Self driving tour around Foshan recommended

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There are many tourist attractions around Foshan that are very suitable for self driving , You can go to play in your spare time , What are the recommended self driving attractions around Foshan ? Next, let's introduce it in detail !

1、 Beautiful Luhu Forest Resort

Located in Gaoming District, Foshan City , Covers an area of 6800 mu , Repel with 300 A small town with Chinese characteristics built with a huge amount of money . The park is full of dream windmills 、 Love Island and love arch bridge , Crystal church and love dock face each other across the water .

16 Landscape of 10000 square meters of wetland flower sea , Like fairyland ,3 Ten thousand square meters of European lakeside towns and 20 Ten thousand square lakeside leisure park 、 The resort covers Alice estate 、 Luhu car camp 、 Luhu exploration Kingdom 、 Off road vehicle experience base 、 Luhu mid mountain hot spring 、 Lingnan Garden Hotel, etc ...

N There are different types of rooms for you to stay in , There are young people's motor games , Huahai manor with elders ,, And skiing 、 Off-road vehicle 、 Hot spring and other vacation experiences , In short, that is “ All ages welcome ” La !

tickets : It depends on different theme parks

Address : Gaoming Avenue, Yanghe Town, Gaoming District, Foshan City 218 No · Luhu Forest Resort

traffic : Take Guangming expressway , into G94 Pearl River Delta ring expressway , Get out of people and toll booths , Turn to hehe Avenue , Arrive at Gaoming Avenue , Navigation ” Beautiful Luhu Forest Resort “ that will do .

 Self driving tour around Foshan is recommended

2、 Dream water garden

Except Xiqiao Mountain 、 Nanhai film and Television City , Lishui Baihuayuan is also a wonderful classic located in the South China Sea ! Do you know that there is the largest ornamental glass greenhouse in South China , It is full of sunflowers , Looking around, I thought I had come to the karlsban flower sea .

At present, there are sunflowers in the shed 、 Red 、 Orange yellow 、 Pink ... And with the change of seasons, the color of sunflowers will be different in each season , To open .

Time : Monday to Sunday 9:30~17:00

tickets : adult 43 element / people , children 15 element / people

place : Foshan Nanhai District Jinye village Mengli water village Baihua garden

3、 South China Botanical Garden

Around Qingming , Sparrow flowers are in full bloom , A flower petal that is slightly cocked out , The receptacle is like the head of a sparrow , The design is light green and goose yellow , Then it turns brown and red , Hanging in clusters, the flowers are like sparrows flying .

tickets :20 element

traffic : Guangzhou Metro 6 Line 1 Botanical Garden Station A exit

 Self driving tour around Foshan is recommended

4、 Tianlu Lake Forest Park

Those who want to climb mountains and enjoy flowers are not allowed here , Except for the sparrow flowers like grapes , It's good to come here to climb the mountains and see the scenery in the distance ! Although the mountain is not high , But the gradient of this ladder is not small , It takes some effort to climb up , Climbing the watchtower to see the scenery is a word cool , And sliding 、 Rope track 、 Crossing obstacles and other projects through the jungle .

tickets :10 element

traffic : Lianhe street, Huangpu District, Guangzhou , Navigation “ Tianlu Lake Park ” that will do

5、 Snoopy's colorful world

Asia's largest SNOOPY Theme park , Snoopy colorful world in Daliang central city of Shunde , It's a little exciting to say ! The signpost 、 on the tree 、 roof 、 Street furniture …… Snoopy and peanut buddies can be seen everywhere , It seems that Snoopy and his friends came here through more than half a century .

The whole theme park covers an area of about 5 Thousands of square meters , It has the theme area of mobile games 、 Indoor theme area 、 Souvenir shopping area 、 The catering area and the wedding area, etc 5 A large area , It's enough for you to play for a day ~

Time : Monday to Sunday 9:30~18:00

tickets : adult 100 element / people 、 Children and the elderly 78 element / people

place : Longpan West Road, Xincheng District, Shunde District, Foshan City 1 Number

 Self driving tour around Foshan is recommended

6、 Zhuhai will be in the same village

Already existed 2 Huitong village with a history of more than 100 years , Every brick and tile is the brand left by different periods , Now Huitong village has become a popular tourist landmark in Zhuhai , A place where modernity and civilization meet , Show “ University Town ” The young breath of . Bridges 、 Green tile alley 、 Retro shopkeeper 、 North and South watchtowers , There are too many details hidden in this literary and artistic village for you to explore , But be careful : Not all stores are open on weekdays , You'd better choose the weekend , The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is very suitable ~

Address : Huitong village, Jinding Town, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai

traffic : Take the bus to Jinding market 67 You can get off the bus at the same time

7、 Yangmeikeng

The beach meets the woods , The area is not wide , But white as silver sand , The dazzling blue water , Make her the best beach in the yangmeikeng area , Everywhere is filled with warmth and romance .

tickets : charge 15 element / people , The tent is rented for two 50 element , If you bring it yourself, you have to pay 30 RMB management fee

traffic : There is a fork in the road after the water head , Take the direction of Dongshan , Turn left at the T-junction ( There are signs indicating the direction of yangmeikeng ), Goodbye, turn left at the intersection ( There are road signs indicating orange fishing sand )

Route : Navigate to Sha Yu Chung Kou or Guan Hu Jiao

8、 Comparative field tail

Hot beaches in Shenzhen , It must be that Dapeng is not the end of the game , A small seaside street , There are many Home Inns with different styles , Every home stay is suitable for taking photos 、 A holiday , Very leisurely .

tickets : No tickets required , The cost of accommodation varies according to the location and popularity of home stay .

traffic : can GPS Direct navigation of Shenzhen Dapeng Suo city to the end of the field or tuyuan Jinshui Bay

Route : Navigate to Sha Yu Chung Kou or Guan Hu Jiao

9、 Guanhujiao

Guanhujiao beach is not big , But there are also many characteristic B & B , The sea water here is pure , It is the most suitable place to raise sea urchins in Shenzhen , The ancient village of Sha Yu Chung , The river flows into the sea , White gulls fly , On the sea reefs here , Facing the ocean ...

Route : Navigate to Sha Yu Chung Kou or Guan Hu Jiao

tickets : No tickets required , The price of B & B is cheaper than that at the end of the market .

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