The best route for summer self driving tour in Miyun, Beijing

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In summer , Many friends prefer self driving , You can just go to some tourist attractions that are more suitable for summer vacation , So what are some places suitable for summer self driving tours in Miyun, Beijing ? Next, let's recommend some of the best self driving routes for our friends !

1、 Visit the ancient town and enjoy the cool

Gubeishui town ( Yes “ Wuzhen in the north ” A well-known international holiday comprehensive tourism destination )—— Simatai Great Wall ( Enjoy the breathtaking and peculiar towering scenery )—— Wuling West Peak ( Experience the roller coaster on the waves , The thrill of alpine skiing )—— Yunxiu Valley ( Synovium 、 Mountaineering 、 Watch the green mountains and red rocks )—— Panlongshan Great Wall ( Climb the great wall of the Ming Dynasty and feel the majestic mountains and rivers 、 The fun of participating in the forest Carnival )—— East pole fairy Valley ( Looking for the first ray of sunshine in Beijing )

Recommended accommodation : Simatai folk village 、 Gubeikou folk village 、 Beitai rural residence 、 Bailing spring 、 Aiqiu Shanju 、 The general office 、 Yaoqiaoyu folk village

Recommend food : Gubeikou Manchu Mongolian characteristic 28 seats 、 Miyun sanshao

 The best route for summer self driving tour in Miyun, Beijing

2、 Mountaineering and enjoying the cool air are infinite

Yunmeng Mountain Forest Park ( Mountain climbing overlooking , Look for the site of Sun Bin temple , Experience the slide rope 、 Admire strange peaks and rocks , In the movie 《 myth 》 Enjoy the scenery and cool off on the flat stone )—— Three valleys of cloud and Mongolia ( The stream 、 Pool water 、 Gentle slope mountain road all the way )—— Yunlong stream ( Climb the mountain by cableway , Enjoy the spectacular beauty of Chinese molars )—— Taoyuan fairy valley ( Challenge the... On the cliff “ And ” Word ladder mountaineering waterfall )—— Black Dragon Pool ( Mountaineering to cool off 、 Pools and waterfalls alternate 、 Rowing in the water 、 Fishing by the river )—— Qingjingding ( Take a brisk walk on the mountain 、 Cool and refreshing )—— Tianmen Mountain ( Look for the Tianmen cave hundreds of millions of years ago , seek “ The fast sun ” Secret )

Recommended accommodation : Heishansi village 、 Shicheng village 、 The wind sleeps in the forest 、 Beijing courtyard 、 People in the ancient city

Recommend food : Xiwengzhuang Fish Street 、 Buckwheat feast 、 Four seasons fish spring cakes 、 Baiwei millet feast 、 Stone pot banquet

 The best route for summer self driving tour in Miyun, Beijing

3、 It's refreshing to watch waterfalls and play in the water

Cool Valley ( Challenge the excitement of mountain surfing , Experience the water bamboo raft 、 steel wire 、 Soft bridge and other interesting activities )—— Hold the river bay ( Cross the cable bridge and get close to the mountains and waterfalls , Play with water all the way )—— The first waterfall in Kyoto ( Watching the waterfall 、 Playing with water )—— Fengjiayu white horse ancient road ( Look for the ancient village marks )—— Yunfeng mountain ( Enjoy the pure lavender scenery 、 Listen to fairy tales 、 Make vanilla DIY manual 、 Drink rice and spring water )—— Kichijoji

Recommended accommodation : Luming Mountain Residence 、 Yunfeng mountain tree house 、 Shizhuangzi folk village 、 Yunfeng farm

Recommend food : Fengjiayu Yu Yu Yu PI Ji 、 Yunfeng mountain vegetarian 、 Shizhuangzi health preserving banquet

 The best route for summer self driving tour in Miyun, Beijing

4、 Looking for the fragrance of flowers on the road of wine country

Yili Industrial Park ( Explore the secrets of dairy processing )—— Kangshunda ( Breeding base for fresh fruits and vegetables )—— Yexian tower ( Mountaineering and viewing the pagodas of Liao Dynasty 、 Enjoy the interesting amusement park )—— Rose Garden ( affection 、 friendship 、 The romantic flower land of love )—— Zhang Yu aifeibao international winery ( Taste red wine 、 Homemade wine 、 Experience the wine label , Looking for star footprints )—— Tianpu manor ( Professional grape picking 、 Fun parent-child activities )—— The road to wine 8 Number ( Enjoy delicious food under the grape trellis 、 A manor for afternoon tea )—— Shouyun Industrial Park ( Huge industrial pit observation , Technological mining process )—— Bailongtan ( A tourist destination of royal culture 、 Celebrity poetry )—— Xianju Valley ( A wooden house by the lake )—— The sea of flowers on earth ( Marvel at flowers 、 Swimming in the beach )

Recommended accommodation :125 Collective farm 、 Gelaoyu folk village 、 Every tree and bush 、 Cottage farm 、 Xianju Valley 、 Jungle bird camp 、 The world flower sea wooden house

Recommend food : Caijiawa tofu feast 、 Baiwei manor farmhouse rice 、 Xin'anzhuang copper pot banquet 、 Eight bowls of local food

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