Go camping in Jushi mountain tent. You need this introduction

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In most cases , Your best bedroom ceiling is the open night sky , This is the most natural way to spend the night .
—— Colin Fletcher
Camping is a leisure activity , Usually campers carry tents , Leave the city and camp in the wild , Spend one or more nights . Now? , Camping has become a kind of tourism that more and more people want to try . Throw away the hotel, throw away the restaurant , Carry our bags , Go camping to get closer to nature !

Camping equipment *****

>> tent : Choose structural stability 、 Light weight 、 Anti wind 、 A double-layer tent with strong rainproof performance is preferred ;
>> A sleeping bag : Down or goose down sleeping bag is light , Good warmth retention , But it must be kept dry ;
>> Moisture-proof pad : Keep away from cold and damp , The simplest is the foam damp proof pad , The automatic air cushion has better performance ;
>> knapsack : The frame of the backpack should conform to its own body structure , And a comfortable carrying system ;
>> Lighting fixtures : Camp lamp ( There are two kinds of electric camp lamp and gas camp lamp )、 Head lamp 、 Flashlight ;
>> Special tools : compass 、 Map 、 rope 、 Folding spade 、 Needlework 、 camera ;
>> shoes : There are many gravel roads in the wild , The sole should be thick and hard , Don't be too thin, preferably outdoor shoes ;
> Picnic utensils >> Water and food >> Rain gear medical >> 

Five rules make you sleep well in camping *****

>> The fluffy degree of sleeping bag : The new sleeping bag is less fluffy , It is best to set up a tent and spread out the sleeping bag to make it fluffy , Of course   The longer the time, the better the insulation performance .
>> Complete water resistance : If you don't have a waterproof sleeping bag cover, you can replace it with a large garbage bag , The windows of the tent must be ajar   Sewing to ventilate the tent , Take out and dry your sleeping bag when the rain is over .
>> Wear enough clothes : Put on enough clothes when you sleep , You'd better wear a hat , Because half of the body's heat energy   It dissipates from the head .
>> Satiation : Don't go to bed on an empty stomach , Eat high calorie foods , At the same time, sufficient water is very important to the metabolic function of the human body   want , Drink more water .
>> Warm up : Don't get into your sleeping bag when you get to the camp , Sleeping bags are useless for bodies that are too tired and too cold . Have a good meal   after , Take a walk in the moonlight , Take non sweating as the standard , It is comfortable to warm your body and go to sleep .
One of the top ten campsites in China
Anqing 520 Jushi Mountain Camp
Anqing 520 Jushi Mountain Camp , It is the first self driving theme holiday camp in Anhui , Camp Camp 、 rv 、 Household   Outside 、 leisure 、 A camping base integrating food and accommodation ;
Among them, tent campsite planning 5000 Square meters , Can accommodate 1000 Camping in a tent ; Here visitors can enjoy camping in tents 、 Self driving camping 、 RV camping 、 Hike through 、 Jungle exploration 、 Outdoor barbecue and other outdoor leisure fun , Large scale camping meetings can also be held in the camp 、 Wonderful barbecue party 、 Brand promotion activities 、 Team development training and other large-scale activities .
520 Boulder mountain
Light limit punch in destination
Jushi mountain camp provides free boiled water service
TOILET 、 The bathroom 、 The restaurant 、 Buffet
From soup to nuts
We are here for the tourists who stay in tents
Provide 24 Hourly reception service
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