Deyang @ Deyang people, national day to play ~ Mianmao highway is expected to be open to traffic before the national day. It only takes more than 4 hours to reach Jiuzhaigou

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jiuzhaigou | Photography : Liang Feng

Starting from Deyang , Driving a car 4 More than a hour

You can reach such a scenery , Are you looking forward to ?

The good news !!!

Mianmao highway will be completed and opened to traffic before the National Day this year

When the

It only takes Deyang to drive to Jiuzhaigou 4 More than a hour

It is nearly half of the current driving distance

Mianmao highway

Mianmao highway is located in 2009 year 9 Construction started in May , Total length of 56 km , There are bridges 51 seat 、 Tunnel 20 seat , The Mianzhu section is in full length 47.49 km , share 42 A bridge ,18 Tunnels .

Mianmao highway starts from Hanwang Town, Mianzhu City , Along the Mianyuan River , Passing through Qingping town , Crossing Jiudingshan Nature Reserve 、 Giant panda National Park , It ends at the north exit of Tudiling tunnel ( Beichuan section ) It is connected with Maobei line , Jiangmao County 、 ABA is connected with Chengdu Plain , It also ended Deyang and ABA 、 Mianzhu and Maoxian “ Not adjacent ” The history of , It shortens the distance between Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou , It is considered to be a golden tourist route in the future .

“ At present, the overall completion amount has reached 90%, The remaining quantities of civil works are concentrated in Jiapigou subgrade and guihuayan tunnel , Due in 7 The middle of the month ends .” Du Aijun, project manager of Mianzhu section of Mianmao highway of Sichuan Road and bridge, introduced , The main line of Mianmao highway crosses Longmen Mountain 4 There are four seismic fault zones ,77 Located at the hidden danger point of geological disaster, etc , The bridge tunnel ratio is as high as 94%, At the same time, it is affected by the rainstorm in flood season every year , Insufficient effective construction time 6 Months , The geological conditions under construction are complex 、 The construction is very difficult 、 High risk .

Mianmao highway under construction

Construction timeline

2009 year 9 month

The construction of Mianyang Maoming highway started .

2020 year 5 month

Mianmao highway has the highest drop 、 Bridge with the largest span —— Xiaomuling bridge on Mianmao highway, located in Mianzhu City, Deyang, was officially closed .

2021 year 10 month

The last tunnel of Mianmao highway —— Main tunnel of lanjiayan tunnel ,2021 year 10 month 27 The day was safely and smoothly completed .

2021 year 11 month

Jiapigou, Mianmao highway 3 The bridge is fully erected , It marks that the main part of Mianyang Maoming highway runs through .

After the opening of Mianmao highway , It connects to the national highway in the north 213 The line can reach Jiuzhaigou , And Gansu 、 Qinghai connection , It is connected to the national highway in the West 317 The thread passes through Malcolm 、 Ganzi entered Tibet , It is an important life channel and economic channel .

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