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Going out to the waves is the whole spring 、 The ultimate proposition of summer and even a whole year .
It's the May Day holiday , It is estimated that most people who are still reading articles about playing are staying at home without going out to play .
May day has been wasted , You should start preparing for the rest of the holiday , OK, hurry up and take a chance to go out again , If you feel that going to a distant place is expensive and frustrating , It's better to dig around .
At the end of last year , Hangzhou Huangshan high speed railway is open to traffic , From Hangzhou east railway station , about 15 Minutes to Fuyang ,25 Minutes to Tonglu ,35 Minutes to Jiande , The quickest way to Huangshan is 1.5 Hours !
Along the way 7 Big 5A The scenic spot ,10+ Luxury hotels , Enough for you to have a good wave . 

Along the Hangzhou Huangshan high speed railway

Today's article , Let's talk about the route of Hangzhou Huanghua high speed railway .
Although Hangzhou Huangshan high speed railway , It sounds like Hangzhou to Huangshan , It's just convenient for Hangzhou people .
It's not , This is not just the welfare of Hangzhou people , Shanghai 、 ningbo 、 Even other cities in the Yangtze River Delta can be seamlessly connected .
From Shanghai to Huangshan , As soon as possible 2 More than a hour .
The following figure shows the Hangzhou - Huangshan high-speed railway , The distribution of each site and each scenic spot .
There are not only many tourist attractions along the Hangzhou Huangdao high speed railway , There are also many hotels worth staying in .
Hangzhou : Intercontinental 、 The four seasons 、 Bo Yue 、 Diaoyutai 、 Xizi Hotel ...
fuyang : Fuchun mountain house
Tonglu : Conrad ( It started right away , Resort )
Jiande : Qiandao Lake crown holiday
Thousand island lake : Qiandao Lake intercontinental 、 Anlu
huangshan : The rain moistens the moon tower 、 Demaotang 、 Taiping Lake crown holiday 、 Yucheng crown holiday
If the heart is not greedy , Play slowly , Every station is worth opening , You can go there once a month .
For example, take a seat after work on Friday 6、7 Point high speed rail , evening 9 We arrived at Huangshan before o'clock , Come back on Sunday night , Take a weekend off easily .
Huangshan is the farthest , If you go to Fuyang 、 Tonglu 、 Thousand island lake , It's more convenient .
This year's peripheral tour , I'm counting on the Hangzhou Huangshi high speed railway .
Convenience is only one aspect , The most exciting thing is the scenery along the line , The most beautiful high-speed rail is not blowing , light 5A There are seven level scenic spots , There are forty or fifty more 4A Grade a scenic spot 、 National Forest Park ……
Every station has beautiful scenery , Get off at any stop , Enough for you to play for a few days .

First stop : Hangzhou

Memories of Jiangnan , The most memorable is Hangzhou
The only one in China 、 For 12 consecutive years 「 The happiest City 」, Good urban hardware facilities 、 Good law and order 、 Convenient transportation , Even if you travel alone, you don't have to worry at all .
I have written about Hangzhou several times , In this article, there are not many introductions , You can take a look at this article ️30 Years are not in vain , This is the Hangzhou strategy hidden by Xiyou (
Memories of Jiangnan , The most memorable is Hangzhou
The only one in China 、 For 12 consecutive years 「 The happiest City 」, Good urban hardware facilities 、 Good law and order 、 Convenient transportation , Even if you travel alone, you don't have to worry at all .
I have written about Hangzhou several times , In this article, there are not many introductions , You can take a look at this article ️30 Years are not in vain , This is the Hangzhou strategy hidden by Xiyou (
If you want to know the food of Hangzhou , You can take a look at this ️ Foreign friends come to Hangzhou , What delicious food can't be missed (

The second stop : fuyang

Beautiful scenery in the world , Ancient and modern push Fuchun
Fuyang was called Fuchun in ancient times ,《 Fuchun Mountain Residence 》 This is where it is depicted .
This low-key town , It gives the beauty of the mountain city , It also has the show of river city , No wonder ancient celebrities loved to live in seclusion here .

Longmen ancient town

Sun's hometown , Many movies and TV plays have been filmed here .
Everywhere are ancient buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties , Essence is near inkstone pool , The green pool is printed with black and white ancient buildings , With the vicissitudes of history .
It's a small town , You can finish shopping in three hours .

Huang Gongwang's seclusion

600 Years ago, huanggongwang lived in seclusion here and died , Leave a masterpiece through the ages 《 Fuchun Mountain Residence 》.
I have to say that Huang Gongwang is very good at choosing places , There is Fuchun River in front of here , There is a bamboo sea behind , The peace is like a paradise .
Because development is restricted , So it still retains the original and quiet environment .

