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798 Art district

【 Art circle of exhibition fans 】
798 The name of the art district is derived from the name of the old state-owned electronic factory in Beijing . stay 798 During the development of the Art District, a 798 Consensus , therefore ,798 It also refers to a cultural concept derived from this art district , as well as LOFT This fashionable way of living and working

When artists and cultural institutions enter 798 after , The vitality here has become very active in the art circle . Here is a collection of young artists , Many art college students or exhibition fans have to go to a place in Beijing . Come on , It's not too much to spend a day …

* The following specific exhibition contents , Change according to the arrangement of the art museum , It is suggested that you combine the highlights of the art museum itself ~
【 Practical information 】
Avoid Monday 、 Avoid Monday 、 Avoid Monday
Almost all the art galleries in the park are closed on Monday , Remember to arrange your time properly ~

---( shop ) Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

Open time : Tuesday to Sunday  10:00-19:00
Official website :
The fare :¥60
Ullens as 798 The landmark of the art district , It was founded by the Belgian collector Mr. and Mrs. jurens . At present, there are often exhibitions planned by new and cutting-edge Chinese or international famous artists 、 Public projects and other activities , Once held 《 Exception status : Chinese situation and art investigation  2017》、《 Hao Liang : Eight scenic spots in Xiaoxiang 》、《 Lausenberg in China 》、《 A collection of Chinese photography 》 etc. 128 An exhibition
10 During the month of May, Mr. zhaobandi, the leading figure of China's avantgarde art, made a solo exhibition “ Zhaobandi's China Party”, It is also Mr. zhaobandi's largest exhibition so far , Crossover fashion 、 image 、 The movie 、 Behavior and painting , It is the artist who is near 30 In the year , A romantic personal account of the changes of the times in China !
《 Panda fashion show 》
31 Pandas “ modelling ”, Focus on “ Reform and opening up ” The comprehensive impact of commercial ideology on Chinese society and culture , All kinds of strange social images have been re displayed
This exhibition goes to 10/22 end , But I believe that there will be other theme exhibitions after Ullens , I will never let art fans down . And here it is 798 The first stop after I had to punch in !
Turn right out of the art center , Namely UCCASTORE... Shop in “ Integrate art into life ” This purpose , While expanding the art area , We are also constantly looking for more unique 、 Cutting edge and unique original works . Enter the Ullens art store , We will find objects that are within our reach on weekdays , Be endowed with the aura of new art performance , Want to pursue the uniqueness of contemporary life , You can do it here
( Independent designer clothing )
( Art home )

---( shop ) Mumu Art Museum

Open time : Tuesday to Sunday  10:30-18:00
Official website :
The fare :¥60
You Linhan 、 Lei WANYING ( Late late ) The couple founded , The architectural predecessor of Mumu art museum is the 20th century 50 Military factories in the s , Collection exhibitions will be held regularly to show the permanent collections in the art museum . The gallery also regularly works with artists 、 Cooperation with cultural institutions , Hold academic lectures and forums .
Mumu once held a more historically representative exhibition ( From encyclopedia ):
—— Open a museum for exhibition “ A dim fire —— Open your favorite borders ”(2014 year 10 month 10 Japan — 2015 year 1 month 10 Japan ), A large group exhibition based on the private collections of collectors , Selected contemporary art works at home and abroad 30 More than , Covers the device 、 painting 、 multimedia 、 Images and other forms of artistic expression
——“Guido van der Werve ——Nummer veertien: home”(2015 year 3 month 20 Japan — 2015 year 6 month 20 Japan ), Brought Guido, an important Dutch artist · Fan · Virtue · Vivo (Guido van der Werve ) The first solo exhibition in Asia
——“ Forest clearing  All Means are Sacred ”(2016 year 3 month 27 Japan — 2016 year 7 month 24 Japan ), The gathering time span reaches 15 Works of the last century , Focus on the awe contained in the work 、 Energy and spirit .
——“ Andy · Warhol : Contact ”(2016 year 8 month 6 Japan — 2017 year 1 month 7 Japan ), Present Andy, the most influential pop art master in the 20th century · Warhol's series of groundbreaking 、 An epoch-making image 、 Photography and interactive installations .
October 《 The heart of a tin man 》 After buying tickets , Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone , Plug in the headphones , Late and late Michael A commentary on the art in front of us , A whisper came ...
Have to say , Experience the exhibition in Mumu , Some ethereal 、 Intoxication , Behind the headphones , Mirror your eyes , Learn more about the stories behind the exhibits in the form of dialogue , It is also the best way to pay back the ticket price to the visitors

