Shanxi Wannian ice cave + Shaanxi wave valley + YUCHA Grand Canyon photography pure play eight day tour

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When you are tired of Jianghu , You can see the mountains , You can see the water , Feel the history , Remember the wisps of homesickness and the curls of cooking smoke .
mountain    In the west :
Nature endows Shanxi with natural beauty , History has endowed Shanxi with humanistic beauty . There is no place , Can be so proud to have .
shan    In the west :
Recalling the extraordinary years of the past , Unique loess culture , Create a different kind of humanistic style .
The most beautiful grand canyon in China

Wonders of Shanxi and Shaanxi
The wonders of Shanxi and Shaanxi are all included :
Pure play depth photography ,  Play all the unconventional essence scenic spots in Shanxi and Shaanxi at one time
A place where photographers pursue their dreams :
The new net red hidden on the Loess Plateau --- YUCHA Grand Canyon
Visually stunning canyon :
Wave valley 、 enjoy “ American antelope Grand Canyon ” The reputation of the !
The first miracle of China :
The National Geological Park 、 A miracle of the world —— Ten thousand years ice cave
The first town of Jiuqu Yellow River :
Qikou ancient town
Uncanny workmanship :
Murals of the Yellow River
No shopping in the whole process !!

Travel arrangements ️️️

The first day   
  taiyuan -- Luya Mountain  190KM, about 3H, Ningwu Dongzhai visited the National Geopark 、 World wonders
【 Ten thousand years ice cave 】
, Formed in the Cenozoic Quaternary glacial period , About three million years ago , The cave is frozen all the year round , Even in the hot summer , The green grass outside the cave 、 Flowers are in full bloom , But the cold inside the cave is very cold 、 It's made of ice and jade , And the deeper into the stratum, the thicker the ice , It forms a strong contrast with the conventional geological situation that the deeper the temperature is, the higher the temperature is . A column of ice formed by ice 、 Ice curtain 、 Ice waterfall 、 Ice flowers 、 Ice Buddha 、 Ice bed 、 Ice clock 、 Iceman 、 Ice Bodhisattva, etc , all sorts of strange things 、 To name but a few . The large and small scenery in the cave may be exquisite , Or glittering , Or graceful , Or majestic , It's amazing .
【 Hung village 】

, In the dense and verdant forest sea , Looking from afar is like a castle in the air , People in the sky . The houses in the village are built on cliffs 100 meters high , The street is supported by stumps 、 Of log “ Plank road ”, From a distance, it looks like a pavilion hanging in the air , When entering the village, you must walk slowly along a steep mountain road , Most houses are two or three hundred years old , Most of the building materials are stone and wood , Walking on the plank road is like being in mid air .“ View the vast expanse of green through the window , Looking at a hundred miles of clouds from the door ”. Stay in the hotel after dinner .
Luya Mountain


the second day  

   Luya Mountain - Qiao's compound   Stay in the ancient city of Pingyao

   There is a famous saying in China's cultural relics circles :“ Look at the underground cultural relics in Shaanxi , Look at the cultural relics on the ground .” It may be due to the relatively closed geographical location of Shanxi Province , Shanxi Province, which has a thick history, retains many distinctive ancient buildings , Qiao's courtyard is undoubtedly one of the most famous . People call it “ The imperial palace , Look at Joe's house .” It's about Qiao's courtyard .
On the third day   

  Pingyao Ancient City -- Moraine mouth  280KM, About four hours
After breakfast, go to Shanxi Qikou ancient town ,
【 Qikou ancient town 】
Shoot freely , Go to
【 Li Jiashan 】
, Located five miles south of Qikou ancient town, Linxian County, Shanxi Province , It is a famous Chinese historical and cultural village . Famous painter Wu Guanzhong 1989 year 10 When the moon came to Lijiashan to collect wind, he exclaimed that it was like “ Han tomb ”, He said : From the outside, it looks like a desolate Han tomb , Once inside, there is a very ancient and exquisite Cave , The ancient village is relatively closed , Like an isolated Peach Blossom Land . Are teachers and students of major art colleges , The fine arts 、 A good place for photography lovers to collect wind and create .
【 Xiwan village 】
About one kilometer from Qikou town , Built near the river , The ancient houses in the village are scattered on the hillside by the river , distinct , The ancient house is exquisite and gorgeous , Exquisite workmanship . This complete residential complex in Xiwan village , The Chen family, who made their fortune by shipping on the Yellow River, went through the late Ming Dynasty to the Republic of China 300 Built gradually with a history of years , The mountain faces the water 、 Leeward to the sun , Follow the trend , Such as waves and waves , A sense of hierarchy , There are two horizontal, five vertical and seven alleys in the village, which connect the courtyards evenly , Every brick, stone and tree here is permeated with a strong flavor of traditional culture , Various carvings are exquisitely conceived , The depiction is exquisite . Xiwan village was rated as " National famous historical and cultural villages ".
Then take a boat to shoot
【 Murals of the Yellow River 】
, The river has been washed away by the Yellow River for thousands of years 、 And wind erosion , The imprint left by years on the rock wall . At a distance from the moraine 30 More than kilometers of Kaiyang section , The stone wall on the East Bank of the Yellow River is steep , The Yellow River murals here are the most famous , Need to take a boat to watch . You can also find the favorite Yellow River stone on the Bank of the Yellow River , As a souvenir . The highest point of houdeng Qikou ancient town
【 Black dragon temple 】
, A panoramic view of the ancient town , Shoot the sunset at the black dragon temple , Panoramic view of Qikou ancient town at dusk .
Take some photos today : Characteristic folk houses on the Loess Plateau 、 figure , Xiwan village ancient village 、 Ancient dwellings
Moraine mouth
breakfast   Chinese food   dinner
The fourth day  

