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brief introduction

Britain is a beautiful country , Cultural relics and historic sites abound , Beautiful natural scenery , Rich tourism resources . Many cities , Such as “ Flowers of ten thousand cities ” London ,“ Athens in the North ” Edinburgh , University Town Oxford 、 Cambridge , The quaint city of York , Stratford, the hometown of Shakespeare , Both are famous tourist cities with world reputation . Britain also has dozens of national parks and scenic reserves such as Lake area .  at present , Places of interest and natural landscapes listed as world cultural and natural heritage by the United Nations include the tower of London and so on 14 It's about .

The best time to travel

5 month -6 The best month , It's sunny and rainy in spring and summer , The weather is the best in these two months of the year , The day is long , There are many sunny days , Perfect for traveling .

essential information

visa :
The UK visa application instructions can be found on the website

time difference :
British summer (4 month -10 month ) Summer time , Later than Beijing time 7 Hours , for example : Noon London time in summer 12 spot , Beijing time is in the evening 19 spot . In the winter (11 month - The following year 3 month ) In winter , Eight hours later than China , Noon London time in winter 12 spot , Beijing time is in the evening 20 spot .

traffic :
Taxis in Britain are very spacious , Buses have single and double decks , And has the oldest subway in the world .
1、 British vehicles drive on the left , Contrary to domestic . When crossing the road, look right and then left , observe traffic regulations , Protect yourself
2、 The bus sign is a red circle with a red cross bar , The sign of subway is similar to that of bus , It's just that the bar says “UNDERGROUND” word .

climate :
Usually the maximum temperature does not exceed 32℃, The minimum temperature is not lower than -10℃, Average temperature 1 month 4~7℃,7 month 13~17℃. February to March are the driest every year , October to January is the wettest .

food :
The well-known names of British cuisine are : Beef kidney pie (STEAK KIDNEY PIE)、 Fried fish fillet (ENGLISH FISH CHIP)、 Royal cream chicken (CHICKEN A LA KING) etc. . The British like hunting , During the hunting season only once a year , There are many restaurants or restaurants that offer game dinners , Like a wild deer (VENISON)、 Hare (HARE)、 Pheasant (PHEASANT)、 Wild goat (WILDSHEEP) Wait for your cooking . And usually when cooking game , All use some juniper nuts or berries and wine , This method is to remove the smell of the food itself .


Scotch Whisky
English Scotch Whisky has a long history , The most famous in the world . The special water quality and extremely strict brewing technology of the Scottish Highlands , Make the whisky produced there known as “ Liquid gold ”.
English silver is very gorgeous 、 Well made and complex , It is widely welcomed by tourists from all over the world , Especially silver Christmas tableware , In addition to being beautiful, there are many varieties , Everything from Candlestick to knife and fork to plate , The production of this kind of silver is also a traditional British handicraft .
Leather products
British leather products have a long history , From small-scale workshops in the embryonic period of capitalism to mechanized mass production now , After the refinement and improvement of the past dynasties, it forms today's style . British leather products always want to be stable 、 Refined gentlemanly temperament .
teddy bear
teddy bear (TeddyBear) With a round and plump figure and limbs , Fluffy and warm Angora wool , Simple materials and embroidery thread , Simple and honest expression , And 100% manual sewing and filling .
major city
London Eye
The Millennium eye is also called London , Located on the South Bank of the Thames , It's England to celebrate 2000 Built with the advent of the year . This giant Ferris wheel is as high as 135 rice , Once the most in the world , Sitting on it, you can overlook London .
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace was built in 1703 - 1705 year , After several expansions , Now it is the place where the queen of England works and lives in London 、 The executive headquarters of the royal family , It is also one of the few royal palaces still in use in the world . Buckingham Palace and Britain's famous parliament building 、 London Tower Bridge is like the red double decker bus , It's a symbol of London and the whole of Britain .
British Museum
Also known as the British Museum , Russell Square in central London (Russell Square) side , It's the largest in the world 、 One of the most famous museums . There are cultural relics and treasures from all over the world in the museum 700 More than ten thousand , The abundance and variety of collections , Rare in museums all over the world .
the Thames
The Thames is the mother river of England , Total length of 346 km , Across London and along the river 10 Many cities . Upstream of London , There are many places of interest along the Thames , Like Eaton 、
、 Henry and Windsor, etc , And in central London , There are many famous buildings on both sides .
Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle is one of the official residences of the queen of England , It is also the largest castle still inhabited in the world 、 The oldest one . And Buckingham Palace in London 、 Like Holyrood palace in Edinburgh , Windsor Castle is also the Queen's main executive residence , Often conduct official and private activities here .
Tips :
Clothing :
1、 Britain is known for its changeable weather , Please check the weather forecast and bring your clothes before you go
2、 Travel in summer with cool summer clothes , But you need a thin coat ; Winter is cold and rainy , Please bring warm clothes
daily supplies :
UK hotels do not offer disposable towels 、 toothbrush 、 toothpaste 、 Shampoo and conditioner 、 slippers , Please bring your own .
Cash and bank cards :
1、 The UK does not circulate RMB , You need to convert RMB into sterling or US dollars before leaving the country . For the exchange method, please call the customer service telephone of major banks , Please be sure to exchange... As soon as possible
2、 China's customs stipulates that each person can carry up to RMB 20000 Yuan or equivalent 5000 The foreign currency equivalent of US dollars , So you can exchange enough money
3、 Shopping in the UK , Most shops can brush MasterCard、VISA card , I suggest you deposit your money into your credit card , Banks 、 Various cards are different , How to use a bank card in the UK, please consult the issuing bank
4、 Reference exchange rate ( Subject to the real-time quotation of the bank ):
1  pound   About equal to  10 RMB  
1 RMB yuan   About equal to  0.1 pound

