What month does Yuantouzhu go to see cherry blossoms in 2022

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Yuantouzhu is the best Cherry Blossom scenic spot in Wuxi every year , The cherry blossom season every year attracts a large number of tourists to punch in , When will the cherry blossoms at Yuantouzhu in Wuxi open this year ? See below for details , Let's see !

When does it open

Several early cherry trees have already opened

place : Behind the numerous cherry tea rooms in Cherry Valley

Varieties : Han Ying

2022 Yuantouzhu goes to see cherry blossoms in a few months

It is a hybrid of Hanfei cherry and mountain cherry , Small deciduous trees , Tree and umbrella , The bark is purplish brown with black , Umbels 2-3 flowers , Flower single petal , Pink is one of the earliest cherry varieties in full bloom in Yuantouzhu scenic spot .

Flower forecast : So far , The temperature in Wuxi is low , There's a lot of precipitation , Less sunshine hours , The blooming time of Sakura this year should be later than last year and the year before last , Around the 2 Late in the last ten days of the month .

Cherry blossoms in Yuantouzhu, Taihu Lake , It is mainly divided into early cherry 、 Zhongying 、 Late cherry has three parts , A cherry blossom blooms for only seven days . More than 10000 cherry trees bloom in turn at Yuantouzhu in Wuxi . Almost the whole cherry blossom season , Can see cherry blossoms in full bloom .

Yuantouzhu Cherry Blossom

There are cherry blossoms in Yuantouzhu, Wuxi 3 More than ten thousand , Co ownership 100 Different varieties , It's the largest in China 、 Cherry planting base with the most complete varieties , Yes “ China's first Cherry Blossom Resort ” The reputation of .

2022 Yuantouzhu goes to see cherry blossoms in a few months

Zaoying : Its varieties are “ A cold cherry ”、“ Hejin cherry ”、“ Fujian Sakura ”, Flowers bloom the earliest , Usually at the end of February every year 、 It will bloom in early March , Early March has entered the viewing period of cherry blossoms . Early cherry varieties , It is mainly distributed in shuijingyuan, which enters the core scenic spot 、 Caowan and Cherry Valley , Cherry Valley is the most dense .

Zhongying : From late March to early April , In Yuantouzhu scenic area, Sakura Yoshino, which is the largest in scale, is planted , Will enter full bloom , It's huge with flowers 、 The flower clusters are famous for their compactness , The color of its flowers will change with the passage of flowering time , From pink to white . In its heyday , The whole Yuantouzhu park will be covered with pink and white cherry blossoms , Like white clouds in the sky , Floating on the shore of Taihu Lake . This part of cherry blossoms is mainly distributed around Changchun bridge 、 Sino Japanese Friendship Cherry Blossom forest 、 Cherry Valley, etc .

Prunus lannesiana : Late March to early April , Is the world of late cherry . Late cherry mainly has “ Guanshan ”、“ Pine moon ”、“ Pu Xian Xiang ”、“ Yujin ” And other varieties , Cherry blossoms are the most colorful , There is red 、 powder 、 white 、 Green and other colors , When in full bloom, it is as brilliant and colorful as clouds and clouds , It is also mainly distributed in the Sino Japanese Friendship Cherry Blossom forest 、 Cherry Valley and Changchun bridge .

One of the most visually striking , All over the mountains and fields, the brilliant, charming and moving is Sakura rinai Yoshino , Florescence is short , And the blooming period of each year is not exactly the same , Based on the experience of previous years ,3 At the end of the month, the cherry blossoms come into full bloom , That's the best viewing time .

Yuantouzhu is the best place to watch cherry blossoms

Changchun bridge , Cherry Valley , Cherry tower , Hill filling, hidden and beautiful walking path .

Recommended cherry viewing routes

2022 Yuantouzhu goes to see cherry blossoms in a few months

Walking cherry line :

Chongshan gate → Chong Shan yinxiu → Yixiu bridge → Cherry Blossom forest → Sakura Pavilion → Renjieyuan → Cherry Valley → Sakura edge bridge → Sakura Valley Liufang → Changchun bouquet → A scenic spot → Ten Li Fang path

Bicycle cherry line :

Chongshan gate → Chong Shan yinxiu → Ten Li Fang path → Cherry Valley ( Sakura edge bridge 、 Sakura Valley Liufang ) → Cherry Blossom forest ( Renjieyuan 、 Sakura Pavilion ) → Changchun bouquet → A scenic spot

Aquatic essence tour route :

Take a luxury cruise ship at Yuantouzhu wharf → Flying boats on the waves to see the 72 peaks of Taihu Lake → Overlooking the Wujun water stronghold in the Three Kingdoms city → Visit the scenic spot of Dengxian island and enjoy the beautiful scenery of three mountains → Rong's villa Qionglou yuyu → Zhongdu morning fog reads the scenery of the isolated island → Yuantouzhu

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