the north and the south according to the climate , Blue points to the South , Red points to the north . This corresponds to Bengbu The city is located in China The North-South geographical boundary Qinling Mountains — The Huaihe River line .

【 Bengbu cuisine 】 Braised giant leech shrimp

Visit Longzi Lake 、 Eat giant leech shrimp . The giant leech shrimp is Bengbu Local people call it , It also refers to the crayfish we often say . Bengbu yes anhui One of the first places to eat crayfish , since 1979 In, an open-air market selling leeches and shrimps was formed spontaneously . This time, I came to Acai laopu, which is the most popular crayfish shop in this area , Even at noon , Diners are also full .

What is different from crayfish everywhere is Bengbu Most of the giant leeches are braised in brown sauce , The real name recommends braised pork and fried pork . These two flavors are more representative in local areas , Of course, garlic crawfish is also yyds. If this is your first time here Bengbu Eat crayfish , A few more copies must be worth it .

Besides the giant leech shrimp, it is worth eating , The alcai old shop itself is also Bengbu A net red card punching place . The decoration style of the restaurant is the same as that of the 8th century 、 The scene of the nineties , It also makes me full of memories ! And recently popular on the Internet “ Bengbu Live in the ” I found it here . Okay , After eating the giant leech shrimp , Really in Bengbu Live in the ( Bengbu Stay one night !), ha-ha !

【 Bengbu scenery 】 Zhanggongshan Park

“ Yuhui vassal land , Huaishang Pearl City ”, Except Longzi Lake , Bengbu There is also a scenic spot worth punching in the city . It's zhanggongshan park . Because there are two city landmarks in the park . One is on the central axis of the South Gate of the park “ Pearl clam welcomes guests ” sculpture , The other is the wanghuai tower on the mountain , As the name suggests, you can overlook the Huaihe River .

Zhanggongshan park is not too big , It is also free for tourists . Besides looking at landmarks , You can also go boating on the lake in the park , And walk on the plank road . In addition, I found that zhanggongshan park is also a camping treasure , There is a lot of green grass here , The environment is good , Someone set up the curtain of heaven early , Very leisurely !

【 Bengbu cuisine 】 Snow garden four color Lantern Festival

After visiting zhanggongshan Park , In the afternoon, we went to the Xueyuan snack bar, which was founded in the 1940s , I tasted the famous “ Snow garden wine fermented muddy soup Four Color Lantern Festival ”. Never in my wildest dreams , This kind of Lantern Festival is actually a municipal intangible cultural heritage ,“ Four color ” Is to add Hawthorn respectively 、 Red bean paste 、 sesame 、 Four kinds of Yuanxiao wrapped with four kinds of Osmanthus fillings .

Why should I come in the late afternoon ? It is said that at dinner , There is a line in the snack bar every day ,9 A bowl of yuan is really affordable , The shopkeeper said that the stuffing of the Lantern Festival was made by hand with real materials . What's more, the shopkeeper can tell the taste of Yuanxiao from the big pot , I think they all look the same ! It seems “ Practice makes perfect ” There is nothing wrong with what I said .

Huainan chapter

Finally to my hometown Huainan 了 ! Huainan It is the coal in East China 、 Power based energy production base 、 anhui It is an important central city in the north and an important national energy base , So tourism is a short board . I will always be proud to tell others , We have Asia The largest coal mine . Of course, our history and culture are also long , I will also be very proud to tell others , We are the birthplace of tofu .

【 Huainan history 】 Shouxian ancient city wall

Huainan The history of , Must be to see Shouxian Of . Shouxian It is the national historical and cultural name , There have been several times in history 、 It is often a state or county , It is the ancient battlefield of Feishui war 、 with “ Underground museum ” The fame of . This time Shouxian , First, I walked around the ancient city wall , and Xi'an equally , The city wall here is completely repaired , You can walk to the four gates .

and Xi'an Here's the difference , Shouxian The town is very comfortable , The city wall also retains many historical marks . Because only the South Gate in the ancient city can pass cars , The other three gates are only accessible to pedestrians and electric vehicles , The big stone at the foot has gone through a hundred years , Deeply imprinted by the rut .

【 Huainan history 】 Anhui Chu Culture Museum

This time Shouxian There is another place that has been waiting for a long time . That's this year 6 month 11 It officially opened on the th anhui Chu Culture Museum . I have been to the old museum many times , I'm looking forward to the new one , Although most of the cultural relics were moved from the old museum . The appearance of the new museum is more magnificent , As long as you make an appointment in advance, you can also visit for free .

There are seven treasures in this museum , I can't help but listen to the explanations along the way . Because there is so much , I can't introduce you one by one . It is worth mentioning that , anhui The treasure of the Provincial Museum —— The Keda Ding was also unearthed from Shouxian , There is a flower in the Chu Culture Museum 24 Just in case it's bigger than a duplicate tripod .

【 Huainan cuisine 】 Shouxian rescue

Shouxian The history of , Even food can not be separated from history . Especially the big help that can only be eaten locally , Come on Shouxian You must try this cake . It is said that A.D 956 year , Zhaokuangyin, the great general of the Later Zhou Dynasty ( Later it was Emperor Taizu of Song Dynasty ) Lead the troops to attack the Southern Tang Dynasty ( today Shouxian ), We have been unable to attack for a long time, resulting in a shortage of grain , It all depends on this shape , The cream colored bread saved him , So the name “ Big help ”, And spread to this day .

When introducing a big rescue to friends from other places , I would describe it as our local “ The moon cake ”, The difference is , The finished product of big rescue is oblate , The color is milky yellow , In the middle, it is in the shape of a whirlpool , Multiple layers of crispy flowers are folded , Like a coil of gold . The stuffing inside is also richer , There are even more than ten kinds . The best time to save a car is when it comes out of the pot , Drain the oil and eat it , And must use rapeseed oil to fry .

【 Huainan scenery 】 Bagong mountain scenic spot

except Shouxian ancient city , Huainan Another scenic spot with profound historical and cultural heritage is Bagong mountain scenic spot . Huainan Wang Liuan wrote here 《 Huainan Son 》, The first 24 solar terms were defined . And love alchemy , Inadvertently invented tofu, which everyone likes to eat . Shouxian 、 Bagong mountain is still the ancient battlefield of Feishui , keep “ ' ”、“ A man's way is a dog's way ” And other popular idioms .

Today, Bagongshan Geopark is still picturesque , There is also the White Pagoda Temple 、 han Huainan palace 、 Stone Forest 、 l Sendai And so on , Half a day is recommended . If there are aerial photos of UAVs , It can better capture the momentum here .

【 Huainan cuisine 】 Chrysanthemum tofu Cup

Tofu has been paved in front ! After visiting Bagong mountain, you are recommended to Lingyun Enjoy an authentic tofu feast in the villa . Bagong mountain has good mountains and good water , The tofu is also very sweet . Lingyun The villa is very famous around Bagong mountain , Many local weddings and funerals will come here to host banquet .

There are more than a dozen kinds of dishes in the tofu feast , Chrysanthemum tofu cup is the first choice here . This dish is quite the essence of Huaiyang cuisine , Cut tofu into chrysanthemum shape with a superb cross knife , Steam and pour in chicken soup . It can clear away heat and improve eyesight , The role of Supplementing Qi and broadening Qi . A seemingly simple dish , But it tested the chef's knife work , And the freshness and flavor of the ingredients , At the same time, the price is also very close to the people .

There is also rotten skin 、 Dumplings made of tofu , as well as “ Mice love rice ” They are all very popular dishes in bean curd feast . If you don't come Huainan , I really don't know that tofu can make so many patterns !

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