Electronics :
1、 Whether your mobile phone can be used in the UK, please call the mobile phone manufacturer before traveling , Confirm the mobile phone system . Can your mobile phone number be used in the UK 、 Please consult the operator about how to use and charge .
2、 The voltage in Britain is the same as that in China , But the socket is British three hole socket , Chinese electrical plugs cannot be used directly , Plug converter required . The hotel front desk is usually equipped with , But the number is limited , It is suggested that you go to the domestic supermarket in advance 、 Online electronic mall to buy British Standard Plug Converter .

Communications :
1、 In the UK , Public telephones are very popular , have access to 10 Penny 、20 Penny 、50 Pennies and 1 Pound coins . The minimum charge is about 10 Penny , Usually no change , Therefore, avoid using coins with larger denominations . You can also use mainstream credit cards 、 Make a public call with a debit card .
2、 Dialing method :
Call the UK fixed line at home :0044- Area code - number ( The area code starts with 0 The need to omit )
Call the UK mobile number at home : 0044- cell-phone number
UK calls domestic landlines :0086- Area code - number ( The area code starts with 0 The need to omit )
Call your home phone number in the UK :0086- cell-phone number
3、 British hotels generally have Internet access , But there may be a charge , Please consult the hotel service staff before use

The hotel
1、 The hotel is generally equipped with pay TV 、 Telephone 、 Paid drinks and snacks in the room , Please inquire about the cost before using , To avoid misunderstanding when checking out .
2、 Britain is different from China , People are used to drinking cold water , There is usually no hot kettle in the room .

Tax refund for shopping :
1、 EU tax rebate policy , The purchased goods are taken out of the EU for use within three months from the date of purchase , The goods are well packed at the time of customs clearance , VAT refund can be obtained at airport customs .
2、 Shopping in duty-free shops , Be sure to ask the waiter to provide “ Tax exempt check ”, Fill in the corresponding information according to the check requirements, such as passport number , Product list, etc .
3、 The tax rebate policy stipulates that the value of the goods purchased is 50 More than pounds , And listed on an invoice , Tax refund procedures can only be handled , You need to ask for a tax refund form in the store . If the purchase amount is small , Can buy with others , Unified tax refund .

