Spring snow and cold in Beichuan, chasing the pure white world in spring

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The meaning of travel is to embrace the strange , Look forward to surprises , Once the solar term of rain passes , It seems that the pace of spring is closer , But it still retains the imprint of winter , It's like telling us , It hasn't left yet .




And in this season when ice and snow meet in spring , I once again embrace the snow , I met a pure white world under the spring snow in the Jiuhuang mountain scenic area of Beichuan , Depict this spring vividly and brightly .




The highest elevation of Jiuhuang mountain scenic spot is 2080 rice , In winter, it has also become the only ski resort around Mianyang , It also brings an exclusive ice and snow playground to the people around Mianyang .




Self driving from Mianyang 1 You can reach the scenic spot in more than hours , Get tickets and take the cableway up the mountain , The warmth at the foot of the mountain has been revealed in the blooming flowers , The breath of spring blooms silently .



After getting off the cable car is a big square , snack 、 accommodation 、 Campfire , Just like a small stockade , The mountains behind are covered with snow , And the world seen in the eyes of the mountain are like two places , But I was surprised to see such a different scene in one place . I went up the mountain without stopping .




You will pass a snack street along the way , You can taste the preserved meat with Beichuan characteristics , Sausage or spareribs are very good , You can also eat some snacks to supplement your strength , The more you go up the mountain, the colder you feel . Take the cable car to the top of the mountain , I was shocked to see the beautiful scenery in the world , The most beautiful scenery is always in the eyes of the present .




As the cable car rises , There is only pure white left in front of us , Beauty is like a fairy in a white dress dancing in the mountains , The cable car stopped slowly , Come out of the cable car station , I was amazed by the spring snow , You can't see your own feet at all , One step at a time , Leave me the most excited look in this spring .




Go along Erma ancient road , It was a beautiful journey , The snowflakes hanging on the branches have become a thick layer , It also looks like rime , Any shot is a beautiful picture , The stairs have been covered and the original appearance cannot be seen clearly , This should be the most suitable place for couples to punch in , The most romantic love words with you who turn white when you are not careful can only make the love words come true together .





At noon, I experienced a wedding banquet with Qiang characteristics in the Qiang love garden , After having enough food, return to the cable car along the way when you came and take the ski resort sightseeing bus to the winter resort , Ski Field .




All the way , I have been amazed by the pure white on the road ,“ White snow dislikes late spring , So I wear trees to make flying flowers ” That's about it , Let this snowflake become the most beautiful greeting of this spring .


The ski resort is divided into several areas , Sleigh 、 Flying saucers on snow and snow playing area are for children to play . Adults can experience sleds , Feel the charm of a snowy sport , You can also take children to play frisbee and learn to walk around , Here adults and children can feel the same happiness , That is the passionate love of southerners for snow .





It can also feed macaques , Look at the little macaque jumping around in the snow , It brings a little life to the quiet snow .




Good times are always short , But the long ones are those moments that have been suspended , Take out the photos later , Will think of that beautiful memory .



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