Fuchun mountain Museum

It was built by Wangshu, an internationally renowned architect who won the Pulitzer Prize , Known as the 「 The architectural version of Fuchun Mountain Residence 」, It is a handed down work with the spirit of mountains and rivers .

Dongziguan village

It is not too much to say that it is the most beautiful village in China .
The houses here are designed by famous designers , Fresh and elegant, it looks good in any shot .
Preferential information of Fuyang station
Depend on 2-3 High speed rail ticket of Fuyang station and my valid ID card within days
Huang Gongwang's seclusion : to 2019 year 12 month 31 Japan , Tickets are free .
Longmen ancient town : to 2019 year 6 month 30 Japan , The first big ticket 5 fold .
Flying waterfalls across the sky : to 2019 year 6 month 30 Japan , Ticket market price 5 fold ; Visit lotus island for free .
Fuchun Taoyuan : to 2019 year 6 month 30 Japan , Ticket market price 5 fold .

The third stop : Tonglu

《 Desired life 》 The place of shooting
Close to the developed Hangzhou , But low-key to preserve the ancient style and poetic idyllic scenery , The slow rhythm seems to be 「 Desired life 」.

Fuchun small Three Gorges

Fuchun River and the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River 、 Guilin is as famous as Lijiang River .
The Fuchun small Three Gorges is the most beautiful section of Fuchun River , Scenic spots and historic sites are widely distributed among the beautiful mountains and rivers , Yanziling fishing platform is just along the coast , You can combine tours .

Yaolin Wonderland

One of the top ten tourist attractions in Zhejiang , Formed in 10 Stalactite cave ten thousand years ago , The cave is deep and winding 、 Magnificent and colorful , It is known as the top karst cave in China .
After looking at the hole , Other karst caves can rest first .

Dipu village

900 Old village for many years , Fan Jing of Song Dynasty can be seen in the village 、 The water system of the Ming Dynasty 、 Shifang in the Qing Dynasty , And ancestral halls 、 Folk houses and other ancient buildings .
In addition to rich cultural heritage , The Four Seasons flower field in Dipu village is a good place to take photos .
Tonglu station offers
Depend on 2-3 High speed rail ticket of Fuyang station and my valid ID card within days
Free travel 20 individual 3A Scenic villages ;
to 2019 year 5 month 30 Japan , Free line 80 Kilometer tour sharing bike .

The fourth stop : Jiande

The first climate livable city in China
because 《 Where's dad going? 2》 The shooting of ,70% Above forest coverage , Every mouthful is full of atmospheric negative oxygen ions ,17 Du's Xin'an River , Even the slightly sweet Nongfu mountain spring fetches water here .

Xinye ancient village

Because where did dad go to be popular , Ancient buildings are well preserved , Quiet and simple , In spring, the rape flowers around the village , Drive from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain .

Xin'anjiang hydropower station

The first in China 「 Three self 」 hydropower station , It is a test field for the Three Gorges Project on the Yangtze River .
It intercepts the Xin'an River into a lake , Submerged half of the county , The original hill has become an island now , Formed the present Thousand Island Lake .

Jiangnan hangkong temple

Located in daciyan scenic area , It features high-rise cave buildings on cliffs , Half of the main temple is embedded in the rock belly , Half of the trellis is hanging in the air , It's quite dangerous and spectacular .
Jiande station offers
to 6 month 31 Japan , Visit the big ice cave in the south of the Yangtze River 、 Aviation town hot spring 、 Daiji rock 、 Lingqi Cave 、 Sail seven miles 、 Xin'anjiang hydropower station 、 Xinye ancient village 、 Good luck island 、 Tickets to nine scenic spots such as Nongfu mountain spring are half price .
2019 Year month 17 The date is determined as 「 Jiande tourism day 」, Visit Jiangnan ice cave on that day 、 Daiji rock 、 Lingqi Cave 、 Sail seven miles 、 Xinye ancient village 、 Good luck island 、 Tickets are free for seven scenic spots such as Nongfu mountain spring .

The fifth stop : Thousand island lake

The most beautiful water in the world
Hangzhou's holiday back garden , The lake is dotted with islands , It has the largest number of islands in the world .
The water here is of high quality , It is a national first-class water body , One of the water sources of Nongfu mountain spring .

Thousand island lake

Two lake areas , Central Lake area and Southeast Lake area , Usually pick a lake area , See where the hotel is near .
The life rhythm of Qiandao Lake is unusually leisurely , It is the first choice for vacation in the Yangtze River Delta .

Qinchuan ancient village

More than 700 years of history , antique , Walking along the stream, you can see the villagers washing clothes and vegetables in the stream , The chickens and ducks raised in the village road flutter around happily .
Qiandao Lake fish head
Good water keeps good fish , I have been to Qiandao Lake several times , What I miss most is the fish head of Qiandao Lake , A big fat , You won't get tired of eating for a few days , Really? .