   Moraine mouth -- Wave valley  230KM, about 4H
After breakfast, go to visit
【 Wave valley 】
, Visit
【 Yixiantian scenic spot 】
Feel the charm of Danxia landform from a close distance , As the earth's crust rises 、 The rock is cut and eroded by running water 、 Only after the hillside collapsed did we have today's wonderful scenery , After visiting and taking photos freely again , Let's go to the main scenic area here
【 Yanjiazhai valley bottom 】
, From the textual research of relevant people , This is one of the best preserved Danxia Landforms in China , But the locals have never unveiled his mystery to the world ! The ruins of yanjiazhai ancient city, which has experienced vicissitudes, also have “ Bandit's nest ” Red sandstone with scattered titles or like a strange beast , show one's teeth , Or like an artist's masterpiece , Lines highlight , Freely flowing style of writing
Then go to
【 Wave valley B District 】
, It shows the wind for millions of years 、 A wonderful world made of sandstone carved by water and time . The complex layers of wave valley rocks , It is composed of huge sand dunes deposited since the Jurassic period 150 million years ago . The dunes are constantly covered by layers of red sand soaked in groundwater , after a considerable period of time , Minerals in the water condense the sand into sandstone , Formed a laminated structure . Visit after
【 Wave valley C District 】
, Look at the Danxia on the water from a distance , Take photos freely in the scenic area .
Take some photos today : Pure original ecological wave valley Danxia landform
Wave valley
breakfast   Chinese food   dinner

Fifth day  

   Wave valley - Qiankun Bay scenic spot

Qiankun Bay scenic spot of the Yellow River , Located in Yanchuan County, Shaanxi Province , With unique “ The meander landform of the Yellow River ” Included in the list of national geoparks . The total area of the scenic spot 86 Square kilometers , Including Qiankun Bay 、 Clear water off 、 Huifeng stronghold 、 Jiapingling 、 Millennium ancient kiln 、 Nianpan Folk Culture Museum 、 Geopark Museum 、 Cheng's courtyard 、 Yellow River rafting and qinjin island ( Shoe Island ) And other scenic spots .
Sixth days

    Heaven and earth Bay -- Hukou Waterfall  220KM, about 3.5H  Stay in Baota Mountain, Yan'an

【 Hukou Waterfall 】
Enjoy the smoke from the bottom of the pot 、 Rainbow all over the sky 、 Three landscapes of Shiwo Baojing , Enjoy the unique scenery of Shanxi Shaanxi Canyon , Feel the grandeur of China's mother river ! Enjoy the unique scenery of Shanxi Shaanxi Canyon , Feel the mystery of the Yellow River mother ! Take a close look at the magnificent style of the Yellow River , feel “ The Yellow River receives a pot ”.
Seventh days : 

  Yan'an City - Pagoda Hill - The former site of Yangjialing revolution - The old site of Zaoyuan - Yongning mountain ancient stronghold   Stay in YUCHA Grand Canyon

About... In the northwest of Yan'an City 3 Yangjialing, km away ( The site of the revolution ), It is a place where Mao and other older generation central leaders have lived in Yan'an for the longest time . from 1938 After the Japanese bombing of Yan'an in , At that time, the CPC Central Committee moved here , Until 1943 year 10 It took months to leave . period , The CPC Central Committee has led and carried out the vigorous mass production movement and the famous Yan'an rectification movement here .

The former site of Yangjialing revolution is divided into two parts: South and North . Lunan is the central auditorium in those days , Lu Bei is Mao Zedong 、 Zhu De 、 Zhou Enlai 、 The former residence of Liu Shaoqi and other central leaders . The auditorium was converted from a Christian Church , Until the 1980s , This has always been the most luxurious building in Yan'an . Of the Party of great historical significance “ seven ” This is the auditorium , At the meeting, it was decided to take Mao Zedong Thought as the party's guiding ideology .
Eighth days :

YUCHA Grand Canyon - Yan'an City

【 YUCHA Grand Canyon 】, Hundreds of millions of years ago , There have been strong earthquakes in Northern Shaanxi , A large loess mountain separates a large crack , After hundreds of years of rain erosion , Slowly form such a Canyon , This is also the Ganquan Canyon we saw today , It is said that it is very similar to the antelope Grand Canyon in the United States . Then go to hukou to check in .
notes : Provide models   Five seater models    Seven seater business model    Nine seater models

matters needing attention :