---( shop ) Yue Art Gallery

Open time : Tuesday to Sunday  10:00-18:00
Official website :
The fare :¥20 Unequal
Yue · The art museum serves as 798 Reconstruction of old factory buildings , It is full of particularity , It also makes the building must be treated with special strategies and attitudes 798 As the most influential contemporary art district in the world , Yue · The art museum is not just a simple reuse of the old factory buildings , It also has a strong cultural attribute , It aims to establish an international art exchange platform , High end academic orientation , And is committed to the popularization and promotion of contemporary art in China .( From encyclopedia )
Eleven period , The exhibition was held by Mr. yujinjiang, a new Chinese artist , The theme is “ Ancient dim sum mold ”, Show sculpture and ancient traditional food culture and art , This exhibition is undoubtedly very attractive to a foodie
( Bagua shaped mold )

---( shop ) White box art museum

Open time : Tuesday to Sunday  10:00-18:00
Official website :
The fare :¥10
Come out of Yue Art Museum and turn left , I saw this big red brick house , It's the white box we're going to
The white box is 1952 In, the former German architecture agency was responsible for architectural design 、 The factory area with Bauhaus architectural style under construction . The art museum retains the spirit of the original building , On the basis of the abandoned factory building, it has been redesigned , The fare 10 element , High cost performance
Again ! To 798 Be sure to avoid Monday , Basically, all art museums are closed and resting !
Sponsored by the Bonn art and culture foundation and the Central Academy of fine arts “ Germany 8: German art in China ”, Recently, I have been in Beijing 7 Events will be held in venues , This exhibition is the largest exhibition of German contemporary art in China so far , Including Germany 1950 The most influential since the S 55 An artist's near 320 Group works
White box art museum 《 The next generation —— German contemporary youth art 》 As this time “ Germany 8” The first theme exhibition in the series of exhibitions , Selected products are representative of the younger generation in Germany 6 A contemporary artist , The works include paintings 、 sculpture 、 device 、 Photography and other media 、 Theme and style
After publishing the exhibition experience , Sent a canvas bag ~

Those art galleries

Go to the art museum in Beijing ,798 There are many and dense clusters , It is suitable for friends who are in a hurry , Others are scattered around the city , Stronger theme 、 The architecture is more beautiful 、 And bigger , Here I would also like to recommend to you ...

---( shop ) Red brick art museum

Address : No. 1 International Art District, Hegezhuang, Beijing ( Subway to “ Maquanying ”, You can reach... By bike or on foot )

Open time :
Daylight saving time :5 month 1 Japan  — 9 month 30 Japan
Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 — 18:00 (17:30 Stop selling tickets )
️ Winter time :10 month 1 Japan  —  The following year 4 month 30 Japan
Tuesday to Sunday  10:00 — 17:30 (17:00 Stop selling tickets )

Official website :
The fare :¥60
There are many art galleries in Beijing , Distributed in various areas , But red brick is undoubtedly a long way to go 、 One of them came here specially
It's not so much an art museum , It is more like a highly ornamental landscape garden , It took nearly two years , Architects use red bricks as basic elements , In addition, this garden style art museum is made of some green bricks , Because of its distinctive architectural features and war watching experience , Make it stand out from the crowd of Beijing Modern Art Museum
( Entrance hall ) open 、 Simple but not simple design , From the first moment I entered the museum, I was slow down ... In fact, in red brick , There is no shortage of excellent domestic or international artists' works on display , But avoid these and look at itself , It is believed that this is also one of the places worthy of reference and visit for architecture lovers
(5 Exhibition hall No ) In addition to gardens , In terms of architecture, there are 8 A display space , In addition to the main red brick design style , Let the color of visual breath give a piece of pure white . From time to time, excellent artists' works at home and abroad will be exhibited , Recently in October, the solo exhibition of artist xingdanwen 《 Prisoner of love 》 With before in 798 Also mentioned “ Germany 8—— German art in China ” Of 《 forerunner - German amorphous art 》 exhibition
《 Prisoner of love 》 Exhibition Hall
《 Prisoner of love 》 Exhibition Hall ( to 10 month 29 Japan )
The exhibition information will be updated on the official website at any time , If it conflicts with your schedule , It doesn't matter , I believe the exhibitions held here will not disappoint you , Everything depends on fate ..
《 forerunner - German amorphous art 》 Gallery paintings ( to 10 month 22 Japan )