The sixth stop : Sanyang

The first stop of Hangzhou Huangshan railway entering Huangshan
Sanyang railway station belongs to a village under Shexian county - Sanyang Town , Sanyang Town is 「 The first ancient town at the east gate of Huizhou 」, By Yu Dafu, a famous writer 、 Lin Yutang describes it as 「 Little Switzerland in the East 」.


The scenery is beautiful all year round , High mountains 、 Cliffs 、 a ravine 、 thick forest , It is a tourist attraction for outdoor lovers .

Shangtan village, Sanyang Town

The altitude is near 1800 MIDI shangtan village , It is most famous for its beautiful mountain terraces , Spring is a cascade of rape flowers , Autumn is a continuous golden rice field , The four seasons are different .

The seventh stop : Jixi North

A living emblem Culture Museum
Jixi is an important carrier of Hui culture , Hometown of wechat merchants , HUICAI 、 Huimo 、 The birthplace of Huizhou opera .
Territory 5A A first-class scenic spot ,4A Scenic areas 4 individual ,3A Scenic areas 5 individual .

Huihang ancient road

The first ancient road in China , A paradise for junior hikers .
The natural scenery along the way is pleasing to the eye , Pass the first pass of Jiangnan 、 The blue sky is sunken 、 The sight , The hiking trip was easy , Traveling slowly .

Hu Shi's former residence

The former residence is a typical ancient Huizhou architecture , Little green tile 、 The horsehead walls 、 Three Bay 、 Water mill brick carving ……
The former residence truly and objectively records Hu Shi's childhood life 、 Learning and emotional pursuit , It is one of the important objects to study Hu Shi .

The eighth stop : rapidly

The first city of Huizhou with the same county name for more than 2000 years
Shexian county is a masterpiece of Huizhou ancient architecture ,“ Three wonders of ancient architecture ” The ancient archway 、 Ancient ancestral hall 、 There are many ancient dwellings , Domestic rare .

Yangchan Tulou

A small mountain stronghold built near the mountain , Because of the inconvenience of transportation , At present, the largest Tulou group in southern Anhui is preserved here .
It is different from the common black-and-white and grey Hui style buildings , The earth buildings here are yellow mud and black tiles , Rough and unrestrained , But it has attracted photographers from all over the country , Especially in autumn .

Ancient city of Huizhou

It was built in the Qin Dynasty , It is one of the four ancient cities in China .
The scenic spots in the ancient city are scattered , The daily life and work of the local people are inside , You don't have to buy tickets as long as you don't go through the main entrance .

Yuliang dam

Yuliang dam is the only existing ancient stone rolling dam in China , Known as the 「 Dujiangyan in the south of the Yangtze River 」.
Local people prefer places to play , There are many ancient folk houses on the bank , The scenery is also good .

The ninth stop : Huangshan North

The five mountains return without looking at the mountains , Huangshan return not to see yue
  The terminal station of Hangzhou Huanghua high speed railway , The most anticipated stop .
A place that must be visited , Let's see if it's the same as what I learned in my textbooks when I was a child .

West sea grand canyon

The essence scenic spot of Mount Huangshan , There are many strange stones in the valley 、 mist , I have seen the Xihai Grand Canyon , You will understand why Mount Huangshan is the first of the five mountains .
The footpaths in the canyon are mostly built against the cliffs , It's exciting to walk alone , But in the next few days you may have to walk on the wall .

Cloud Valley cableway

The landscape of the hiking route under this cableway is limited , Go straight up the hill by cableway , Huangshan essence is all on it .
You can overlook the lotus peak along the way 、 Tiandu peak and other famous scenic spots , The clouds are getting bigger and bigger , It changes faster , All the way through the clouds and fog , As if floating in a fairyland .

Taiping lake

Because on the edge of Mount Huangshan , Most of the tourists have gone to Huangshan , Taiping Lake seems to have few people .
The scenery of Taiping Lake is beautiful , It would be nice to ride a bike or drive along the lake , Very suitable for vacations .

Mandarin fish

One of Anhui's signature cuisines , It smells like , It tastes delicious , I fell in love with it the first time I ate it , Because bone spurs are separated from fish , The meat is lumpy , The meat is mellow and delicious .
After eating fish, Anhui people also like to pour soup on their rice , Super dinner , Can eat several bowls of rice .

How to live along the Hangzhou Huangshan high speed railway ?