Gratuity / Service charge :
1、 Most hotels charge for accommodation 10-12% Service charge . If service charge is not included , Usually it should be given to the waiter 10-15% Tips for .
2、 Some restaurants include a service charge in their bills , If it doesn't include... That suggests you pay for your meal 10-15% As a tip , Some restaurants also have a tip amount .
3、 The tipping standard for other services is generally the bag waiter 50-75 Penny ; The taxi has to pay the fare 10-15%.
Part1 Must play attractions
One 、 London
Some people say , If you're tired of London , I'm tired of life . In a fast-paced international city, you will enjoy a slow and light life , Avoid public viewing routes , Dig for a unique British mark , The richness of London is not just big ben 、 Tower of London 、 the Thames , Follow Xiaobian to the streets of London , You'll find that , Every corner of the city will surprise you ~~
1. Red double decker bus
Take the London Double Decker Bus , Sit in the front row on the top floor , Give Way “ Lu Zhu ” Take you to London , A panoramic view of all kinds of buildings on both sides of the street , Feel the romance of London .
2. Greenwich summer celebration
To Greenwich , Personally step on the primary meridian , Feel your feet across the eastern and western hemispheres ~ 
3.Maison Bertaux  Cheese Cake
Come to London , Don't just eat fish and chips !Maison Bertaux The cheesecake is super delicious , There are all kinds of fruits on it , The taste is very delicate , And unlike other cheesecakes, they have a particularly thick cookie layer .
4. Red phone booth
The red telephone booth can be called “red telephone box”, perhaps “telephone kiosk”,
Visitors just pass by , Will choose to take a group photo with it , As a souvenir of my trip to England .
5. The Olympic Park  The Arcelor Mittal  Spiral slide
London Olympic Park has the longest and tallest in the world The Arcelor Mittal Spiral slide , Will bring you the same speed and passion experience , Timid basin friend, please take a detour !
6. King's Cross Station  King’s Cross,Platform 9 3/4
Little friends who like Harry Potter , Just go to 9 also 3/4 Take risks on the platform , Every year, many children in the magical world take a bus from here to Hogwarts to study ~~
Two 、 Edinburgh
Edinburgh is divided into old and new cities by Prince Street , On one side is the magnificent Carlton Hill , The castle and castle under the symbol of Scotland spirit is said to be the Glass square of the world perfume capital. , On one side is the modern holy land of shopping and leisure , And remembering Europe “ The father of historical novels ” Scott's monument . Simple or prosperous , Enron is still running , The undercurrent of Edinburgh moves with your mood .
1. Edinburgh Castle
Entering the castle, you can first go to Argyle fort and overlook the urban scenery of Edinburgh , When we looked around , Beautiful Edinburgh , A panoramic view of Fuchs Bay in the distance . By chance , You can wait here for the famous “ One o'clock gun ”.
2. Carlton Hill
The commanding heights of Edinburgh , From the top of the mountain, you can see the beautiful scenery of the whole city , There are also many monuments and buildings with a long history .
3. Prince Street Flower
During the festival , The flowers in Prince Street garden are in full bloom , Very gorgeous , From time to time, artists in traditional Scottish skirts play bagpipes in Prince Street Park , The Scottish art museum is also located outside the garden , To the north of the garden is Edinburgh's bustling commercial street .
4. Arthur's Seat
Watching the film One day Tourists , The mountain where the hero and heroine stand , It was here that the scenery was taken . Climb to the top and you can overlook Edinburgh , It's a good place to watch sunrise and sunset .
3. Prince Street Flower
During the festival , The flowers in Prince Street garden are in full bloom , Very gorgeous , From time to time, artists in traditional Scottish skirts play bagpipes in Prince Street Park , The Scottish art museum is also located outside the garden , To the north of the garden is Edinburgh's bustling commercial street .
4. Arthur's Seat
Watching the film One day Tourists , The mountain where the hero and heroine stand , It was here that the scenery was taken . Climb to the top and you can overlook Edinburgh , It's a good place to watch sunrise and sunset .
Part2 Play tips
One 、 Necessary for travel
1. visa   
Britain is not in the Schengen area , If you have a Schengen visa, you also need to apply for a British visa
2. currency   
The currency used in Britain is sterling
3. Language
4. Umbrella   
The weather in England is like a child's temper. It changes as it changes , An umbrella can save you from bad weather
5. British standard plug
  230V British Standard , Three column socket , It's annoying to have no plug
6. phonecard
    You can buy one temporarily Lebara perhaps Lyca. Call home about 1-3 hair RMB/ minute
7.  A driver's license   
New to England 1 Domestic driver's license can be used directly within the year , Keep to the left
8. good mood  
  Best travel season 5-8 month , Feel the sunshine of Great Britain
Two 、 Consumption level
London is the capital of Britain and a popular tourist city , Higher consumption level , Especially the cost of accommodation , It accounts for a large proportion of travel expenses . Restaurants vary according to grade , The main course is 12-25 Between pounds . Relative accommodation and diet , The cost of visiting scenic spots is not high , Most London museums and galleries are open to the public free of charge
3、 ... and 、 Arrival traffic
  Nowadays, many airlines have opened direct flights from China to London , Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 Guangzhou 、 Chengdu and other places have direct flights to London . In addition, there is a secret collection , You can buy the economy class launched by Virgin Airlines 、 Super economy class ticket , Quite affordable . Of course , Rich local tyrants can choose luxury business class .To go or not to go,that is not a question! With virgin Airlines , There is no need to hesitate whether to go to London or not .
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