YUCHA Grand Canyon Scenic Area may be temporarily closed due to weather or other reasons , The details shall be subject to the actual opening of the scenic spot ! In case of shutdown , Replace the former site of Yangjialing revolution in Yan'an 、 The former site of Zaoyuan revolution ; YUCHA Grand Canyon has not been developed yet , Multi section ground is wet and slippery , From time to time, there are small puddles , Easy to slip , Please follow the instructions after entering the scenic spot , Caution! !  in addition , The narrowest place in the ditch is a big challenge for fat people .
Take some photos today : Comparable to the American antelope valley -- YUCHA Grand Canyon

Special attention should be paid to the following issues in tourism activities :
eat : This is the first thing , Only eat well , To swim well , So be sure to eat 、 Eat clean .
1、   The climate in Northwest China is dry , It should be light to eat during the journey , Eat more vegetables and fruits ( tomatoes 、 Cucumbers, etc ), Eat less fishy meat . Pay attention to your digestive capacity , The meals on the train are self-contained , You can eat in the dining car , You can also bring instant noodles 、 Vacuum packed meat products 、 Fruits, etc. , But pay attention to the shelf life .
2、   Easy to carry insulated water cup , When traveling, you should add more water , It can reduce the probability of gastrointestinal discomfort ;
3、   When dining in a restaurant, be humble to each other , Don't advance or postpone , Press 10 people / Take a seat at the table ( Only when you have enough 10 Serve after people )
live : Make sure you get enough sleep . Avoid over fatigue .
1、 If possible, taking a hot bath before going to bed will help sleep ( Be sure to stand firm when taking a bath , Prevent ground sliding , If necessary, put on a floor towel ).
2、 It's best to wear soft and fit shoes , Sleep with your legs and feet slightly raised , Self massage the muscles of both legs and the soles of the feet .
3、 Take good care of hotel facilities , Bring your room card , Go out with company , Remember the name and telephone number of the hotel . Be sure to check out carefully , Is there anything in the bathroom 、 In the drawer 、 Under the pillow ,
That's ok :
1、 On the bus : Be careful not to lean your shoulders and arms against the window glass when riding , In case of cold .
2、 On tour : On tour , Walk slowly , Step by step , Climb mountains and heights according to your ability , To avoid overwork , Increase the burden on the heart . If you feel dizzy 、 Headache or abnormal heartbeat , Rest or seek medical advice on the spot .
3、 Walk without looking at the scenery , Viewing without walking , The ground of Shiban street in the ancient city is slippery , Be careful and slow .    
4、 Climbing the mountain 、 It's not suitable to fight with people when walking . Some old people are old , But not against old age , I have the courage of the old man . Everyone's physical strength varies greatly , When traveling , Do what you can , You can walk, walk , I can't walk and have a rest , Climbing the mountain 、 Don't fight with others when walking , Being unable to walk is harmful and useless .
swim : Swimming is the core , Be sure to cooperate with the guide , You can enjoy more fun and knowledge .
1、 Before going to the scenic spot , Find some introductions and read , This will improve the level of Tourism .
2、 Listen to the explanation before taking pictures , Have a collective view . Be sure to keep up with the team , Avoid dispersion , If you are separated, you must stay where you are       
Wait or contact the guide , If necessary, please call the emergency number on your hat and badge ! 
3、 Don't put your bag on the ground when taking pictures , It's possible that there are many people for a long time , Look back , Fly without hope ;
purchase :1、 Choose between local characteristics
2、 The first choice is small and light Some special products , Bulky and bulky , It's inconvenient to carry with you , Should not buy . People on the road , make a sightseeing tour 、 It's not easy , The fewer bags the better .
 3、 Never be greedy for bargains Resist the temptation of price and peddling . Don't let shopping affect your travel mood .
entertainment :1、 Don't be obsessed , Enough is enough .2、 Caution! , Keep your strength , Don't go in and out of inappropriate places .
reminder :
Travel abroad , Safety first ! Before traveling, you should have a comprehensive physical examination , Qualified to go out .
There are all kinds of health problems during the journey , You should carry some standing medicines and medicines you need , Such as : car sick medicine 、 Antiallergic drugs 、 Cool oil 、 Cold medicine 、 Intestines and stomach medicine 、 aq steril 、 Skin care products, etc ; Patients with muscle and bone diseases , Oral and external medication should be prepared , And prepare knee pads and other health care products . Especially if you have cardiovascular disease 、 Chronic diseases or allergies and other physical problems , Do a good health check before going out , And follow the doctor's advice , Determine the personal health status and be able to successfully complete this tourism activity .
daily supplies :( Sunshade 、 sunglasses 、 The film 、 The battery 、 Washing supplies 、 Security information card 、 sunscreen )
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