There are actually some mentioned above , I basically listed some very good hotels along the line , CMB 300 The selection meeting is a good solution to the hotel accommodation along the Hangzhou Huangshan high speed railway .
There is another solution , It's the whole journey IHG Its hotels , For example, Hangzhou has intercontinental 、 an crown 、 Holidays , Qiandao Lake has intercontinental 、 an crown , Huangshan also has two crowns .
All the way IHG, It's a good plan , Maybe this year IHG Live again 5 The event of sending platinum membership in the evening ( Last year, for CITIC IHG Gold card users have this activity , At the beginning of the year, this activity was also held for Huawei mobile phone users ).

in addition , This quarter IHG Our activities have also come out . Active check-in time from 5 month 1 The day is coming 8 month 31 Japan ,8 month 17 You can only get bonus points after completing registration a few days ago , The second check-in begins , Mid week double points , Triple points on weekends , The maximum reward limit is 40,000 integral .
in addition , Now? IHG Its Hangzhou - Huangshan High-speed Railway Hotel is engaged in activities , Scheduled addition 19 element , Complimentary buffet breakfast for two , It's worth it .( Details of the activity are at the bottom of the article - Read the original )
In that case , I recommend these cities IHG Its hotels recommend .

Hangzhou Intercontinental Hotel

Intercontinental as IHG And the landmark buildings in Hangzhou , Of course, there is no quality to say .
The hotel is located on the Bank of Qiantang River , It is the landmark of Hangzhou , The whole building is a golden ball , You can see it at a glance from the other side of the river , It's very eye-catching .
Others see the scenery , And you live in other people's scenery .
The hotel lobby is in the big golden ball center , the height is 85 The dome of meters , Grand atmosphere . During the day, the sun shines from top to bottom , At night, the top lights are like shining stars .
Each room has a French window for viewing , A river view 、 An interior view of the city .
The hotel traffic location is also good , Next to Metro Line 4 , You can go directly to the east railway station 、 City Station 、 West Lake scenic spot, etc .
In addition to the big golden ball , I think the Holiday Inn in Qianjiang New City 、 Holiday Inn in Gongshu District , And the quality of Xiasha crown holiday is good .

Crowne Plaza Hangzhou Qiandao Lake

The hotel is not in the main lake area of Qiandao Lake , In the southeast Lake region , Built on the hillside , To go to the hotel, you have to drive up the mountain .
Therefore, the scenery is the only beautiful , And clean .
My room faces the lake , Looking out, the scenery of the lake and the mountains set off each other , It's so comfortable to lie on the balcony and blow the wind .
Or you can choose to lie in the bathtub and take a bath while watching the lake , This is a vacation .
The hotel is also rich in recreational activities , A luxurious yacht tour of Qiandao Lake 、 Go to the surrounding mountains to dig bamboo shoots 、 Spring Tour .
The slightly sweet Nongfu mountain spring base is also nearby , The hotel has a car that you can take to visit .
I have to mention the Qiandao Lake fish head soup , The taste is pure and the soup is white , Then add the eggs made of pure fish in the hotel , Tut tut tut , Delicious enough to foul .

Crowne Plaza Huangshan Yucheng

Come down from Huangshan north station ,【 High speed rail express 2】 Direct to the main entrance of the hotel .
The hotel is in the center of Tunxi city , It should be the best hotel in the city .
You can walk to Tunxi Old Street , Go to Huangshan scenic spot 、 Xidihong village can also be easily reached .
As a five-star , The price is not too expensive , High cost performance .
Another hidden benefit is , The hotel owner company is Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd , Book a suite and enjoy Huangshan scenic spot VIP Passage treatment .
The guest rooms are very Huizhou style , The combination of tradition and modernity , Simple and exquisite 、 Calm and introverted .

Huangshan Taiping Lake Greenland Crowne Plaza Hotel

I like this one very much , As soon as you enter the door, there is a whole floor glass , Facing the peaceful Taiping Lake , Super beautiful .
Unfortunately, the weather was bad that day , The picture is gray , But there is another artistic conception .
On the other side of the lobby is a huge bear Brown, Good picture , Children also love to play around .
The location of the hotel is against the sky , Look at the aerial photos .
Most of the whole hotel stretches out of the lake , There are no hotels so close to the water source by the Taiping Lake , The state does not allow , So the lake view of the hotel is so rare .
The room is relatively modern , Simple and exquisite , The balcony is my favorite place , There is a lake out of sight , People will have the illusion of being at the seaside .
With the Hangzhou Huangshan high speed railway , Are there several more choices in the little book of peripheral travel .
So many places , Enough to play for a while .
At present, these companies along the way IHG The official website of the hotel under the banner is engaged in activities , Scheduled addition 19 element , Breakfast buffet for two , This is not for those IHG The students of senior members are also friendly .
At present, if you are IHG Your membership of Zhiyue , Crown holidays in most cases give administrative treatment , Just book a basic room .
But other brands , Especially for holiday hotels , It is necessary to have breakfast .19 Yuan's double morning , Very suitable for weekend holidays .
Personally, I prefer the crown holiday of Qiandao Lake , new CP The representative of the series , I will go to stay this summer .
Students in the Yangtze River Delta , It's time for peripheral swimming to begin to wave .
Hangzhou Huangshan high speed railway will be a good choice .
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