I really like this series of paintings , If you can understand it, you won't go deep into it , No expert can see it thoroughly . But in my eyes , First sense color 、 Brushwork 、 Content 、 Mood , This is the most direct feeling conveyed by the artist . See this series of paintings , Clean color 、 thorough , The overall mood conveyed to people is also bright enough , The most obvious feeling , You will learn more with interest ...
The basic concept of German amorphous painting is basically the same as that of France “ Tahitism ”, It advocates that painters should break away from the influence of the environment , A work style dominated by reason and emotion , It is very helpful to create a pleasant and positive image in real time , Even without the knowledge of portrait studies , It does not prevent people from interpreting these images .( On the Internet )
There are also many places worth seeing inside , Not too many spoilers here ... Go to the garden together ️
The duckling raised in the art gallery ( It's a duck ?), There is also a black swan swimming in the lake , Added a vibrant …
( Every red brick , Have retained its original appearance )
Head up 、 Overlook 、 Look up , Every time you change a different angle , You will gain a new feeling …
by the way , At the art shop next to the ticket office , There is a record book about the construction process of the red brick art museum , I suggest you take some time to go over and have a look ,ummm… You can go to see it when you enter the park , Because I found the book when I was about to leave , After reading , I went back , I went over it again , It will give you a lot of information , About brick by brick of red brick , In fact, there are stories … This exclusive tip must be remembered ! Put three stars to remind everyone !
( gardens   Blue brick semicircle , The artistic conception and scenery are infinite )
The beauty of red brick lies in the whole 、 In details 、 In the corner 、 By your side , My photo shows only a small part of it , There are more , Wait for you to come and have a look in person , believe me , Worth !

---( shop ) Other recommendations

【 Today Art Museum 】
Address : Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District 32 Apple community No 4 building
Open time : Tuesday to Sunday  10:00-18:00
Official website :

【 Landscape art museum 】
Address : Hongyan East Road, Chaoyang District a22 Number
Open time : Monday to Sunday 10:00-17:00

【 Qiaofu Fangcao contemporary art museum 】
Address : Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District 9 Number 10 layer ( In the shopping center )
Open time : Monday to Sunday  11:00-19:00( Cooperate with the opening of the exhibition )
Official website :

Qiaofu Fangcao contemporary art museum

“ Qiaofu Contemporary Art Museum · Beijing ” Built in 2012 year 8 month , Its predecessor is fangcaoping exhibition hall , On 2016 year 10 In June, it was officially renamed Qiaofu contemporary art museum · Beijing . It was founded by Mr. huangjianhua, executive director of Qiaofu group , It is a non-profit private art museum , Located close to Beijing CBD The core of , It covers a total area of 4000 More than square meters , It has two large exhibition halls and a lecture hall that can accommodate more than 100 people . The overall building of the art museum adopts ETFE Membrane energy saving and environmental protection cover 、 A hybrid air conditioning and ventilation system 、 Plenty of natural lighting and other cutting-edge environmental protection processes and technologies , Make the air quality inside the exhibition hall reach MERV Standard No 11 level , It is the highest level that a comprehensive building can achieve . This art museum, built through cutting-edge environmental protection technology, has become a green art center in central Beijing . Qiaofu Contemporary Art Museum · Beijing upholds “ People first ” Idea , Will exhibit contemporary art 、 Research and public education are integrated , Actively promote and participate in the development and research of contemporary art at home and abroad , Strive to promote domestic and foreign artists 、 The positive interaction between art institutions and audiences . As a person who explores the beauty of the world , Spread respect and love for life , Perfect yourself 、 An art exchange platform that delights the soul , Qiaofu Contemporary Art Museum · Beijing is looking forward to 、 Diversified art exchanges set up a contemporary art vision for the public at the same time , It also injects more fresh vitality into the profound Chinese culture .

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